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11:00 AM-3:00 PM, 5:00 PM-10:00 PM
11:00 AM-3:00 PM, 5:00 PM-10:00 PM
11:00 AM-3:00 PM, 5:00 PM-10:00 PM
11:00 AM-3:00 PM, 5:00 PM-10:00 PM
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Cheese Fries

Shoe- string crispy fries top with nacho cashew cheese.

Nacho Supreme

Organic corn tortilla, pico de gallo, gucamole, jalapeno black bean, and homemade nacho cheese.

Vegan Fries


Sweet Potato Fries


Spicy Edamame

Organic edamame tossed with light spicy garlic,butter sauce and spice.

Fresh Roll 3 Pc

Rice paper hand roll with romaine lettuce, organic tofu, sprout, rice noodle and thai basil served with light ly sweet black soy sauce, crushed peanut and touch of chili paste.

Spring Roll 4 Pc

Deep fried crunchy vegan egg roll styled served with sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Nuggets 7 PC

Crispy soy chicken nuggets served with BBQ sauce.

Chicken Satay 4 Pc

Soy protein on stick grilled, with coconut curry and served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce.

Thai Beef Jerky

Sauteed soy protein marinated with traditional Thai beef jerky sauce and coriander seed served with romaine heart.

Drumstick 4 Pc

Soy protein drumstick serve on your choice of BBQ sauce or spicy buffalo sauce.

Sweet Miso Eggplant



Vegetable Soup

Assorted mix veggies in vegetable broth.

Tom Yum

Light spicy , sour clear soup, lemongrass, lime juice, soy sauce, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, white mushroom and Thai styled chili paste.

Tom Kha

Light spicy, sour soup, lemongrass, lime juice, galangal, white mushroom Thai styled chili paste and coconut milk.

Gold Edition Bowls

Moo Bowl

Grilled citrus pork over brown rice, corner salad pickle.

My Vegan Bowl

Organic kale stir-fried with organic tofu, spicy garlic sauce over brown rice.


Organic Kale Salad

Organic kale, walnut, goji berry massage in spicy almond dressing.

Peanut Salad

Organic spring mix, roasted bell pepper, red onion topped with grilled organic tofu puffed brown rice, and crushed peanut serve with peanut dressing.

Papaya Salad

Shredded raw green papaya, carrot, tomato, peanut green bean, garlic, thai chili toss with spicy lime dressing.

Shitake Larb

Organic tofu, red onion, red chili pepper, and scallion tossed in spicy lime dressing over shredded romain heart.

Sesame Seaweed Salad



My Vegan Gold Burger with Cheese

Organic marinated soy beef.

Slider Chicken Burger

Battered soy chicken serve top with coleslaw.

Grilled Chicken Burger

Grilled soy chicken patty.

Lentil Burger

Homemade lentil loaf.

Quarter Pound with Cheese

Organic soy beef patty marinate in house sauce.

The Impossible Burger

Impossible patty, butter lettuce, grilled onion, tomato, cheddar cheese, pickles, cashew cheese and burger sauce.


Crispy Chicken Wrap


Grilled Chicken Wrap


Lentil Wrap



Grilled Vegetable Panini

Grilled mix veggies, avocado with basil pesto paste.

Chicken Panini

Grilled soy chicken, sundried tomato, avocado and garlic veganaise.


Pesto Pasta

Homemade basil pesto sauce and sundried tomato contain nuts.

Green Curry Pasta

Green curry pasta served with zucchini, asparagus, avocado, and fried basil.


Soy bacon, onion, mushroom, vegan cheese and homemade creamy sauce (contain nuts).


Pad Thai

Authentic rice noodle wok stri-fried with tamarind sauce with organic tofu bean sprout, leek, mince pickle lettuce and crushed peanut.

Pad See-Eew

Flat rice noodles work stir-fried with organic tofu, organic broccoli and fresh garlic in house sweet reduction soy sauce.

Chow Mein

Wheat yellow noodle wok stir-fried with organic tofu assorted vegetable, white onion in the garlic sauce.

Tom Yum Noodle Soup & Dry

A classic Thai lemongrass hot and sour soup with rice noodle, organic tofu, bean sprout, chili paste, spinach, curshed peanut, and sprinkle with scallion.

