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Wedge Salad


Pretzel Bites

Red Robin Favorite! Warm, soft pretzel bites, served alongside beer cheese dip.

Guacamole & Salsa & Chips


The O-Ring Shorty

Try the shorter version of our famous tower.

Fried Pickle Nickels

Tangy and downright tasty kosher dill slices hand-battered and fried 'til golden brown, served with a side of Campfire sauce.

Red's Bold Boneless Wings

Tender and crunchy - all-white chicken breast covered in your choice of sauce: Buzz sauce, Banzi or Whiskey River® BBQ.

Chili Chili™ Cheese Fries

Our Steak Fries, topped with Red's Chili Chili™, cheese, bacon, jalapeños and a side of ranch.

Creamy Artichoke & Spinach Dip

Cheesy and delicious, served with celery sticks and sea salt tortilla chips.

Jump Starter Double


Bar Wings 'n' Yukon Chips

Crispy wings in your choice of sauce - Buzz sauce, Banzai or Whiskey River® BBQ - on a bed of Yukon Kettle chips.

Towering Onion Rings®

Red Robin Favorite! A golden monument to goodness, 13 rings tall. Served with Campfire sauce and ranch dressing.


Fun and flavor, layer by layer. Tortilla chips loaded with Red’s Chili Chili™, two cheeses, guac, jalapeños, tomatoes, diced onion, salsa and sour cream.


French Onion Soup

Say “oui” to this fresh favorite topped with melted Provolone and Parmesan. Served with garlic toast.

Clamdigger's Clam Chowder

Roll up your pants and dig your soup spoon into this traditional, creamy New England-style clam chowder. Served with garlic toast.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Hearty chicken and vegetables, topped with Cheddar, sour cream and tortilla strips.

Red’s Chili Chili


Fresh Salads

Simply Grilled Chicken Salad

Our juicy grilled chicken breast, Cheddar cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers on a bed of mixed greens. Served with garlic toast and choice of dressing.


Grilled chicken breast, hardwood-smoked bacon, Bleu cheese, hard-boiled egg, tomatoes and, of course, avocado on mixed greens. Served with garlic toast and choice of dressing.

Crispy Chicken Tender

Your favorite finger food tossed with hard-boiled eggs, hardwood-smoked bacon, tomatoes and Cheddar over mixed greeens. Served with garlic toast and choice of dressing.

Mighty Caesar

Crisp romaine lettuce and shredded Parmesan cheese tossed with creamy Caesar dressing, topped with fire-grilled chicken breast. Served with garlic toast and a lemon wedge on the side.

Southwest Sombrero

A Southwest classic with a twist–Ancho-grilled chicken breast, black beans, avocado, fried jalapeño coins, red bell peppers, onions, roasted corn, cilantro and lime on a bed of mixed greens. Topped with a crunchy tostada sombrero with Cheddar cheese and jalapeño spread. Tossed with Salsa-ranch dressing.

Soup & Salad Combo

Your favorite bowl of soup served with a crisp mixed greens house salad.

House Salad


Side Traditional Caesar


Wraps & Sandwiches

Cheese Melt


Caesar's Chicken Wrap

A natural leader, this wrap rules with sliced, grilled chicken breast, Parmesan, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and Caesar dressing wrapped in a fresh spinach tortilla.

BLTA Croissant

Correct pronunciation not required! You’ll get enough of a mouthful with this delicious combination of turkey breast, hardwood-smoked bacon, mayo and, of course, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap

We corralled the renegade flavors of the Southwest into a tasty spinach tortilla: grilled chicken with tangy Whiskey River® BBQ sauce, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tortilla strips and a touch of ranch. Brace for the stampede!

Caesar's Chicken Wrap

A natural leader, this wrap rules with sliced, grilled chicken breast, Parmesan, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and Caesar dressing wrapped in a fresh spinach tortilla.

Souper Sandwich Combo

Choose your favorite wrap or sandwich and combine it with a cup of any of our savory soups.

Other Fun on a Bun

Crispy Chicken Burger

The only things that could top this burger are pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and mayo.

