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Kaluaka Pork

Slow cooked season pork with cabbage & onions.

Teriyaki Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken topped with our own blend of teriyaki sauce.

Shayu Chicken Salad

Chicken Braised in soy souce with sugar & spices.

Tempura Shrimp Salad

6 pieces or shrimp served with tempura sauce.

Tonkatsu Salad

Breaded pork or chicken cutlet topped with sauce.

Teriyaki Salmon Salad

Grilled salmon fillet topped with teriyaki sauce & sesame seeds.

Poke Bowls

Signature Poke Bowl

Steam rice and your choice of ahi poke.

Salmon Poke Bowl

Steam rice and salmon poke.

Poke Salad Bowl

Mixed greens and your choice of poke.

Kimchee Bowl

Ahi tuna, kimchi vegetables, served with rice.

Vegetable Dishes

Teriyaki Tofu

Fried tofu, topped with teriyaki sauce served with white or brown rice.

Combo Plate

Aloha Plate Lunch

Fried tofu, topped with teriyaki sauce served with white or brown rice.

Kali Combo

Chicken adobo and ahi tuna poke.

Laulau & Poke

Pork wrapped in taro leaves, with ahi tuna poke.

Ohana Plate

Kalua pork, shoyu chicken and ahi tuna poke.

Kama'aiana Plate

Kalua, laulau and ahi tuna poke.

Island Bento

Teriyaki chicken, tonkatsu and ahi tuna poke.


Fried Rice Omelette


Hawaiian French Toast


Island Omelette

Portuguese, spam and veggies.

Island Favorites

Chicken Curry Bowl

Chicken sauteed with curry sauce, peas and carrots on rice.

Mixed Fish Bowl

Tuna, salmon & Alaska cod grilled with teriyaki sauce on rice.

Katsu Curry Bowl

Pork or chicken with curry & peas & carrots on rice.

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