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Breakfast Food

Breakfast Burritos

Seasoned potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, monterey jack cheese, and green chili peppers.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Turkey sausage breakfast sandwich - pepper jack cheese, scrambled egg and english muffin. Bacon breakfast sandwich - bacon, cheddar and scrambled egg sandwich.

Darker Blends


Toffee, cherry, and cinnamon.

Jacob's Wonderbar

Dark chocolate, smoke and nuts.

Aromatic Arabic

Smoke, walnut, and earth.

Tantalizing Turkish

Cardamom, herbs, and tobacco. Comes with fresh mint leaves.

Julie's Ultimate

Toast, berry, and vanilla.

Medium Blends

Silken Splendor

Dark chocolate, citrus, and butterscotch.

Philtered Soul

Hazelnut flavor and chocolate.


Caramel, nuts, and butter.


Cardamom, maple, and earth. Comes with fresh mint leaves.

Greater Alarm

Cashew, pineapple, and cocoa.

Lighter Blends

Dancing Water

Milk chocolate, grains, and cashew.

Ambrosia Coffee of God

Blackberry, grape, and toast.

Canopy of Heaven

Herbs, citrus, and strawberry.

New Manhattan

Citrus, cherry, and floral.

Sooo Good

Grapefruit, currant, and tobacco.


Decaf Colombia

Darker roast. Smoke, maple, and herbs.

Decaf Sumatra

Medium roast. Earth, cocoa, and grapefruit.

Decaf Ethiopia

Lighter roast. Caramel, tropical fruit, and chocolate.


Ecstatic Iced Coffee

Nuts, toffee, and toast.

Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

Sweet and creamy. Comes with fresh mint leaves.

Gingersnap Iced Coffee

Spicy, sweet, and creamy.


Peru Fair Trade

Medium roast. Milk chocolate, butterscotch, and tropical fruit.

Ethiopia Single Origin

Lighter roast. Floral, plum, and citrus.

Indonesia Single Origin

Medium roast. Orange, almond, and raspberry.

Red Sea Ethiopia Natural

Darker roast. Fruity, dark chocolate, and smoky.


Medium roast. Hazelnut, almond, and milk chocolate.

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Lighter roast. Citrus, milk chocolate, and honey.


Black Tea

Floral, smoke, and dried fruit.

Green Tea

Fresh grass, butter, and herbs.

Chamomile Tea

Floral, melon, and honey.

Yerba Mate Tea

Earth, grains, and toast.

Istanbul Treat

Dried fruit, licorice, and spices.

Mint Tea

Herbal. Fresh mint, cardamom, and cucumber.

Phil'z Fresh Chai

Cinnamon, cardamom, and clove.

Philz Iced Tea

Fresh mint, crisp, and floral.

Hot Chocolate & Mocha

Phil'z Hot Chocolate

Sweet, creamy, and cocoa.

Philz "Mocha" Tesora

Dark chocolate, caramel, and cocoa.

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