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Bread Rolls & Twists

Plain Bread Rolls & Twists


Sesame Bread Rolls & Twists


2 Olives & 2 Raisins

Served with cranberry bread sticks.


Plain Baguettes


Sesame Baguettes


Whole Grain Baguettes


Mix of Honey, Walnut & Raisins



Olive Fougasse Loaves


Cheese Loaves


Traditional Loaves


Sour Dough Loaves


Whole Grain Loaves


Cranberry Loaves


2 Olives Loaves



Plain Brioche


Brioche with Sugar Chunks



Le Croissant


La Gourmandise

Croissant dough filled with pastry cream & chocolate chips.

Les Amandes

Our traditional croissant or chocolate croissant filled with almond cream & slivered almonds.

L’Escargot Raisin

Snail-shaped croissant dough filled with pastry cream & raisins.

Le Chausson aux Pommes

Sugar crusted puff pastry filled with apple compote.

Les Chouquettes

Choux pastry – 10 count bag.

Le Palmier

Heart-shaped crispy pastry coated in granulated sugar made without yeast.

Les Beignets

Oven-baked donut filled with chocolate hazelnut spread or red fruit puree.

Cramique Sucre Chocolat Ou Raisin

Brioche with sugar chunks & chocolate chips or raisins.

Tarte Au Sucre

Brioche base topped with butter & sugar.

Brioche Aux Abricots

Brioche base topped with cream, butter, brown sugar & apricots.

Our Well-Balanced Selection

Yogurt, Fruit & Granola


Yogurt, Honey & Granola


Fresh Fruit Salad


Nos Oeufs

Les Eggs Benedicte

Poached eggs atop canadian bacon on toasted bread with hollandaise sauce & a side of gourmet greens.

La Baguette Aux Eggs

Baguettine filled with scrambled eggs ham & cheese.

Les Eggs Aux Plats Ou Brouilles

3 eggs prepared as you like with side of gourmet greens & bread roll.

Les Omelettes

Three eggs or egg whites & side of gourmet greens.

Complete Breakfast

Complete Breakfast

2 eggs scrambled or fried, fresh-squeezed orange juice, cafe, Paul baguettine, butter & preserves.

Brunch Special

Brunch Special

Choose from any egg breakfast item, fresh-squeezedorange juice, Paul baguettine with butter & preserves, cafe or tea.

Baker’s Special

Baker’s Special

Soup, hot dish & freshly brewed iced tea.

Nos Soupes

Nos Soupes

French onion, broccoli cheddar & tomato basil.

Nos Quiches

Nos Quiches

Served hot with a side of gourmet greens. We are serving daily our signature quiche lorraine made with ham, bacon, swiss cheese & savory custard in a flaky pastry shell.

Nos Crepes

Crepe Mixte

Served hot with a side of gourmet greens. Ham, swiss cheese & cream topped with a sunny-side up egg.

Crepe Legumes & Chevre

Sauteed eggplant, zucchini & mushroom with pesto & warm goat cheese. Served hot with a side of gourmet greens.

Nos Croque-Monsieurs

Croque Monsieur Poireaux Et Saumon Roti

Homemade roasted salmon, sauteed leek, swiss cheese & creme fraiche on soft sandwich bread. Served hot with a side of gourmet greens.

Croque Monsieur Jambon Ou Dinde

Ham or hormone-free turkey, swiss cheese & creme fraiche on soft sandwich bread. Served hot with a side of gourmet greens.

Croque Epinard Chevre Miel

Sauteed mushroom mixed with bechamel sauce, swiss cheese & creme fraiche, honey spread on soft sandwich bread. Served hot with a side of gourmet greens.

Lunch Special


Served with freshly brewed iced tea & choice of soup & dessert.


Turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce, dijonnaise spread on a whole grain baguette.


French salami, cornichons & butter on a sesame seed baguette.


Prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomato, lettuce & pesto spread on a traditional baguette.


Smoked salmon, tomato, lettuce, lemon spread on a sesame seed baguette.

Pavot Poulet Et Citron

Chicken, avocado, tomato, lettuce & lemon spread on a poppy seed lemon candied baguette.

Tomate Mozzarelle

Fresh mozzarella, tomato, lettuce & pesto spread on a 2 olive bread.

L’Ile de France

Brie cheese, lettuce & honey-butter spread on a walnut, raisin & honey baguette.


Ham, swiss cheese, butter spread on a traditional baguette.


Tuna & light mayonnaise mixture, tomato & lettuce on traditional baguette.

Hot Sandwiches

Club Saumon

Smoked salmon, onion, fresh spinach, lemon-chive spread on toasted whole grain bread.

Club Vegetarien

Roasted eggplant, zucchini, fresh tomato, pesto & goat cheese spread on whole grain bread.

Tartine au Jambon cru

Prosciutto ham, fig & goat cheese spread on toasted Paul signature bread.

Chaud Poulet ou Saucisses

Chicken or beef frankfurter, dijon mustard, bechamel sauce & grated cheese mixture on a Paul traditional baguette.


Salade Atlantique

Smoked salmon, tomato, cucumber, lemon & gourmet greens.

Salade Nicoise


Salade Quinoa

Organic grain mixed with diced cucumber, tomato, black olive & french vinaigrette.

Salade Fermiere

Chicken, hand-grated carrot, apple, swiss cheese, raisin, walnut & gourmet greens.

Nos Patisseries

Tartelette Citron

Sweet pastry shell with tangy lemon custard.

Tartelette Fruits Frais

Sweet pastry shell filled with pastry cream & seasonal fruits.

Tartelette Tropezienne

Brioche base, tropezienne cream, granulated sugar & sugar icing.

Fraisier ou Framboisier

Genoise layered with mousseline cream & fresh strawberry or raspberry topped with marzipan.

Tartelette Chocolat

Sweet pastry shell filled with a dark chocolate ganache.

Eclair Chocolate

Crispy choux pastry filled with chocolate pastry cream.


Silky chocolate mousse cake with praline & chocolate genoise.


Plain or Chocolate crispy puff pastry encasing pastry cream finished with white fondant.

Our Large Macarons


12 Assorted Mini Macarons

Coconut, pistachio, caramel, raspberry, chocolate & lemon.

Our Premium European Coffee


Regular Coffee.




Espresso topped with froth.


Espresso, hot milk & froth.


Espresso & hot water.


Cappuccino with chocolate.

Hot Chocolate


Cafe Creme

Espresso & hot milk.

Organic Teas

Vanilla Teas

A delicious blend of black tea with organic vanilla flavors.

Earl Grey

The pride of England, great black teas & lemony bergamot.

Mint Tea


Breakfast Tea


Chamomile Tea

This caffeine-free herbal tea has a reputation for having a calming effect.

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