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Muqueca Restaurant

30-45 min
1008 Cambridge St (NaN mi)
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11:00 AM-9:30 PM
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Brazilian Crab Cake

Casquinha de Siri.

Fried Yucca

Mandioca frita. Served with a delicious, secret sauce.

Fried Yucca with Dried Beef

Mandioca com carne de sol.

Fried Yucca with Portuguese Sausage

Mandioca com linguica.

Shrimp Saute Garlic Olive Oil & Cilantro

Camarao ao Alho e oleo.

Coconut Shrimp

Camarao empanado com coco.

Fried Shrimp with Passion Fruit Sauce

Camarao empanado com molho de maracuja.

Fried Fish

Isca de peixe.

Steak Tips with Onion and Fries

File acebolado a palito.

Fried Diced Chicken Wuth Bone in Garlic

Frango a passarinho.

Brazilian Patties

Portion of six. Bacalhau ou coxinha. Salgadinhos (Porcao de seis).


House Salad

Palm heart, lettuce, tomatoes, apple, olives and corn.

Caesar Salad


Grilled Chicken Salad

Salada com frango grelhado.

Fish Filet Salad

Salada com file de peixe.

House Style Shrimp Salad

Salada com camarao a moda da casa.

Heart of Palm Salad

Salada de palmito.

Steak Salad

Salada com file grelhado.

Salmon Salad

Mix lettuces with fresh strawberries, dried cranberries and walnuts. House balsamic Vinaigrette on side


Caldo de Galinha

Chicken and vegetables in broth.

Caldo de Feijao

Black beans soup with bacon.

Crabmeat Moqueca

Moquequinha de carangueijo.

Caldo Verde

Collard greens soup, potato and sausage.

Caldo de Peixe

Fish soup made with yucca base.

Caldo de Sururu

Mussels soup.

Signature Dishes

Fish Moqueca

Moqueca de Peixe.

Fish with Shrimp

Moqueca de peixe com camarao ou sururu.

Shrimp Moqueca

Moqueca de camarao ou sururu.

Fish & Calamari Moqueca

Moqueca de peixe e lula.

Moqueca Completa

Fish, shrimp and mussels. Moqueca de peixe com camarao e sururu.

Plantain Moqueca

Moqueca de banana e and ou tofu.

Tofu Moqueca

Moqueca de banana e and ou tofu.

Plantain & Tofu Moqueca (VG)

Moqueca de banana e and ou tofu. Vegan (VG)



Prime cut sirloin. Picanha na tabua. Served with rice, beans, french fries, vinaigrette and farofa.

Sirloin Steak

Bife da casa acebolado. Served with caramelized onions, rice, beans , french fries and eggs.

Fried Diced Chicken

Frango a passarinho. Fried small pieces of chicken with bones in garlic.Served with rice, beans and french fries Or salad

Grilled Chicken Breast

Served with caramelised onions, rice, beans, french fries or salad

Feijoada Completa

Brazilian National Dish. Black beans stew with fresh and dried meat, pork, sausage and bacon. Served with collard greens, fried plantain, farofa and orange and rice


Mushrooms, palm heart, corn, milk. Served with rice and potato sticks.

Tripe Stew - Dobradinha

Dobradinha à portuguesa. with white beans, bacon and sausage. Served with rice. Cozido com feijao branco, bacon, linguiça e servido com arroz.

Feijao Tropeiro**

Rice not included. Red beans, sausage, bacon, collard greens and eggs mixed together. ** We can make this item vegetarian with pieces of fried sweet plantain. Just let us know if you'll have the eggs on vegetarian option

Lasagna de Banana - Plantain Lasagna

Made with plantain, 3 cheese sauce and oregano. Served with rice or salad. Feito com banana da terra frita, molho branco de 3 queijos e oregano. Servido com arroz ou salada.

Grilled Pork Chop

Bisteca de Porco Grelhado - acompanhado de pure de banana da terra e couve. Served with mashed plantain with ginger butter, and collard an exotic spiced sauce.

Juice Bar

Brazilian Summer

Pineapple and mint.

Pina Colada

Pineapple and coconut milk.

Strawberry Mix

Strawberry, banana and orange juice.

Strawberry Pina Colada

Strawberry, pineapple and coconut milk.

Blueberry Mix

Blueberry, papaya and orange juice.

Mango Samba

Mango, papaya and orange juice.

Mango Nana

Mango, pineapple, banana and orange juice.

Blue Caju

Blueberry, cashew juice and papaya.

Passion Blue

Blueberry, mango and passion fruit.


Açai, blueberries and OJ








Shrimp Bobo**

Bobo de camarao. Shrimp, tomato, onion, cilantro, yucca cream, coconut milk. Served with rice **This item is gluten free ** It can be made with Tofu for vegetarian and vegan options

House Style Shrimp

Camarão da casa. Served with rice or mashed potato and vegetables.

Seafood Rice Casserole

Arroz com mariscos. Shrimp, mussels and squid, tomato, onion, cilantro and coconut milk.

Fish Filet with Shrimp Sauce

File de peixe com molho de camarao. Served with rice

Fried Fish Filet

Served with french fries or salad, rice and beans. File de peixe frito com batata frita, arroz e feijao.

Fish & Chips

No rice. Iscas de peixe: File de peixe com fritas.

Cod Capixaba

Bacalhau a capixaba. Salted cod with hard boiled eggs, cilantro, eggs, plantain and coconut milk. served with rice


Shrimp, crabmeat, mussels and squid with cilantro, tomato, onion and coconut milk. Served with rice, farofa and plantain moqueca.

Spiced Mussels and Clams Pasta

With spiced tomato sauce over spaghetti

Pan seared Salmon

Pan seared salmon served with grilled asparagus,(on the side) sweet and hot peppers mango sauce. Choice of mashed potatoes or rice.

Kids Menu

Grilled Steak Tips - carne Grelhada

Carne grelhada. Served with rice, beans and fries.

Chicken Strogonoff

Strogonoff de frango. Served with rice and potato sticks.

Fried Fish Filet

Filé de peixe frito. Served with rice and frie.

Chicken Fingers

Peito de frango frito. Served with rice, beans and fries.

Vegetarian and Side Dishes

Fried Plantain


Vegetarian Plate

Served with rice, beans, collard greens and fried plantains

Collard Greens

sautéed in olive oil and garlic

Extra Rice or Beans

if you need extra side of beans, rice, mashed potato, or sautéed broccoli and carrots just add to your order the item. the cost is $3.50 each

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