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Indonesian Varietals

Sumatra Mandheling

Earthy aroma, velvety body, pronounced but gentle acidity. malty undertones. full city roast.

Sulawesi Extra Fancy Toraja

Spicy aroma. medium-bodied and brightly acid. full city roast.

Java Kayumas Estate

Deep, sweet aroma. heavy body with delicate acidity. very distinctive flavor. full city roast.

New Guinea Purosa

Earthy aroma, full body. slightly tart finish with molasses undertones. french roast.

American Varietals


Soft spicy aroma. a light-bodied, sweet and earthy cup with very gentle acidity. full city roast.

Guatemal Antigua

Medium body and pronounced acidity with a smokey twist. most distinctive. full city roast.

Colombia Supremo Medellia

A classic. soft, spicy aroma. medium body balanced with pleasant acidity.

El Salvador

This coffee was legendary in the 19th century. the original plantation has been restored by descendants of its founders.

Costa Rica S.h.b. Tarazzu

A perfectly balanced varietal. beautifully fragrant. full body and strong acidity. french roast.

Brazil Vista Alegre Estate

A gentle cup with a sweet aroma. medium body with chocolate undertones. full city roast.

Signature Blends

Van Winkle Blend

This was originally the house blend at the half moon cafe that we started before the american revolution in the hudson river valley town of olive, new york.

Route 66 Blend

Who says you cant go home again? this blend will take you coast to coast, and fast.

Earl's Private Stock

This is the decaffeinated blend that we brew in our store every day. new customers still double check us on it because it has too much flavor for decaf.

Arabian Mocca Java

Another family treasure, this blend is legacy from the age when dutch traders ruled the seas.

Misha's Daily

This is our house espresso blend.

Caravan Blend

The secret of the whirling desrvishes, this blend has been in our family since the time of the crusades.

African Varietals

Yemen Mocca Matari

Very sharp, smokey aroma. medium-bodied cup with very smokey flavor and pronounced tanginess. french roast.

Ethiopia Yrgacheff

One to brew when ex-patriots visit. piquant, gamey aroma. medium body and light acidity. full city roast.

Kenya Aa Nyeri

Brisk, spicy aroma, very full-bodied and tartly acid. clove undertones. full city roast.


Pungent, smokey aroma. full-bodied and richly acid. french roast.

Tanzania Peaberry

Rich, earthy aroma. medium-bodied soft coffee. earthy flavor nuances. full city roast.

Ethopia Longberry Harrar

This coffee is the center of a cult among our customers. gamey aroma. light body and strong acidity. french roast.

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