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Bolinhos De Bacalhau

Codfish croquettes served with black-eyed peas.

Sardinhas Grelhadas ou Fritas

Grilled or sauteed Portuguese sardines.

Presunto com Queijo

Prosciutto served with Portuguese cheese.

Mozarella com Tomate

Mozzarella with tomato slices.

Lulas Grelhadas

Sauteed squid served with garlic, wine, and olive oil.

Polvo a Vinagreta

Octopus with vinaigrette sauce.

Chourico Assado

Grilled Portuguese sausage.

Camarao ao Alho ou Com

Shrimp in garlic or served with our special home-made sauce.

Polvo Grelhado

Grilled octopus served with garlic and olive oil.

Mexilhoes a D Francisco

Mussels in tomato consomme with Portuguese sausage medallions.

Ameijoas a Bolhao Pato

Clams in a white wine, garlic, and lime consomme.


Fried poultry and meat smoked Portuguese sausage.

Sopas E Saladas

Caldo Verde

Potato soup with collard greens, Portuguese.

Sopa a Marinheira

A variety of seafood combination of clams, mussels, shrimp.

Sopa de Peixe

Fish soup.

Salada Portuguesa

Traditional Portuguese salad, lettuce, carrots.


Arroz de Mariscos

Seafood rice with clams, shrimp, mussels.

Parrilhada de Mariscos

A combination of lobster, jumbo scallops, shrimp.

Feijoada de Marisco

Seafood mixed with clams, mussels, shrimp, squid.

Paelha a Marinheira

Seafood rice with main lobster, clams, shrimp.

Polvo Grelhado ou Estufado

Octopus grilled or stewed in tomato sauce, served with steamed vegetable.

Caldeirada de Peixes e Mariscos

Seafood combination of clams, mussels, shrimp, squid and fish stew served.

Pargo Grelhado Guarnecido Com

Grilled snapper fillet with shrimp served with garlic sauce, steamed potatoes.

Cataplana de Frutos do Mar e Terra

A wonderful stew of seafood with a lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, and slices of beef.

Sardinhas Assdas com Pimentos

Grilled Portuguese sardines with roasted peppers, steamed potatoes, onions.

Arroz de Polvo

Octopus rice stew.

Salmao Grelhado Guarnecido Com

Grilled salmon fillet with shrimp served with garlic sauce, steamed potatoes.

Camarones ao Creme d Alho

Shrimp in a creamy garlic sauce served with rice and fried potatoes.


Bife a Old Lisbon

14 oz. beef with a creamy garlic sauce topped.

Bife de Churrasco

Baby flank steak served with rice and fried potatoes.

Bitoque Bife

10 oz. beef topped with an egg served with rice.

Vitela Assada

Roasted veal served with rice and fried potatoes.

Peito de Frango Grelhado

Grilled chicken breast served with rice and fried potatoes.

Came de Porco a Alentejana

Sauteed pieces of tender pork loin, clams, potatoes and pickles, all in white wine garlic.

Costeletas de Cordeiro a Mediterraneo

Grilled lamb chops, sauteed potato chips, and vegetables served with a creamy garlic.

Filet Mignon

8 oz. tenderloin served with a succulent mushroom sauce and sliced fried potatoes.


Paelha de Legumes

Rice and vegetable stew.

Espargos Gratinados ao Fomo

Asparagus served in a tomato sauce topped with cheese and served with vegetable.

Berinjela Gratinada ao Forno

Oven cooked, tomato and cheese stuffed eggplant, served with fried potatoes.


Bacalhau a Old Lisbon

13 oz. Fillet codfish. Light breaded served with mashed potatoes, olive oil, garlic.

Bacalhau Assado na

13 oz. fillet codfish. Grilled.

Bacalhau a Lagareiro

13 oz. fillet codfish. Grilled, with oven roasted punched potatoes, roasted.

Caldeirada de Bacalhau

13 oz. fillet codfish. Stewed in a succulent.

Bacalhau Cozido com Grao e Legumes

13 oz. fillet codfish. Steamed, served with steamed potatoes, boiled egg, broccoli.

Bacalhau na Cataplana com Ameijoas

13 oz. fillet codfish. Stewed, served in a succulent tomato sauce with clams.

Bacalhau a Moda de

13 oz. fillet codfish. Deep fried, covered in onions.

Bacalhau a Nortenha

13 oz. fillet codfish. Deep fried with shrimp served with mashed potatoes and a creamy.

Shredded Codfish

Bacalhau com Natas

Served with potatoes, topped with cheese.

Bacalhau a Bras

Mixed with a stripe of fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, garlic, onion, and olive oil.

Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa

Mixed with steamed potatoes, boiled eggs.

Arroz de Bacalhau

Codfish rice stew.

Side Orders


White rice.


Mashed potatoes.

French Fries



Steam vegetables, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower.


Delicia de Fatima

Egg Yolk custard crumbled with Maria.

Pudim Portugues Com

Port wine-flavored cream caramel.

Pasteis de Nata

Custard pastry.

Mousse de Chocolate

Homemade chocolate mousse.

Peras Com Vinho Do Porto

Pears cooked in port wine.

Tarte De Amendoa

Almond tart.

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