Whiskey River BBQ Chicken

Grilled chicken breast basted with our bourbon-infused Whiskey River® BBQ sauce and topped with melted Cheddar, crispy onion straws, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. It's only found around these here parts.

Teriyaki Chicken

Channel your inner ninja with this perfectly grilled chicken breast, teriyaki, grilled pineapple, melted Swiss, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

California Chicken

We dressed up our grilled chicken breast in guacamole, bacon, Provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo for its Hollywood debut. Bites, camera, action!

Simply Grilled Chicken

A perfectly grilled chicken breast served on a sesame bun with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions on the side.

Bruschetta Chicken

Take a culinary trip through the Italian countryside with a perfectly grilled chicken breast topped with fresh bruschetta salsa, roasted garlic aioli, Provolone and romaine lettuce on rustic ciabatta. It’s a true Renaissance burger.

Crispy Arctic Cod

Rock the burger boat with this deliciously fresh and crispy aquatic alternative featuring shredded cabbage, tomatoes, pickles and tartar sauce.

Fire-Grilled Gourmet Burgers

A.1 Peppercorn Burger

Gourmet burger joint or five-star steakhouse. It gets confusing with the hardwood-smoked bacon, melted Pepper-Jack, A.1 Peppercorn Spread, tomatoes and crispy onion straws on an onion bun, making this burger worthy of five stars.

Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger

The one that made us famous. Featuring Red's pickle relish, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, mayo and choice of cheese.

Keep It Simple

For those time when less is more. Choose from our fire-grilled beef, Gardenburger® or BOCA® Original Vegan Burger patty with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions on the side, served with your choice of Steak Fries® or Freckled Fruit® Salad.

Grilled Turkey

Gobble up our deliciously seasoned turkey patty, served on a whole-grain bun with zesty chipotle aioli, lettuce and tomatoes.

Sautéed Shroom

Mushrooms of the world, we sauté you—in garlic Parmesan! Topped with melted Swiss.

Burnin' Love

The King would approve of this one. Topped with fried jalapeño coins, salsa, Pepper-Jack, lettuce, tomatoes and chipotle aioli on a jalapeño-cornmeal kaiser roll. It’s love at first bite.

Whiskey River BBQ

Our smoky, tangy tribute to the Wild West. We roped together our signature bourbon-infused Whiskey River® BBQ sauce, crispy onion straws, Cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. See if you can hang on to it for eight seconds.

Royal Red Robin

Which came first, the bacon or the egg? Who cares? You can have them both at once! Plus melted American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo.

The Wedgie Burger

Stacked with bacon, guac, tomato and red onion inside of a lettuce bun, then wrapped for easy handling—this 450-calorie protein powerhouse of a burger is full of flavor. Served with a side salad.

Chili Chili™ Cheeseburger

You might need an extra napkin. Served open-face with a generous helping of Red’s Chili Chili™, Cheddar cheese, chipotle aioli and diced red onions. Cleanup crew not included.

Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon. It makes everything better. Even our cheeseburger, which is already tough to beat. Topped with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and your choice of cheese.

Guacamole Bacon

Guac, bacon, Swiss, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and mayo. No wonder you’ll be grinning after the first bite.


The burger of beach bums, surfer dudes and hungry people. Glazed in teriyaki and topped with grilled pineapple, Cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo for a taste wave that’ll knock you off your board.

Bleu Ribbon

A highly prized burger. Topped with tangy steak sauce, chipotle aioli, Bleu cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and crispy onion straws. Served on an onion bun, it’s the envy of the county fair.

Veggie Burger


Chimi Fresco BG


Prime Chophouse

White gloves not required. A fire-grilled burger layered with horseradish-sautéed mushrooms, gourmet steak sauce, Provolone, Country Dijon and crispy onion straws on an onion bun. Good thing you aren’t wearing gloves, because this could get messy.

Reds Tavern Burgers

Big Red's Tavern


Big Pig Out Tavern


Big Fiery Ghost® Tavern


Big Smoky Jack Tavern


Big Spicy Sir-Acha Tavern


Big Taco Tavern


Smoky Jack Tavern

Classic patties topped with house-made, bourbon-infused Whiskey River® BBQ Sauce, Pepper-Jack cheese, pickles, red onions, lettuce and mayo.

