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21. Goi Cuon - Fresh Spring Rolls 2


22. Cha Gio Ga - Chicken Egg Rolls - 4


Pho - Rice Noodle Soup

1. Pho Tai

Rare steak.

2. Pho Chin Nam

Well-done flank.

3. Pho Tai Nạm

Rare steak & well-done flank.

4. Pho Tai Nam, Gan

Rare steak & well-done flank & soft tendon.

5. Pho Tai Nạm, Sach

Rare steak & well-done flank & beef tripe.

6. Pho Tai Nam, Gan, Sach

Rare steak & well-done flank, soft tendon & beef tripe.

7. Pho Tai Gan

Rare steak, soft tendon.

8. Pho Tai Gan, Sach

Rare steak, soft tendon & beef tripe.

9. Pho Tai Sach

Rare steak & beef tripe.

10. Pho Nam, Gan

Well done flank & soft tendon.

11. Pho Nam Sach

Well done flank & beef tripe.

12. Pho Nam, Gan, Sach

Well done flank, soft tendon & beef tripe.


23. Green Papaya Salad - Beef Pemmican

Shredded green papaya tossed with beef pemmican topped with peanuts, mint leaves, and special sauce - mild or hot.

Vietnamese Sandwiches

S-1. Thit Nguoi - Ham, Pate, Steam Pork


S-2. Thit Nuong - Grill Pork


S-3. Ga Nuong - Grilled Chicken


S-4. Xa Xíu - BBQ Pork


S-5. Xiu Mai - Steam Meat Ball


S-6. Cha Lua - Steam Ham


S-7. Bo Cha Bong - Beef Pemmican


S-8. Ga Cha Bong - Chicken Pemmican


Featured Items

33. Canh Ga Chien - Vietnamese Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings, glazed with house special fish sauce.

34. Dui Ga Chien - Chicken Quarter

Fried chicken quarter served with turmeric rice.

Main Rice Dishes

24. Com Ga - Charbroiled Chicken Plate

Steam rice, charbroiled chicken, topped with lettuce, slice cucumbers, carrot pickle, and green onion. Served with traditional mixed fish sauce.

25. Com Thit Noung - Charbroiled Pork Plate

Steam rice, charbroiled pork topped with lettuce, slice cucumbers, carrot pickle, and green onion. Served with traditional mixed fish sauce.

26. Cam Xa Xiu - BBQ Pork Plate

Steam rice, BBQ pork with fresh slice cucumbers. Served with special soy sauce.

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