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Chicken Satay

Four pieces. Skewered chicken marinated and grilled served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

Fish Cake

Six pieces. Thai curried fish cake served with peanut cucumber sauce. Hot and spicy

Goong Todd

Five pieces. Jumbo shrimps wrapped with wonton skin and deep fried served with sweet and sour sauce.

Yum Goong Yang

Grilled shrimps served with sliced cabbage and carrot in spicy sauce dipping. Hot and spicy.

Spring Roll

Four pieces. Cabbage, bean thread, carrot and mushroom served with sweet and sour sauce.

Fresh Summer Roll

Six pieces. Fresh green leaves, fresh basil leaves, bean sprouts and carrot wrapped with rice paper, served with house special light brown sauce and a crushed peanuts.

Crispy Wonton

Eight pieces.

Golden Fried Tofu


Veggie Potstickers


Thai Curry Puffs

Six pieces. Stuffed with curry chicken, potato and onion served with cucumber relish.

Kai Yang (Thai Style)

Marinated and slow grilled young white chicken breast serves with country style hot sauce and house special sauce. Includes sticky rice.

Steamed Dumpling

Six pieces. Chopped chicken, pork and shrimp wrapped in wonton skin and steamed.

Num Tok

Sliced grilled frank steak mixed with lime juice, chilli, red onion and Chinese parsley. Hot and spicy.

Larb Kai

Chopped chicken, mixed with lime juice, chilli, red onion and Chinese parsley. Hot and spicy.

Spicy Seafood Salad (Yum Talay)

Shrimp, scallop and squid mixed with lime juice, fresh chilli pepper red onion and Chinese parsley. Hot and spicy.

Spicy Bean Thread Salad

Bean thread mixed with chopped chicken and shrimp, lime juice, fresh chilli peppers, red onion, Chinese parsley and peanut. Hot and spicy.


Green papaya salad with dried shrimp, peanuts, lime juice and chilli peppers. Hot and spicy.

My Thai Place Salad

Served with peanut sauce dressing.


Tom Yum Soup

Spicy and sour soup with mushroom and lemon grass seasoning. Hot and spicy.

Tom Kha Kai Soup

Chicken and mushroom in coconut milk chicken broth with galangal and lemon grass. Hot and spicy.

Wonton Soup

Pork and shrimp in wonton skin, napa cabbage and spring onion in chicken broth.

Thai Vegetable Soup


Pok Tak Soup

Shrimp, scallop, squid and mushroom in spicy and sour soup with lemon grass seasoning and basil leaves. Hot and spicy.

Chef's Special

Crispy Duck Basil

Crispy roasted duck sauteed with fresh chilli peppers garlic and fresh basil leaves. Hot and spicy.

Roasted Duck Curry

Sliced roasted duck in red coconut curry sauce with pineapple cherry tomatoes, basil leaves and chilli pepper. Hot and spicy.

Honey Roasted Duck

Served with steamed Chinese broccoli and house special soy sauce.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Fried rice with fresh pineapple, cashew nuts egg, peas and carrot and choice of jumbo shrimp or chicken.

Goong Pad Eggplant Basil


Tilapia Fillet

op with spicy chilli garlic sauce and crispy basil leaves. Hot and spicy.

Chicken Paradise

Crispy chopped chicken tossed with spicy garlic chilli sauce topped with crispy basil leaves. Hot and spicy.

Fired Calamari Paradise

Golden fried calamari tossed with fresh garlic, fresh pepper and topped with crispy basil leave. Hot and spicy.

Emperor Shrimps

Shrimps and chopped chicken stir fried with sweet and sour sauce, peas and carrots and a touch of Sriracha sauce. Hot and spicy.

Spicy Crispy Catfish

Fillet of crispy catfish stir fried with fresh chili, basil leaves and rhizome slice with spicy chili garlic sauce. Hot and spicy.

Siamese Beef

Slices of flank steak marinated in sesame oil and exotic spices, stir fried in very high heat, sprinkled with fresh julienne ginger and served with pickles veggies.

Potpourri Fried Rice With Seafood

Spicy shrimps, scallops and squid fried rice with basil leaves broccoli and carrot chilli paste in Thai hot pot. Hot and spicy.

Param Long Song

Chicken, beef and pork with peanut curry sauce and broccoli. Hot and spicy.


Steamed White Rice


Steamed Brown Rice


Steamed Veggie


Steamed Noodle


Peanut Sauce




Panang Curry Sauce


Green Curry Sauce



Mango With Sticky Rice


Fried Banana With Vanilla Ice Cream


Shibuya Honey Toast With Vanilla Ice Cream

Two scoops of ice cream.

Chocolate Souffle With Vanilla Ice Cream



Still Water


Virgin Daiquiri


Sparkling Water


Coconut Punch

Pineapple juice with pina Mix and grenadine.

Tropical Treasure

Combination of mango, pineapple, orange and lemon juice with splash of soda.

Fruit Punch

A blend of orange, pineapple, cranberry, lemon and strawberry juice.

Fresh Lemonade


Shirley Temple


Arnold Palmer

Lemonade mixed with ice tea.

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