Red’s Tavern Double®

Two classic-sized patties of fire-grilled goodness.

Pig Out Tavern Double

A bacon lover’s dream—classic patties covered in a brown sugar glaze and topped with hardwood-smoked bacon with lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese and mayo.

Fiery Ghost® Tavern Double

This combo of ghost pepper sauce, Pepper-Jack cheese and fried and fresh jalapeños will have you seeing things.

Spicy Sir-Acha Tavern Double

Two fire-grilled patties with a crazy-delicious combo of sriracha onion straws, spicy aioli, melted American cheese, tomato, lettuce and pickles on a sesame seed bun.

Taco Tavern

Topped with fresh guac, crunchy tortilla strips, Pepper-Jack, lettuce and zesty salsa. You’ll wanna taco ’bout how tasty it is.

Red Robin's Finest Gourmet Burgers

Smoke & Pepper

Red Robin Favorite! Perhaps our Finest Burger yet. Topped with black-pepper bacon and extra-sharp Cheddar on a toasted ciabatta bun with house-made Smoke and Pepper ketchup.

Black & Bleu

A true knife-and-fork burger. Sautéed, blackened portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, house-made Bleu cheese sauce and Bleu cheese crumbles on a toasted ciabatta bun with Dijon sauce.

Mad Love


Chimi Fresco BG

A Latin-inspired Finest Burger featuring a 1/2-lb Black Angus patty adorned with seared queso fresco, a chimichurri vinaigrette and aioli made from a blend of olive oil, onions, parsley, cilantro, jalapeño, lime and red peppers. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes and house-pickled red onions on a telera bun.

The Southern Charm Burger™

Mind your manners around this Black Angus patty glazed with brown sugar and topped with candied bacon, honey BBQ sauce, sharp Cheddar, caramelized onions and mayo on a toasted ciabatta bun.

The Marco Pollo

An all-natural, 7oz., fire-grilled chicken breast over arugula, covered with Fontina cheese and peppered bacon on an artisan telera bun spread with house-made, oven-roasted tomato aioli.

Deliciously Dunkable Dipping Sauces

Whiskey River BBQ Sauce

Poppyseed-Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Blue Cheese

Salsa-Ranch Dressing

Caesar Dressing


Teriyaki Sauce

Tartar Sauce

Cocktail Sauce

Chipotle Aioli


Roasted Tomato Aioli




Roasted Garlic Aioli


Smoke & Pepper Ketchup


Sweet Pepper Thai Sauce


Buzzard Sauce

Campfire Sauce

Red's Secret Tavern Sauce

Sweet & Spicy Ketchup

House-Made Ranch

Honey Dijon Sauce

Chimichuri Aioli


Sweet Things

Gooey Chocolate Brownie Cake

Indulgent chocolate brownie cake and hot fudge topped with vanilla ice cream and berry sauce.

Mountain High Mudd Pie

An avalanche of chocolate and vanilla ice cream layered with Oreo cookies, fudge, and caramel. Topped with whipped cream.

Double Berry Cheesecake

Rich New York-style cheesecake in a buttery graham cracker crust. Topped with whipped cream and sweet strawberries in berry sauce.

Chocolate Fruffles

Get carried away with these sinfully rich and soft fudge brownies dipped in dark chocolate and bejeweled with French sea salt and sugar crystals. Served chilled with a side of berry ketchup for dipping, they're perfect for sharing. Go ahead, you deserve this.

Sweet Treat Trio

A shareable trio of our signature desserts oreo crumble sundae, doh rings and chocolate fruffles. Served with caramel for dipping.

Towering Doh Ring of 8

Doh! Why didn’t we think of it before? Of course it’s delicious when croissants mix with donuts! Enjoy this tasty towering treat with layers of flavors served with hot fudge and berry dipping sauces..

Doh! Ring Shorty of 4


Red Robin Kids' Menu

Mac It Yours

Comes classic, or top it with broccoli or diced tomatoes.

