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Portola Coffee Roasters

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Brewed Coffee

Alchemistic Blend

This full bodied blend is a combination of Colombian and Costa Rican beans with distinct notes of baker's chocolate, dried fruit, toasted almonds and spice. This blend has become a staple in the Portola Coffee Roasters line up for drip coffee. 12oz.

Cold Brew

This full immersion cold brewing process involves steeping ground coffee in cold water for 24 hours, resulting in a balanced and flavorful cup of iced coffee. Served over ice. 16 oz.

Espresso Based


Our Terra Incognita espresso combines Ethiopian and Colombian beans roasted to offer deliciously sweet and caramel flavors. 2oz.

Single Origin Espresso

Each store offers different varietals of single origin espresso. For this option, we leave it up to the baristas to decide on a delicious flavor for you. 2oz.


This traditional beverage combines our Terra Incognita espresso with a splash of milk for a creamy and espresso forward treat. 3 oz.


This drink combines our rich Terra Incognita espresso topped with whole milk and silky micro-foam. 6 oz.

Flat White

Our delicious Terra Incognita espresso topped off with some milk for a creamy and balanced taste. 7 oz.

Flat Brown

Our classic flat white drink with a rich chocolate ganache twist.


Our delicious Terra Incognita espresso with filtered water for a flavorful alternative to brewed coffee. 8 oz.


Our traditional latte with a splash of our vanilla syrup made from scratch. 12oz.


Our traditional latte with pumps of our signature chocolate ganache. 12 oz.

Rose & Cardamom Latte

Our traditional latte with a splash of our rose/cardamom syrup made from scratch. 12 oz.


Matcha Tea Latte

A powdered green tea beverage prepared with steamed milk for a sweet and creamy flavor. 12 oz.

Chai Latte

Our house made chai combines flavorful spices and organic sweeteners steeped with Assam tea for a deliciously spicy beverage. 12oz.

Hot Chocolate

Our signature Chocolate Ganache mixed with silky steamed milk.

Kids Hot Chocolate

A miniature version of our Hot Chocolate steamed at the perfect drinking temperature for the little ones.

Lemonade Infusions

Lemon-infused sparkling water with your choice of hibiscus, rose, or lavender flavors. 16oz.

Chocolate Milk

Our signature chocolate ganache mixed with cold milk. 12oz.

Mr. Holmes Bakery

Barista's Choice

An assortment of six of the barista's favorite pastries. Pastries vary based upon availability. 6 pastries.

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