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Piroshki on Madison

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Borsch - Bowl

Cabbage, beets, potatoes, & carrots. available Monday to Friday.

Borsch - Cup

Cabbage, beets, potatoes, & carrots.

Soup of The Day - Bowl

Beef barley, chicken rice, split pea, & solyanka meat & vegetable.

Soup of The Day - Cup

Beef barley, chicken rice, split pea, & solyanka meat & vegetable.


Meat Piroshki

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

A popular local favorite smoked salmon & cream cheese.

Bavarian Sausage

Bavarian sausage wrapped in our flakey piroshki.

Smoked Turkey Breast & Cheese

Turkey breast & melted cheese.

Beef, Potato & Cheese

Classic combination of beef, potato, & cheese.

Beef & Cheese

Beef & cheese in this one.

Piroshki Pizza

Pepperoni, mushrooms, & cheese.

Ham, Bacon & Cheddar Cheese

Smokey ham, bacon, & cheddar cheese.

Ham & Cheese

Just ham & cheese.

Ham, Egg & Cheese

Smokey ham, egg, & cheese.

Beef & Cabbage

Beef with tenderly braised cabbage.

Beef & Mushrooms

A tasty filling of beef & mushrooms.

Corned-Beef, Mushrooms & Cheese

Tender corned-beef with mushrooms.

Beef, Cranberry & Almonds

Ground beef, cranberry, & sliced almonds.

Beef & Broccoli

Ground beef & chopped broccoli.

Chicken & Broccoli

Tender chicken and chopped broccoli with curry.

Chicken, Cabbage, Rice & Mushrooms

A hearty filling of chicken, cabbage, rice, & mushrooms.

1 Dozen Bite Size Piroshki (24 hours notice require)

All fillings available, perfect for parties & special occasions.

Vegetable Piroshki

Cabbage, Carrots & Onions

A trifecta of sauteed veggie goodness.

Spinach, Mushrooms & Cheese

Tender spinach, savory mushrooms, & melted cheese.

Mushrooms & Cabbage

Classic mushroom & cabbage filling.

Potato & Cheese

Potato & cheese in this one.

Potato & Cabbage

Hearty potato & cabbage filling.

Potato & Mushrooms

Hearty potato & savory mushrooms.

Potato, Broccoli & Cheese

A flavorful filling of veggies & melted cheese.

Spinach, Eggs & Cheese

A morning favourite on Madison St.

Lunch Specials


Little dumplings filled with different & exciting fillings. fillings: potato, potato & mushrooms, beef, & cheese. available Monday To Friday


Chicken filled dumplings. available Monday to Friday.

Stuffed Cabbage

Cabbage, stuffed with chicken, rice, & vegetables. available Monday.

Chicken Stroganoff

Chicken stew with mashed potatoes, salad, & bread. available Thursday.


Fresh Fruit Pie

In our flaky butter crust.

Apple Pie

In our flaky butter crust.

Peach Pie

In our flaky butter crust.

Cherry Pie

In our flaky butter crust.


Cherries, walnuts, & raisins.

Poppy Seed Roll

Traditional Eastern European pastry with rich poppy filling.


Filo dough, chopped nuts, & the sweetness of honey.

Shortbread Cookies

Buttery, melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies.

Ketha Cookies

Walnuts & honey.


Sweetened ricotta cheese & jam.


Served with Bavarian cream & chocolate icing.


Layers of puff-pastry with Bavarian cream.

Three Layer Cake

Poppy seeds & walnuts.

Lemon Cake

Sponge cake, lemon, and Bavarian cream.

Strawberry Coconut Cake

Sweet strawberries with creamy coconut.

Cake Prague

Chocolaty, moist, & light.

Cherry Cake

Served with Bavarian cream.

Tiramisu Cake

Mascarpone cheese, liquor, and Bavarian cream.

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Delicious blueberries & rich cheese cake.

Fruit Tart

Fresh organic fruit, Bavarian cream.

Espresso Almond Cheese Cake

Even better than it sounds.

Apple Charlotte Cake

Crisp, buttery apple cake.

Black Forest Cake

Classic black forest cake with cream frosting and cherry topping.

Lemon Bar

Sweet, tangy lemon on our shortbread crust.

Oreshki Cookies

Walnut shaped cookies filled with cream.

Piroshki with Sour Cherries

Classic fruit piroshki with tart sour cherries.

Chocolate Cake

Our rich & decedent chocolate cake.

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