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11:00 AM-8:30 PM
11:00 AM-8:30 PM
11:00 AM-8:30 PM
11:00 AM-8:30 PM
11:00 AM-8:30 PM
11:00 AM-8:30 PM

Khai Vi Appetizers

A1 Canh Ga Chien Gion

Fried Chicken Wings - 4.

A2 Goi Ga - Chicken Salad


A3 Tom Chien Lan Bot

Battered Fried Shrimp - 4.

A4. Cha Gio -Egg Rolls - 2


A5 Goi Cuon Spring Rolls - 2


A6 Cha Gio Tom Cua

Crab & Shrimp Egg Rolls - 2.

A7 Pot Stickers - 6


Bánh Mì Vietnamese Sandwiches

B1 Bánh Mì Dac Biet Combination Pork


B2 Bánh Mì Thịt Nguong - Grilled Pork


B3 Banh Mì Bo Dai Hang - Grilled Korean Beef


B4 Banh Mì Ga Nuong - Grilled Chicken


B6 Banh Mì Bo Kho - Beef Stew With Baguette


B5 Banh Mì Xa Xíu BBQ Pork


Lunch Special

L1- Beef With Broccoli


L3 Mix Vegetable Beef


L4- Mix Vegetable Chicken


L5- Beef Chow Mein


L6- Chicken Chow Mein


L7- Vegetable Chow Mein


L9 - Pho Bo Vien

Small bowl beef balls rice noodle.

L10- Pho Ga

Small bowl chicken rice noodle.

Rice Dishes

R1 Com Bo Dai Han

Grilled Korean Beef

R2 Com Suon

Grilled pork chop.

R3 Com ChienTom

Vietnamese shaken beef.

R4 Com Chien Ga

Chicken fried rice.

R5 Cơm ChienTom

Shrimp fried rice.

R6 Cơm Chien Thịt Heo

Pork fried rice.

R7 Coom Chien Thít Bo

Beef fried rice.

R8 Cơm Chiên Chai

Vegetable fried rice.

R9 Còm Chien Dac Biet

House fried rice.

Mi / Hu Tieu - Noodles

M1 Mì Xao Gion

Hong kong pan fried noodles.

M2 Hu Tieu Xao - Beef Chow Fun


M3 Mì Xao Hong Kong - Lo Mein


M4 Mì Wonton Dac Biet - War Wonton Soup


M5 Mi Wonton Wonton Noodles Soup


M6 Mì Bò Kho Bbq Pork Noodle Soup


M7 Mì Bò Kho Beef Stew Egg Noodle


M8 Hu Tieu Bo Kho - Beef Stew Rice Noodle


M9 Bun Thịt Nuong Cha Gio

Vietnamese Grilled Pork With Vermicelli & Egg Roll.


P1 Pho Đac Biet - Special Pho Combination


P2 Pho Tai - Pho Rare Sliced Beef Steak


P3 Pho Tai Bo Vien

Pho Rare Sliced Beef & Beef Ball.

P4 Pho Bo Vien - Pho Beef Ball


P5 Pho Ga - Pho Chicken


P6 Pho Tom - Pho Shrimp


P7 Pho Rau Cai

Pho Vegetable.

Nuoc Uong Drinks

D1 Ca Phe Sua Da

Vietnamese Iced Coffee With Condensed Milk.

D2 Ca Phe Den Da

Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

D3 Ca Phe Sua Nóng

Vietnamese Hot Coffee With Condensed Milk.

D4 Nuoc Dua Tuoi

Fresh Coconut.

D5 Tra Dac Chanh

Ice Tea.

D6 Tra Thai Vot Tapioca

Thai Milk Tea With Tapioca.

D7 Tra Thai - Thai Milk Tea


D8 Nuoc Ngọt - Soft Drink


D9 Nưoc Suoi - Bottled Water


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