Spicy Basil Noodle (Kee-moa)

Flat rice noodle with organic tofu, spinach, bean sprout and basil leaves, bell pepper, white onion, mushroom and tomato in fresh chili garlic soy sauce.

Vegan Pho Basil

Rice noodle with organic tofu, spinach, bean sprout, and basil leaves sprinkle with roasted garlic scallion and white pepper powder in vegetable broth.

Wild Mushroom noodle Coconut Soup

A classic Thai lemongrass hot and sour coconut soup with assorted seasonal organic wild mushroom, organic tofu, rice noodle, tomato and scallion.

Khao Soi

Noodles soaked in shimmer ginger curry topped with crispy noodles, organic tofu, red onion, and homemade vegetable pickle.


Pineapple Fried Rice

Wok stir-fried brown rice organic tofu, pineapple, cashew nut, white onion, raisin and bell pepper with cummin curry powder and curry paste.

Vegetable Fried Rice

Wok stir-fried brown rice, assorted vegetable in garlic sauce.

Jade Fried Rice

Wok stir-fried brown rice, organic tofu, organic green bean, snow pea, bel pepper, lime leaves, lemongrass, basil leaves with spicy green curry sauce.

House Specialties

Organic Spicy Wild Mushroom

Served with brown rice - Assorted seasonal organic wild mushroom, organic tofu, green onion wok stir-fried in light spicy garlic sauce.

RIPP : Rest In Peace Porky

Tangy vegan short ribs served with steamed organic broccoli and coleslaw.

Spicy Ramen

Miso-shoyu based broth with yellow wheat noodles, spinach, bamboo shoot and organic tofu.

Only Green Please

Served with brown rice - Wok stir-fried of green vegetables, organic kale, organic broccoli, asparagus, spinach in light soy sauce with roasted garlic.


Served with brown rice - Wok stir-fried pumpkin, eggplant, organic tofu, mushroom, thai basil with onion, fresh garlic and bell pepper in light spicy black sauce.

Orange Chicken

Served with brown rice - Fried soy chicken tossed in orange sauce.

Supreme Fried Rice

Wok stir-fried brown rice with combination of soy chicken organic tofu, pea, carrot marinated organic soy beef, tomato, onion and fresh garlic.

Yellow Curry Noodle

Wheat yellow noodles, organic tofu, sprout, curshed peanut roasted red onion and scallion with light spicy yellow curry.

Eggplant Black Bean Sauce

Served with brown rice - Eggplant stir-fried with light spicy black bean, organic tofu, garlic and crushed roasted red chili.

Spicy Jackfruit

Light spicy jackfruit paste seasoned with our secret sauce, garlic, roasted red and white onion, spice lime, leaf served with steam sticky rice and veggies.

A LA CARTE - All come with organic tofu and served with steamed brown rice

Organic Broccoli

Wok stir-fried organic broccoli in light soy sauce and topped with roasted garlic

Spicy Green Bean

Wok stir-fried organic green bean and bell pepper with light spicy red chili paste.

Cashew Nut

Wok stir fried roasted cashew nuts with onion, bell pepper, water chestnut in spicy sauce.

Green Curry

Zucchini, bell pepper and basil leaves in light spicy green curry.

Pineapple Curry

Pineapple, bell pepper, tomato and basil leaves in light spicy red curry.

Yellow Curry

Cauliflower, pea, carrot and white onion in light spicy yellow curry.

To Have & To Hold


Three tacos on gluten free yellow corn tortilla topped pico de gallo green salsa, and lime.


Beef taco, lentil, black bean, cashew cheese, serve with homemade chips.


Grilled soy chicken, soy mozzarella, and cashew cheese.


Thai Iced Tea


Thai Iced Coffee


Regular Iced Tea


Organic Iced Green Tea


Sparkling Water


Spring Water



ginerade, ginger berry, watermelon, turmeric



Fresh Coconut Juice


Hot Herbal Tea

Green, ginger, jasmin, peppermint and chamomile.

Cranberry Lemonade


Pineapple Lemonade




Arnold Palmer



Chocolate Cupcakes


Red Velvet Cupcakes



Brown Rice


Steamed Organic Broccoli


Steamed Organic Kale


Steamed Mix Veggies


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