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La'ssant Variety Box

Variety Box - 10 La'ssants

This variety box includes 4 doughnuts, 2 apple fritters and 4 bites.

Variety Box - 15 La'ssant

This variety box includes 6 doughnuts, 3 apple fritters and 6 bites.

Variety Box - 30 La'ssants

This variety box includes 12 doughnuts, 6 apple fritters and 12 bites.

La'ssant Boxes

12 La'ssant Doughnuts


24 La'ssant Doughnuts


36 La'ssant Doughnuts


La'ssant Bite Boxes

10 La'ssant Bites


20 La'ssant Bites


30 La'ssant Bites


40 La'ssant Bites


50 La'ssant Bites


60 La'ssant Bites


70 La'ssant Bites


Individual La'ssant

Apple Fritter

Our fritter is dipped into an apple spiced glaze, which is made with granny smith apples, butter, cinnamon and sugar simmered to perfection. It is then topped with caramelized apples.

Bite - Cinnamon

If you want to order 10 or more bites, please order one of the La'ssant bite boxes.

Bite - Sugar


Bite - Mocha

If you want to order 10 or more bites, please order one of the la'ssant bite boxes.

La'ssant - Cajan Mapple Bacon

Our classic 100% pure maple glaze enhanced with candied bacon and an extra kick of smokiness from the cayenne.

La'ssant - Chocolate Ganche

A la’ssant ring lightly dipped into a silky ganache made from premium Belgian chocolate delicately folded into cream, vanilla and our signature blend of chicory coffee.

La'ssant - Lemon & Poppy Seed

Our La’ssant ring dipped into a vibrant glaze made from fresh squeezed lemon juice with a bright burst of lemon zest and poppy seeds.

La'ssant - Madagascar Vanilla

Our signature La’ssant ring is dipped in our vanilla glaze made from the finest vanilla beans from the bourbon island of Madagascar.

La'ssant - Maple

A la’ssant ring freshly glazed with a delicate blend of amber and dark amber 100% pure maple syrup salted to perfection.

La'ssant - Peanut Butter Chocolate

This chocolate la’ssant ring starts with fresh made spiced honey peanut butter, dipped into our chocolate chicory ganache, and finished with a dusting of peanuts.

La'ssant - Raspberry

Our ode to the classic jelly filled doughnut. Premium local raspberry lemon jam with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

La'ssant - S'mores

First dipped into our chocolate chicory ganache, and then filled with our house made toasted Madagascar vanilla marshmallow fluff and graham cracker cookie butter.

La'ssant - Spiced Honey Walnut

Natural honey infused with a blend of allspice, cloves, cinnamon and finished with candied walnuts

La'ssant - Salted Double Chocolate

This sinful delight starts with our signature chocolate la’ssant ring, glazed with a chocolate chicory ganache, then finished with a couple pinches of fleur de sel.

La'ssant - Sticky Oat

A chef’s favorite, the Sticky Oat blends the flavors of steel cut oats and maple brown sugar and then topped with our house-made oatmeal crumble and rolled oats.

La'ssant - Touch oh Honey

A blend of our Madagascar vanilla glaze and a house made spiced honey adorns a la’ssant ring.


96 Oz Coffee Traveler

96oz coffee traveler made fresh with our mild - Decatur st. chicory coffee blend. add eight 12 oz cups and lids plus sugar and cream.

Bottle Water


Decatur St. Chicory Coffee

1lb. bag of our mild Decatur St. Blend Chicory coffee ground for drip brewing.

Royal St. Chicory Coffee

1 lb. bag of our regular royal St. Blend Chicory coffee ground for drip brewing. Best served as cafe au lait.

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