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Avocado Toast

Multigrain bread, charred tomato, avocado, pickled red onion, truffle oil, balsamic drizzle.

Chili Fries

House-made chili served over a bed of fries, topped with cashew cheese, cilantro cashew cream, green onion and pico de gallo.

Hummus Bowl

House-made hummus, toasted pita bread, cucumbers, carrots, quinoa, herb oil, trilogy herbs, topped with the chef’s seasonal signature sauce.


Shredded brussel sprouts, sauteed with yakitori sweet chili sauce, green onion, garlic chips.

Buffalo Cauliflower

Cauliflower hand-tossed with house-made buffalo sauce, served with celery sticks and a side of housemade ranch.


Kale Salad

House-made almond butter ginger dressing, jicama, endive, hearts of palm, pickled beets, rainbow carrot ribbons, radish, baby heirloom cherry tomato, furikake. Gluten free

Green Goddess Arugula Salad

House-made green goddess dressing, arugula, radicchio, endive, shaved fennel, rainbow carrot ribbons, hearts of palm, baby heirloom cherry tomato, avocado, sliced cucumber, radish, shredded nor. Gluten free


Ultimate Burger

Two burger patties, butter lettuce, carmelized onions, pickled onions, dill pickles, chipotle ketchup, ginger mustard, served on a toasted bun with a side salad.

Love Burger

One burger patty, butter lettuce, carmelized onions, pickled onions, dill pickles, chipotle ketchup, ginger mustard, served on a toasted bun with a side salad.

Osaka Burger

One burger patty seasoned with chili lime and furikake, smoked paprika aoili, sauteed mushrooms, yakitori sweet chili sauce, pickled red cabbage, green onion, avocado, served on a toasted bun with a side salad.

BBQ Burger

Crispy onion strings, red cabbage ranch slaw, pickles, roma tomato, house-made bbq sauce served on a toasted bun with a side salad.

Grain Bowls

Black Rice Curry

Forbidden black rice, red Indian curry, yellow sweet curry, braised rutabaga, morrocan cauliflower, zucchinni, squash, okinawa sweet potato, rainbow carrot ribbons, radish, green onions and pea sprouts.

Brown Rice

Brown rice, spanish cashew cream sauce, charred onion, grilled jalapeno, avocado cashew cream, pico de gallo, red pickled cabbage, pinto beans, guajillo sauce, pea shoots, crispy tortilla crest. gluten free - without the crispy tortilla crest.

Signature Items

Chili Bowl

Red and green bell pepper, onion, soy chorizo, salsa, corn, black and pinto beans served with brown rice topped with cashew cheese sauce and cilantro cashew cream, pico de gallo, green onion. Gluten free and oil free.

Chili Burrito

House-made chili, french fries, cashew cheese sauce, follow your heart cheddar cheese, served with a side salad.

Ultimate Burrito

Brown rice, jalapeno tomato water, herb oil, pinto beans, soy chorizo, follow your heart cheese, pico de gallo, pickled red cabbage, avocado, cilantro, green onions, guajillo sauce, cilantro cashew cream and served with a side salad.


Corn chips, soy chorizo, pinto beans, pickled red cabbage, pickled onions, baby heirloom cherry tomato, topped with cilantro cashew cream, green onion, guajillo and cashew nacho cheese sauce. Gluten free.


Avocado, tomato, butter lettuce, pea sprouts, housemade coconut bacon, smoked paprika aioli served on multigrain toast served with a side of fries.

For The Kids

Grilled Cheese

Toasted multigrain bread, follow your heart cheese, served with a side of fries.


Tortilla, follow your heart cheese, served with a side of fries.

PB & J

Toasted multigrain bread, almond butter, seasonal fruit compote served with a side of fries.

Mac & Cheese

Cashew cream cheese sauce, follow your heart cheese, baked breadcrumbs, elbow pasta.



Flavor: green lemonade, grapes, spinach, kale, cabbage, apple, orange, lemon, ginger, agave.


Flavor: Pb and chocolate, almond milk, banana, peanuts, cacao powder, cacao nibs, dates, avocado, spinach, vanilla extract, agave.

Xcycle Recovery

Flavor: lemon bar, almond milk, banana, avocado, hemp seeds, lemon, fresh mint, dates, himalayan salt, vanilla extract, agave.

Eagle Condor

Flavor: mocha chocolate, almond milk, cacao powder, cacao nibs, coffee beans, dates, avocado, carrots, spinach, kale, himalayan salt, vanilla extract, agave.

Inner Peace

Flavor: banana matcha, almond milk, matcha, banana, avocado, spinach, cabbage, ginger, dates, vanilla extract, agave.

Great Turning

Flavor: mint chip, almond milk, peppermint oil, coffee beans, fresh mint, avocado, cacao nibs, dates, spinach, vanilla extract, agave.

Kids Smoothies

Green Lemonade

Grapes, spinach, lemon, agave.



Single espresso shot.


Water, espresso.


Almond milk, espresso, foam, agave.

Superfood Lattes

Cacao Goji Berry

Almond milk, cacao powder, goji berry powder, vanilla extract, agave.

Turmeric Vanilla

Almond milk, turmeric, cinnamon, vanilla extract, agave.

Matcha Maca

Almond milk, matcha, maca, vanilla extract, agave.


Almond milk, beetroot powder, seasonal essential oil, agave.


Black Iced Tea

Iced tea, lemon garnish.

Banten Honey

Hot oolong tea.

Kanoka Assam Black

Hot black tea.

White Peony

Hot white tea.


Hot green tea.

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