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11:00 AM-3:00 PM, 5:00 PM-9:30 PM
11:00 AM-3:00 PM, 5:00 PM-9:30 PM
11:00 AM-3:00 PM, 5:00 PM-9:30 PM
11:00 AM-3:00 PM, 5:00 PM-9:30 PM
11:00 AM-3:00 PM, 5:00 PM-9:30 PM


Griddled Garlic Chive Cake

Topped with soy and chili garlic vinegar.

Steamed Bun

Meaty or vegetarian fillings which change often.


Beef Noodles

Spiced braised beef rice noodle soup with Chinese celery, fried garlic, and chili vinegar.

Dom Yum Wun Sen *G*

Bean thread noodles with roasted pork, ground pork, a bit of spicy and intense broth, fried wonton skin, peanuts lime, and chili.

Khao Soi Gai *G*

Chiang Mai chicken curry with egg noodles made with coconut milk and peeks pantry red curry paste, garnished with ginger, sprouts, house pickled chinese mustard, fried shallots.

Bigger Plates with Rice‎

Khao Mun Gai *G*

Poached free-range chicken over garlic and chicken fat rice, comes with a side of soy, ginger or bean sauce and a side of winter melon broth.

Crab Fried Rice

Dungeness crab fried rice.

Steamed Mixed Rice

Mixed jasmine rice.

Phad Thai

Phad Thai

Rice‎ noodles, eggs, new tofu, tamarind and bean sprouts.

Rotating Specials‎

Ba-Mee Heng

Roasted duck leg over dry egg noodles, sprouting broccoli, tossed with dark soy, fried garlic oil, and chilies.

Nam Tok

Spicy beef salad dressed in tamarind, lime and fish sauce, mint, cilantro, tomato, roasted rice powder, baby lettuces; served with mixed jasmine rice

Sweeter Plates‎

Black Rice& Coconut Custard

Black sticky rice with coconut custard.

Ice Cream Sandwich

With coconut and Buddha hand citrus ice cream, sticky rice, condensed milk.


Red Curry Paste

Ingredients: garlic, shallot, galangal, lemongrass, monkut lime leaves, monkut lime peels, shrimp paste, dried chilies, fresh chilies, salt.

Green Curry Paste

A little less spicy than our red curry paste, used to make going Kyo wan, or whatever you can dream up.

Massaman Curry Paste

A‎ more mild curry paste, with lots of dried spices, used to make gang massaman or whatever you can dream up.

Prik Pon

Freshly roasted dry Thai chilies.


Red bell pepper, Thai chilies, Fresno chilies, garlic, water, salt, and sugar.

Bun Jam

Ingredients: garlic, shallots, dry peppers, tamarind, palm sugar, soy oil, salt.

House Made Drinks‎

Hibiscus Lime Soda

House-made hibiscus soda on draft.

Special sodas

House-made soda on draft.

Thai Tea

House blend Thai tea and black tea.

Iced coffee

Qed‎ espresso, mixed with condensed milk.

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