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Natural Oxtail

Served with bone-in natural beef oxtail.

Washugyu Beef

Served with rare washugyu American wagyu steak and beef brisket.

Mary’s Free Range Chicken

Served with shredded mary’s chicken.

Vegan Pho

Vegan Pho Broth served with Rice Noodles, Crispy Tofu, Carrots, bok choy, shaved white onions, Green Onions, and Cilantro

Small Bites

Fresh Spring Roll

Shrimp, BBQ pork, rice noodle, lettuce, mint, mayo with peanut sauce.

Imperial Roll

The pork filling with lettuce, mint, vermicelli noodles, and peanuts.

Vegetarian Imperial Roll

Crispy tofu, mixed mushroom, cabbage, roasted peanuts.

Fresh Veg Roll

Tofu, mushroom, cabbage, rice noodle, lettuce, mint, mayo with peanut sauce.

Mary’s Caramelized Fish Sauce Wings

Served with lettuce wraps, cucumbers, pickled carrots, limes.

Banh Mi

Jidori Chicken Banh Mi

Cucumbers, cilantro, craft pickles, mayo.

Vegetarian Banh Mi

Crispy tofu, sliced avocado, cucumbers, cilantro, craft pickles, mayo.

Berkshire Pork Banh Mi

Cucumbers, cilantro, craft pickles, mayo.


Jidori Chicken Vermicelli

imperial roll, fish sauce, roasted peanuts.

Vegetarian Vermicelli

Crispy tofu, veg imp roll, soy vinaigrette, roasted peanuts.

Natural Pork Vermicelli

Imperial roll , fish sauce, roasted peanuts.

Broken Rice Plate

Caramelized Shrimp Broken Rice Plate

Onions, green onion with roasted soy chili sauce.

Jidori Chicken Broken Rice Plate

Pickled carrots and cucumber with fish sauce.

Natural Pork Broken Rice Plate

Pickled carrots and cucumber with fish sauce.

Crispy Tofu Broken Rice Plate

Pickled carrots and cucumbers with soy sauce vinaigrette.

Natural Shaking Beef Broken Rice Plate

Cubed beef filet mignon, red, & green onion with lime sauce.


Claypot Jidori Chicken

Caramel fish sauce & cilantro & broken rice.

Claypot Eggplant & Crispy Tofu

Caramel fish sauce, green onion, cilantro & broken rice.

Vegetables & Salad

Bok Choy Salad

Served with garlic and mushrooms.

Green Papaya Salad

Crispy tofu, shallots, and shrimp with fish sauce vinaigrette.

Chicken Salad

Mary’s chicken, mixed greens & cabbage, Rau ram, shallots,fish sauce.


Cold Brew Cafe Sua Da

Made with Intelligentsia.

Pellegrino 500ml


Mexican Coke Medio Litre


Coconut Water


Soda Chanh

Freshly squeezed lime juice, soda water, natural sugar.

Iced Organic Green Tea

Brewed fresh with Shangri-La.

Iced Organic Jasmine Peach Tea

Brewed fresh with Shangri-La.

Thai Iced Tea

Fresh brewed daily.

Pellegrino Flavored Sodas

Pomegranate, clementine, lemon, blood orange.

Fountain Sodas

Coca cola, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite, orange fanta.

Cafe Sua Da

Vietnamese ice coffee made with the intelligentsia.

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