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Numero Uno Cuban Restaurant

25-40 min
2499 S Orange Ave (NaN mi)
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A La Carta and Bocaditos



Frijoles Negros.

Black beans.

Sopa De Pollo

Chicken soup.


Ripe plantains.


Plantain Chips.





Tamal Cubano

Cuban Tamale.

Caldo Gallego


Arroz Blanco

White rice.


Green plantains.

Arroz Amarillo

Yellow rice.

Mofongo with Shrimp

Mashed green plantains with shrimp and garlic sauce.

Camarones Con Coco

Coconut shrimp.


Red beans.



Croquetas de Pollo

Chicken croquettes seasoned ground chicken made with corn meal, breaded, and fried served with cilantro sauce.

Frituras De Maiz

Corn Fritters.


Chick peas.

Papas Fritas

French fries.

Papas Rellenas

Stuffed potatoes.


Empanadas Beef

Two pieces.

Empanadas Chicken

Two pieces.

Empanadas Cheese

Two pieces.


Bistec Sandwich

Steak, grilled onions, and lettuce.

Pollo Sandwich

Grilled breast chicken with lettuce.

Cuban Sandwich

Pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles.

Pernil Sandwich

Roast pork sandwich.Served with grilled onions, lettuce, and tomato.

Vegetarian Sandwich

Vegan veggie burger cooked with grilled onions, lettuce and tomatoes.


Arroz Frito Habana

Havana style fried rice, made with ham, shrimp, eggs, and scallions.

House Specialty

Paella Valenciana

Serves two people. Made with scallops, shrimp, lobster, clams, chicken, and pork. Cooked with yellow rice and accompanied with Maduros.


Higado Salteado

Sauteed beef liver cooked with green peppers, onions, served with congri.

Carne Guisada

Beef stew cooked slowly in a tomato based sauce. Served with white rice and black beans.


Spanish style minced meat seasoned to perfection. Served with rice and black beans.

Bistec Empanizado

Breaded steak. Served with white rice and black beans.

Bistec De Palomilla

Grilled steak finished with a citrus mojo, served with white rice and black beans.

Numero Uno Bistec Encebollado

Rib eye steak pounded thin served with grilled onions, white rice, and black beans.

Bistec Salteado

Peppers steak, strips of steak grilled with plenty of onions, green peppers and chorizo. served with white rice and black beans.

Fricasse De Ovejo

Tender shanks of lamb. Served with white rice and sweet plantains.


Grilled flank steak, white rice, and black beans.


Tender eye round roast stuffed with chorizo slices, slowly roasted in tomato base sauce, and onions.

Ropa Vieja

Shredded flank steak slowly stewed in a tomato based sauce with green peppers and onions.


Fiesta Cubana

Ropa vieja, boliche, masitas de cerdo, shredded flank steak, eye round roast, and fried pork chunks. Served with congri and Yuca.

La Pareja

Bistec, pollo salteado, cooked with onions, green peppers, and chorizo. Served with white rice and black beans.


Macitas de Cerdo

Marinated pork chunks that are fried, crowned with grilled onions, and brushed with mojo. Served with congri and yuca.

Perniil E Cerso Asado

Roasted pork and hand carved thin. Served with grilled onions and generous dose of mojo. Served with white rice and black beans.


Two seasoned pork chops cooked well done and topped off with grilled onions. Served with yellow rice.


Pollo Salteado

Tender strip of chicken breast grilled with onions,green peppers with white rice, and beans.

Arroz Con Pollo

Chicken with yellow rice, yellow rice served over a very tender, serving of chicken fricassee.

Pollo Asado

Half roasted chicken with mojo.

Parillada De Pollo Al Jugo Citrico

Grilled citris chicken and marinated with citrus juice. served with white rice.

Pollo A La Guayaba Dulce

Guava glazed chicken, marinated chicken breast and grilled then glazed with guava fruit. Served with rice and red beans.

Chicharrones De Pollo

Crispy, fried chicken, marinated, and fried to a scrumptious delight. Served with white rice.


Soy Caribeno (Picadillo Vegetariano)

Minced textured vegetable protein (soy product) prepared with mojo, cilantro, and onions. This meal is served with white rice, red beans and sweet plantains.

Vegetable Mixtos

Mixed vegetables, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower sauteed with garlic, onions, and green peppers.


Platija Catalana

Filet of flounder cooked in a savory tomato based sauce.

Camarones Catalana

Half dozen shrimp cooked in delicious tomato based sauce.

Camarones Al Ajillo

Half dozen shrimp sauteed in garlic sauce.

Mary Tierrs

Surf and turf. Sauteed shrimp, flounder ajillo and grilled steak. Served with white rice and red beans.

Pergo Al Ajillo

Red snapper filet sauteed in garlic sauce.

Pargo Con Salsa De Mango

Red snapper filet sauteed and finished in a mango sauce.

Asopado De Camarones

Wonderful shrimp soup made with rice.


Arroz Con Leche

Rice pudding.

Dulce De Leche


Flan de Queso

Half flan and half cheese cake.

Tres Leche


Cocco Rallado



Spanish caramel custard.

Pudin de Pad

Bread pudding, made with raisins and caramelized sugar.


Soft Drinks & Unsweetened Ice Tea


Natural Juices


Latin Sodas


Bottled Water

16 oz. Served room tempurature.

Cuban Coffee

With sugar.



Double Espresso




Cafe Con Leche


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