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Mezethes Cold


Thick, tangy yogurt dip.

Htenia Me Fasolia Kai Roka

Grilled sea scallops tossed with white beans and arugula and served with a dressing of extra-virgin Greek olive oil and fresh lemon juice, served warm not cold.


Robust and lemony fish roe dip.


Luscious eggplant condiment made with char-grilled eggplants and extra-virgin Greek olive oil.

piperia gemisti me kafteri feta

roasted red pepper filled with spicy feta whipped with sweet and hot peppers

soupes (soups)


chicken egg lemon soup with orzo


chick pea soup served with roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions ands pastourma (spicy, cured loin of beef)

Mezethes Hot

Garides Ouzo

Large shrimp cooked in a light ouzo and tomato cream sauce.

Htapothi Scharas

Classic grilled, marinated octopus with a balsamic reduction sauce and capers.

Kalamarakia Tyganita

Crisp fresh fried squid.

Afrata Keftedakia

Pylos’s light-as-air meatballs, pan-fried in olive oil.

aginares moussaka

Fresh artichoke heart moussaka, layered with caramelized onions, herbs and three greek cheeses béchamel sauce (meatless)

pitakia kaisarias

savory phyllo pastries filled with the spiced, cured beef pasturma, fresh tomatoes and mild Kayseri cheese

gigantes sto fourno

greek giant beans baked to perfection in a honey scented dill sauce

dolmades avglolemono

grapes leaves stuffed with rice, ground veal, herbs, golden raisins and pine nuts, served with egg-lemon sauce

haloumi sote me stafylia kai tsipouro

thick slices of sautéed haloumi cheese finished with greek grappa and served with grapes

saganaki tou merakli

three greek cheeses melted in a clay pot

sardelles scharas

classic grilled fresh sardines served with chopped parsley, garlic and extra virgin olive oil



Roasted beets saved with extra-virgin Greek olive oil and beet greens.

Elliniki Salata

Greek salad with lettuce, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, stuffed grape leaves, feta and kalamata olives.


The classic Greek village salad, with fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, bell peppers, capers, kalamata olives, feta and a simple dressing of extra-virgin Greek olive oil and red wine vinegar.


tender lettuces, dill, scallions and feta with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon dressing

Roka kai Ahladia salata me fistikia aeginis

cool pear and arugula salad with mild sheep's milk cheese, roasted pistachios and balsamic-honey vinaigrette

Kreata (meat specialties)

arni kotsa me meli

cretan honey braised lamb shank served with roasted baby vegetables


16 ounces aged prime New York cut sirloin steak, served with greek yiayia's fried potatoes and sautéed spinach

paidakia galaktos stin schara me imam kai mora patates

marinated grilled baby lamb chops served with mini studded eggplants and fingerling potatoes

hoirino kotsi lemonato

braised pork shank with lemon and herbs, served with fingerling potatoes and leeks

psaria kai thalassina (fish and seafood)

Solomos sta karvouna

Grilled Salmon served with spinach and rice pilaf

psari sta karvouna

classic grilled whole fresh fish, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon

garides kai htenia me saltsa ouzo

shrimp and sea scallops in creamy ouzo-flavored tomato sauce,, served over greek egg noodles

Greek Comfort Foods


Pylos terrine of baked pasta layered with aromatic meat sauce and bechamel.


Layers of lightly sauteed eggplant baked in a clay dish with aromatic ground meat sauce and bechamel.

epipleon piata (side dishes)

greek yiayia's fried potatoes

wedges of hand cut fried potatoes served with grated greek sheep's milk cheese and oregano

patates psistes

roasted potatoes seasoned with lemon, oregano, garlic and extra virgin olive oil

agria horta

wild field greens with feta seasoned with lemon, garlic and extra virgin olive oil


classic spinach rice pilaf served with crumbled feta, lemon and cracked black pepper


Yaourti Straggismeno Me Vissino, Meli kai Karydia

Drained Greek yogurt served with sour cherry spoon sweet, thyme scented. Greek honey and walnuts.

Christos towering galaktobourekakia

phyllo pastries filled with custard, drizzled with honey, cinnamon and powdered sugar




Bottled Water

Flat or sparkling.

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