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Khai Ui - Appetizers

A1. Goi Cuon

Fresh. Summer roll, shrimp, pork, vegetables and vermicelli rolled in rice paper.

A2. Canh Ga Chien Nuoc Mam

Chicken wings.

A3. Bi Cuon

Shredded pork rolled in rice paper.

A4. Cha Gio

Deep fried. Imperial rolls served with fresh vegetables.

A5. Ca Vien Chien

Deep fried fish ball.

A6. Nem Nuong

Grilled pork meat balls.

A7. Goi Ga

Chicken salad.

A8. Goi Tom

Shrimp salad.

A9. Chao Tom

Grilled shrimp paste on sugar cane.

A10. Bo Tai Chanh

Choice sliced beef in fresh squeezed lemon juice, basil and ground peanuts.

A11. Banh Xeo

Vietnamese pancake. Thin Vietnamese crepe filled with shrimp, pork, yellow bean and bean sprouts.

A12. Chim Cut Roti

Roasted quail.

Com Tam - Rice Plates

R1. Com Suon Nuong Xa

Grilled lemongrass pork chop.

R2. Com Suon, Bi, Cha

Grilled pork chop, shredded pork, egg cake.

R3. Com Thit Nuong

White rice with charcoal broiled pork.

R4. Com Ga Nuong

White rice with grilled chicken.

R5. Com Ga, Tom Nuong

White rice with grilled chicken and grilled shrimp.

R6. Com Bo Nuong

White rice with grill beef.

Com Chien - Fried Rice

F1. Com Chien Duong Chau

Young chaw fried rice - shrimp, Vietnamese ham, sausage, green bean, carrot.

F2. Com Chien Tom

Shrimp fried rice.

F3. Com Chien Ga

Chicken fried rice.

Com Chien Bo Luc Lac

Filet mignon. Cubed sauteed beef, diced onions with outstanding garlic sauce.

Com Chien Bo Luc Lac

Shrimp more.

Bun - Vermicelli

V1. Bun Thit Nuong

Grilled pork with vermicelli, fresh vegetable.

V2. Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio

Grilled pork and egg roll with vermicelli, fresh vegetable.

V3. Bun Thit Nuong, Tom

Grilled pork and shrimp, with vermicelli, fresh vegetables.

V4. Bun Tom Nuong

Vermicelli with grilled shrimp.

V5. Bun Cha Gio

Vermicelli with egg roll.

V6. Bun Bo Nuong

Vermicelli with grilled beef.

V7. Bun Bi Cha Gio

Vermicelli with shredded pork and egg rolls.

V8. Bun Bo, Tom Nuong

Vermicelli with grilled beef and grilled shrimp.

V9. Bun Ga Nuong Cha Gio

Vermicelli with grilled chicken and egg roll.

V10. Bun Ga, Tom Nuong

Vermicelli with grilled chicken and grilled shrimp.

Hu Tien Mi - Noodle Soups-Pork Broth

N1. Hu Tieu Dac Biet Hoac Mi Dac Biet

Shrimp, sliced roast pork, chicken, fish ball, imitation crab meat, quail egg.

N2. Hu Tieu & Mi Hai San

Seafood with rice noodle or egg noodles.

N3. Hu Tieu Mytho - Hu Tieu Dai

Clear noodle. Shrimp, sliced roast pork, chicken, fishballs, imitation crab meat.

N4. Hu Tieu Nam Vang - Hu Tieu Mem

Rice noodle. Clear noodle. Shrimp, sliced roast pork, chicken, fish balls, ground pork.

N5. Hu Tieu Sate

Beef sate noodles.

N6. Hu Tieu Kho Hoac Mi Kho Dac Biet

Special rice noodles or egg noodles with soup on the side.

N7. Mi Hoanh Thanh

Wonton and egg noodle soup.

N8. Mi Xa Xiu Hoanh Thanh

Slice roast pork, wonton, and egg noodle soup.

N9. Banh Canh Tom Thit Gio Heo

Shrimp, sliced roast pork and pork knuckle served with & style fresh big noodle.

N10. Banh Canh Ga

Vietnamese style fresh big noodle with chicken.

N11. Mo Bo Kho

Egg noodle with beef stew.

Pho - Noodle Soups

N1. Pho Dac Biet

Combination special beef pho.

N2. Pho Tai

Steak pho.

N3. Pho Tao Bo Vien

Steak meatballs pho.

N4. Pho Tai Chin

Steak brisket pho.

N5. Pho Tai Gan

Steak, tendon pho.

N6. Pho Tai Nam Gan Sach

Steak, flank, tendon & tripe.

N7. Pho Tre Em

Kid meal. Brisket, meat balls.

N8. Pho Do Bien

Seafood and vegetables pho.

N9. Pho Do Bien Chua Cay

Hot and sour seafood pho.

N10. Pho Rau Cai Dau Hu

Mixed vegetables and tofu pho.

N11. Pho Ga Viet Nam - Ga Co Da

Chicken pho with skin.

N12. Pho Ga Thit Trang Rau Cai

White chicken, mixed vegetables pho.

Stir Fried

R1. Ga Xao Gung

Stir fried chicken with ginger.

R2. Ga Xao Xa Ot

Stir-fried chicken with hot chili and lemongrass.

R3. Ga Xao Rau Cai

Stir fried chicken with mixed vegetable.

R4. Bo Xao Rau Cai

Stir-fried beef with mixed vegetables.

R5. Tom Xao Rau Cai

Stir-fried shrimp with mixed vegetables.

R6. Tau Hu Xao Thap Cam

Tofu stir fried with vegetables.

R7. Tau Hu Xao Xa Ot

Tofu with lemon grass and hot chili.

R8. Mo Xao Don Hoac Mem Hai San

Seafood pan fried noodles or stir-fried.

Mon Dac Biet - Special

S1. Bun Bo Hue

Hue & style noodle soup.

S2. Bun Rieu

Crab rice noodle soup - small noodle.

S4. Bun Chao Tom

Grilled shrimp paste on sugar cane, served with vermicelli.

S5. Bun Nem Nuong

Grilled pork meatballs served with vermicelli.

S6. Banh Mi

Vietnamese sandwiches.

S7. Mo Vjt Quay

Egg noodles in a delicious pork broth with roasted duck.

S8. Com Tom Rang Chay Mo

Jumbo shrimp, simmered with scallions, and noodle house special sauce.

S9. Canh Chua Ca Hoac Tom

Sweet & sour shrimp or fish soup.

S10. Ca Kho To


S11. Com Suon Dai Han

White rice with grill beef - Korean style.

Pearl Smoothies

Pearl Smoothie


Gai Khat - Beverages

B1. Cafe Sua Da Hoac Den Da

Vietnamese coffee milk with ice.

B2. Nuoc Dua

Coconut juice.

B3. Sua Dau Nanh

Soy beans milk.

B4. Da Chanh

Lemon juice.

B5. Chanh Muoi

Salty lemon juice.

B6. Soda Chanh Muoi

Soda with salty lemon juice.

B7. Soda Chanh

Soda with lemon juice.

B8. Soda Sua Hot Ga

Soda with milk and egg.

B9. Nuoc Ngot


B10. Che 3 Mau

3 colors dessert.

B11. Cam Vat

Fresh Orange juice.

B12. Thai Ice Tea


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