Red's Burger

Beef, veggie, turkey, Boca or grilled chicken.

Lil Appetites Meatballs on a Stick

6 meatballs and edible breadsticks for. Choose teriyaki, marinara or 4-cheese sauce

Meatballs on a Stick

9 meatballs and edible breadsticks. Choose teriyaki, marinara or 4-cheese sauce

Corn Doggies

9 honey-battered corn-dog bites.

Lil Appetites Corn Doggies

6 honey-battered corn-dog bites for.

Swirly Twirly Pasta

Topped with parmesan cheese.

Grilled Cheesy

American cheese melted on Texas toast.


3 breaded chicken tenders.

Lil Appetites Cluck-A-Doodles

2 breaded chicken tenders.

M V Pizza - Cheese

Pepperoni pizza cheese pizza.

M V Pizza - Pepperoni

Pepperoni pizza cheese pizza.

Grilled Chicken Stickens

BBQ sauce, ranch or teriyaki for dipping.

Cod Crunchers

Hand-battered cod fillets served with tartar sauce.

Kid's Rootbeer Float

Barq’s and soft-serve.

Kid's Creamy Milkshake


Strawberry Smoothie

A refreshingly fruity treat.

Bottomless Freckled Lemonade


Kid's Orange Cream Soda


Kid's Raspberry Cream Soda


All Age Concoctions

Favorite Flavors Milkshake


Salted Caramel Milkshake

A salty, sweet and sinful blend of caramel and red Hawaiian sea salt.

Mint Brownie Milkshake

The best of both desserts.

Nana-Nana Moo-Moo

Go wild with this creamy shake made from banana puree and hershey's chocolate syrup and topped with chocolate banana sauce.

Hawaiian Heart Throb Smoothie

A creamy blend of strawberries, bananas and grenadine. Sip to the beat of your heart or a steel-drum band.

Coconut Pineapple Smoothie


Cookie Magic

A spellbinding combination of chocolate and oreo cookies.


Pub Mac & Cheese


Shrimp & Slaw Platter

There are plenty of fish in the sea, so try this combo instead: Crispy golden shrimp and coleslaw served with steak fries and cocktail sauce.

Clucks & Fries

Crispy chicken tenders and steak fries cooked to perfection.

Clucks & Shrimp

Fried chicken tenders and crispy shrimp docked alongside coleslaw and steak fries. Try it with ranch and cocktail sauce for dipping.

Ensenada Chicken Platter

Two fire-grilled chicken breasts basted with authentic mexican seasonings, topped with fresh salsa and creamy salsa-ranch. Served with a side salad.

Ensenada Chicken Platter - Single Chicken Breast


Arctic Cod Fish & Chips

Premium hand-battered cod fillets, fried to crispy perfection, with our steak fries. Served with dill and pickled tartar sauce. Round out this British favorite with a pint of ale, old chap.

Clucks Buzz

Our classic clucks tossed in buzz sauce and served with fries.

Searious Salmon


Shrimp & Cod Duo

Premium hand battered cod fillets and golden shrimp served with coleslaw and bottomless steak fries plus cocktail sauce and dill'd and pickled tartar sauce for dipping.


Soft Drinks

Coca cola.

Freckled Lemonade

The drink that made us delicious. And famous.

Very Berry Raspberry Limeade

Pucker up. Raspberry and lime fruit flavors, sprite and a fresh lime wedge.

Poppin Purple Lemonade

Take a walk on the wild side with this tart and sweet prickly pear lemonade.

Under 10 Calories

Peach or raspberry iced tea or lemonade.

Fresh Brewed Gold Peak Tea

Regular or flavored with peach, raspberry or pomegranate. Bottomless refills.

Root Beer Float

The drinkable dessert. Bottomless barq’s and soft serve.

Orange Cream Soda

Make your sweet dreams come true when you grab a spoon and mix the whipped cream in to our delicious blend of sprite and candied orange.

Raspberry Cream Soda

Enjoy wild raspberry, sprite and the thrill of stirring in our whipped cream to create a soda that’s outta this world.

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