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Chicken in Chili Sauce

Steamed stripes of chicken breast, hot chili sauce, scallion.

Chinese Eggplant With Chopped Chili

Steamed Chinese eggplant, with specially made chopped chili.

Dan-Dan Noodle

Minced beef & pickled vegetable over a bed of spicy noodle in chili sauce.

Chinese Broccoli & Kabocha Squash

Steamed fresh Chinese broccoli and Kabocha Squash with sweet soy sauce.

King Mushroom Salad

King mushroom, shredded cucumber, scallion oil dressing.

Silky Tofu With Black Bean Chili Sauce

Soft silky tofu, black bean & hot chili oil sauce with a sprinkle of scallion.

Ginger Spinach

Steamed baby spinach with ginger sauce.

Edamame With Sea Salt - Chilled

Boiled baby soybean in pods, seasoned with sea salt.

Lunch Special

Shrimp Avocado Rice Box

Shrimp avocado rice with miso dressing served with dumplings, edamame, and salad.

Beef Noodle Soup

Noodle with braised beef in chicken broth.

Chicken Dan-Dan Noodle Bowl

A big bowl of Dan-dan noodle with chicken breast served with edamame.

Spicy Chicken Noodle Box

Spicy chicken noodle served with chicken dumplings, edamame, and salad.

Teriayki Glazed Salmon Box

Teriyaki glazed salmon served with edamame and salad and chicken dumplings.

Dumpling Sampler Box

Combination of 2 sorts of dumplings out of 5, 5 pcs of each sort, served with edamame & salad.


Fillet of Flounder With Jumbo Dates

Steamed flounder fillet with jumbo dates in the light brown sauce.

Steamed Chilean Sea Bass

Steamed Chilean sea bass, Chinese greens, Kabocha squash & black Kernelled rice.

Steamed Chicken With Ginseng & Dates

Chicken marinated with mushroom & special soy sauce, red dates.


Mochi Ice Cream

Assorted ice cream mochi – three flavors.

Homemade Tea Cookie Platter

Rose cookies, earl grey cookies, matcha cookies, chocolate cookies.

Mochi Platter

Assorted mochi - red bean, black sesame, peanut, lychee, mango, blueberry.

Mango Pudding

Made from fresh mango puree and minced mango.

Matcha Affogato

Matcha over vanilla ice cream.

Almond Tofu With Strawberry Glaze

Made from almond milk and soy milk, topped with a strawberry.

Ice Cream

Green tea, mango, black sesame, vanilla.

Macha Affogato

Macha over vanilla ice cream.

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