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Grain Bowls

Scottish Salmon Bowl

Scottish salmon steamed over an aromatic shiitake and seaweed broth, tossed with napa cabbage and pickled onions, served on brown rice and barley.

Custom Grain Bowl

Choice of any 4 toppings served on barley and quinoa, tossed in a roasted garlic-basil dressing garnished with pickled sweet peppers.


Thai Lobster Roll

Chunks of Maine lobster stewed in a curry lobster broth with roasted onion and potatoes, spicy coleslaw and bacon rouille on a soft roll.

Crab Salad Roll

Blue crab with aioli, pickled radish and red cabbage, served on a soft roll

Fried Shrimp & Oysters Roll

Golden fried shrimp and oysters with spicy coleslaw and bacon rouille, served on a soft roll

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Crunchy beer-battered chicken with horseradish aioli, shredded napa cabbage and mustard greens, served on a ciabatta roll.


Shrimp & Crab Soba Noodle Salad

Shrimp and crab tossed with soba noodles, napa cabbage, mustard greens, scallions, toasted peanuts, shiitake mushrooms, kombu and roe with peanut dressing.

Veracruz Shrimp Salad

Seared spicy shrimp tossed in a jalapeño-tomatillo salsa, on a bed of shredded greens, red cabbage, broccoli, chickpeas, pickles carrots and pickled red onion with oregano vinaigrette.

Shredded Chicken Salad

Spiced, shredded chicken breast with pecans, kabocha squash and roasted onions on arugula, napa and red cabbage with oregano vinaigrette.

Tofu Salad

Spiced tofu with pecans, kabocha squash and roasted onions on arugula, napa and red cabbage with oregano vinaigrette.

Chicken Tempura Salad

Spiced, shredded chicken breasts with carrots, celery, scallions, mandarin oranges and Tempura crunch on a blend of iceberg lettuce, Napa and red cabbage with a soy and ginger vinaigrette


Seattle Fish Stew

A heart stew of shrimp, squid, clams, mussels and salmon in lobster broth, with bacon rouille served over rice.


A twist on the Spanish classic: shrimp, mussels, house-made pork sausage, and a spicy chicken drumstick in a saffron broth simmered with rice.

Clam Chowder

Clams, bacon, and potatoes in a creamy clam broth swirled with kabocha squash purée

Fish & Chips

Lightly beer-battered cod served with Downtown home fried potatoes, cucumber yogurt, spicy vinegar and pickled vegetables.

Shrimp Butter Boil

Spicy shrimp, potatoes, corn, bacon, and pickled onion simmered in a buttery lobster broth served over rice.

Spicy Scallops

Scallops in a spicy shrimp broth, with chili paste, toasted peanuts, roasted onions, kabocha squash and potatoes, served over rice.

Steamed Mussells

A bowl of steamed mussels served in a savory broth, with crisp hand cut potatoes and a ciabatta roll Choose your broth: Formosa Style: kombu seaweed broth with ginger, garlic, and cilantro Boston Style: lobster broth with tomato, onion, garlic, and arugula Baja Style: spicy shrimp and clam broth with Serrano peppers, toasted pepitas, garlic, and cilantro Marseille Style: butter, white wine, white wine vinegar, garlic, and parsley


Shrimp Cocktail

With house-made spicy cocktail served on a bed of spicy coleslaw

Chopped Salad

Iceberg, napa and red cabbage, broccoli, chickpeas, pickled carrots and pickled red onion with oregano vinaigrette.

Fried Calamari

Deep fried calamari served with house made tartar

Downtown Home Fried Potatoes

Crisp hand-cut potatoes served with rouille.

Spicy Coleslaw

Red and napa cabbage in a chipotle cream sauce.

Mac and Cheese

Cellentani pasty in a creamy Parmesan, Monterey Jack, Swiss, and mascarpone moray sauce, garnished with fresh tarragon


Housemade Ginger Lemonade


Housemade Passionfruit Lemonade


Honey & Mint Limeade


Freshly Brewed Iced Tea


House Arnold Palmer


Handcrafted Ginger Beer


Still Boxed Water


Sparkling Water


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