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Breakfast Pipes Egg Burritos

#1 Burrito

Eggs, sausage, avocado, cheese and pica sauce in a flour tortilla.

#2 Burrito

Eggs, bacon, potatoes, cheese and pica sauce on a flour tortilla.

#3 Burrito

Eggs, cilantro, green chile, cheese and pica sauce on a flour tortilla.

#4 Burrito

Eggs, ham, bell pepper, onion, cheese and pica sauce in a flour tortilla.

Breakfast Scramblers

Bacon Scrambler

Eggs, bacon, onion, bell pepper and cheese.

Ham Scrambler

Eggs, ham, onion, bell pepper and cheese.

Sausage Scrambler

Eggs, sausage, avocado and cheese.

Veggie Scrambler

Eggs, tomato, cheese, onion, cilantro, sliced tortillas and pica.

Breakfast Combos

Pancake, Bacon & Scrambled Eggs


Little Breakfast

Two eggs, pipes potatoes and wheat toast.

Little Breakfast With Bacon

Two eggs, pipes potatoes and wheat toast.

Big Breakfast With Pancakes

Eggs, bacon, pipes potatoes, pancakes and English muffin.

Big Breakfast With French Toast

Eggs, bacon, pipes potatoes, French toast and English muffin.

Breakfast Off The Lip

Pipes Egg Sandwich

Toasted English muffin filled with eggs, bacon, cheese, tomato and mayo.

Pipes Pancakes


French Toast


Pipes Potatoes

Potatoes, cheese, onion and bell pepper.

Fresh Baked Muffins


Bagel With Cream Cheese & Fresh Fruit


Breakfast Tacos

Three corn tortillas filled with eggs, cheese, bacon, onion, tomato, cilantro and pica sauce.


Served with raisin and brown sugar.

Breakfast Extras

Toasted Breads


Crisp Bacon Or Link Sausage


Fresh Fruit Cup


Big Ol' Slice Of Ham


1 Egg

With cheese.

2 Eggs

With cheese.

Lunch Grinds

Pipes Burger

1/3 lb fresh ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle, mayo, mustard & ketchup.

Chicken Burger

Chicken breast tenders, green chile, jack cheeses, pica sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & mayo.

Veggie Sandwich

Avocado, jack cheese green chilie, olives, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle, mayo & pica sauce.

Turkey & Avocado

Sliced turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo on sourdough.

Granny's Egg Salad

Egg, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions on whole wheat toast.

Pipes Tuna Stack

White albacore tuna, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & mayo.

BLT & Avo

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado & mayo on wheat toast.


Cheese grilled in a flour tortilla & served with pica sauce.

Quesadilla With Chicken


Grilled Cheese


Pipes Cobb Salad

Chicken, bacon, avocado, cheese, egg, tomato, onions & croutons.

Caesar Salad


Caesar Salad With Chicken


Side Of Grilled Chicken


Beef Patty


Side Of Tuna




Extra Chips



Pipes Coffee


Small Fresh Squeezed OJ


Large Fresh Squeezed OJ


Small Apple Juice


Large Apple Juice


Small Milk


Large Milk




Passion Fruit Iced Tea


Hot Tea


Pipes Coffee Bar

Hot Chocolate








Baked Goods

Fresh baked muffins.



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