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A. Summer Rolls

Served with shrimp, vermicelli, and mixed vegetable. Goi cuon.

B. Charbroiled Beef

Bo nuong. Wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper.

C. Charbroiled Pork

Thit nuong cuon. Wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper.

D. Tofu Wrapped in Vietnamese Rice Paper

Dau hu cuon.

F. Egg Rolls

Served with 4 pieces. Cha gio.

G. Shrimp Rocket

Served with 8 pieces. Tom hoa tien.

H. Combination Appetizer

Khai vi dac biet 2 cha gio, 2 goi cuon 4 tom hoa tien. 2 egg rolls, 2 summer rolls, 4 rocket shrimps.

Vegetarian Dish

J. Pan Fried Vegetable served w/ Rice

Com xao chay.

K. Vegetarian Pho - Vegetables & Tofu Noodle Soup


L. Fried Tofu & Vermicelli

Bun dau hu chay.

M. Lemongrass Tofu

Served with Rice or vermicelli. Com dau hu xa ot.

N. Vegetarian Fried Egg Noodle

Mi xao gion chay.

O. Vegetarian Pan Fried Rice Noodle

Ap chao xao chay.

P. Vegetarian Fried Rice

Com chien chay.

Noodle Pho

1. Pho House 99 Special Noodle

Pho dac biet. Tripe, tendon, brisket, rare beef, meatball, short rib. Bestseller

2. Special Combo Pho Noodle

Pho tai, nam. Tripe, tendon, brisket, rare beef.

3. Pho Rare Steak


4. Pho Meatball Noodle

Pho bo vien. Tendon meatballs, thin noodle, beef broth.

5. Pho Well-done Brisket

Pho ve gion. Well done brisket, thin noodle, beef broth.

6. Pho Seafood Noodle

Pho hai san. Real crab, shrimp, squid, fish ball, imitation crab. Must try.

7. Pho Chicken Noodle

Pho ga. Fresh chicken breast meat.

8. Plain Noodle Pho Noodle

Pho banh nuoc. Rice noodle and broth only.

9. Pho Oxtail Special

Pho duoi bo. Oxtail braised in pho broth for 8 hours. Serve bone-in noodles soup.

10. Pho Super Bowl Noodle

Pho thit va hai san. A combination of beef cut along with a variety of our fresh seafood.

11. Pho Kimchi Noodle

Pho kim chi. Mixed hot and spicy kimchi with the combination of our fresh seafood or beef cut.

12. Pho Rare Steak & Well Done Brisket

Pho tai nam.

13. Pho Shrimp Noodle

Pho tom.

14. Pho Rare Steak & Tendon Noodle

Pho tai gan.

15. Pho Rare Steak & Tripe Noodle

Pho tai sach.

17. Pho Rare Steak & Meatball Noodle

Pho tai bo vien.

18. Pho Filet Mignon

Pho tai filet.

19. Pho Vegetable Noodle

Pho gau.

20. Pho BBQ Pork, BBQ Chicken & Beef Noodle

Pho BBQ heo, BBQ ga, hoac bo.

Vermicelli Dishes

21. BBQ Chicken Breast with Vermicelli

Bun ga nuong.

22. BBQ Pork with Vermicelli

Bun thit nuong.

23. Juicy Marinated BBQ Beef with Vermicelli

But bo nuong.

24. BBQ Shrimp with Vermicelli

Bun tom nuong.

25. Vermicelli with Egg Roll

Bun cha gio.

26. BBQ Shrimp & Pork with Vermicelli

Bun tom thit nuong.

27. BBQ Beef & Shrimp with Vermicelli

Bun tom bo nuong.

28. BBQ Shrimp & Egg Roll with Vermicelli

Bun tom cha gio.

29. BBQ Pork & Vietnamese Egg Rolls

Bun thit nuong cha gio. Served with vermicelli.

30. BBQ Beef Served with Vietnamese Egg Rolls

Bun bo nuong cha gio. With vermicelli.

31. BBQ Shrimp, Pork Served with Vietnamese Egg Rolls

Bun tom nuong cha gio. With vermicelli.

32. Vermicelli with Shrimp Beef & Vietnamese Egg Rolls

Bun tom bo nuong cha gio.


33. Pork Chops

Com suon cot let va trung. Served with fried egg and garlic butter rice.

34. Curry Lemongrass Chicken

Com ga xao xa ot. Served with steamed rice.

35. Korean Short Ribs

Com suon bo dai han. With garlic butter rice.

36. Beef Fried Rice

Com chien bo.

37. Shrimp Fried Rice

Com chien tom.

38. Combination Fried Rice

Com chien thap cam. Shrimp, pork, chinese sausage, egg.

39. Chicken Fried Rice & Egg Roll

Com chien ga.

40. Garlic Pan Fried Diced Filet Mignons

Com bo luc lac. Served with house special rice.

41. Shredded Pork & Fried Egg, Egg Roll

Com thit nuong va trung.

42. Combination of Seafood & Beef & Mixed Vegetables

Com xao thap cam. Served with steamed rice.

43. Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables

Com xao tom. Served with steamed rice.

44. Chicken Breast & Mixed Vegetables

Com xao ga. Served with steamed rice.

45. Seafood, Beef Noodle Special

Pho ap chao mem hoac gion. Soft or crispy.

46. Seafood, Beef Egg Noodle Special

Mi xao mem hoac gion. Soft or crispy.

Hue Style Beef Vermicelli

Bun bo hue. Slice with beef tendon, meat loaf in a spicy beef broth.

Special Menu

48. Chicken, Shrimp, Beef & Veggies w/ Soup (Low Carb Pho)

Ga, tom bo, and rau cai voi soup bo. Beef broth.

49. Stir Fried Chicken, Shrimp, Beef

Ga, tom, bo, xao, rau cai. With assorted veggies.

50. BBQ Shrimp, BBQ Beef & Egg Roll Salad

Tom nuong, bo nuong, voi cha gio rau cai.

Vietnamese Sandwiches

52a. Pork Vietnamese Sandwich

Banh mi thit nuong.

52b. Grilled Beef Vietnamese Sandwich

Banh mi bo nuong.

52c. Chicken Vietnamese Sandwich

Banh mi thit nuong.

53. Vietnamese Sandwich Egg

Banh mi trung chien.

54. Vietnamese Sandwich Vegetable


Refreshment & Dressing


Nuoc ngot. Coke, diet coke, pepsi, 7-up, dr. Pepper, sunkist, sprite, root beer.

Young Coconut Juice

Nuoc dua.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Nuoc cam tuoi vat.

Fresh Lemonade

Nuoc da chanh.

Fresh Lemon Soda

Soda chanh.

Fresh Soybean Milk

Sua dau nanh. Served hot or cold.

Arizona Green Tea

Tra sam mat ong.

Iced Tea

Tra da.

Hot Tea

Tra nong.

Hot Pot of Green Tea

Binh tra nong.

Cream Thai Iced Tea

Tra thai.

Tamarind Mixed with Pineapple

Che me.

Passion Fruit Drink

Nuoc chanh day.

Vietnamese Coffee

Cafe sua da.

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