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5:30 PM-2:00 AM
5:30 PM-2:00 AM
5:30 PM-2:00 AM
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A1. Boiled Soy Bean


A2. Boiled Spinach with Sesame Sauce

Holenso gomaae.

A3. Fried Pork Dumpling

Yaki gyoza.

A4. Fried Chicken

Tori na karaage.

A5. Crispy Fried Calamari

Ika nanban.

A6. Spicy Cod Roe Omelet

Mentai omelet.

A7. Sukiyaki Style Beef & Tofu Omelet

Niku dofu.

A8. Assorted Sashimi

Sashimi small.

Skewer Chicken



Green Salad


Seaweed Salad

Kaiso salad.

Tofu Salad

Tofu and vegetable with onion dressing.

Spicy Kani Salad

Crab meat and vegetables with spicy dressing.

Sushi Roll & Hand Roll

R1. Tuna Roll


R2. California Roll

Avocado, crab mat & cucumber.

R3. Spicy Tuna Roll


R4. Spicy Yellowtail Roll


R5. Eel Avocado Roll


R6. Eel Cucumber Roll


R7. Salmon Avocado Roll


R8. Dragon Roll


R9. Mexican Roll

Spicy tuna, red tobico and spicy mayonnaise.

R10. Tuna Tuna Roll

Tuna tuna roll- tuna, spicy tuna, red tobico, spicy mayo, scallion & eel sauce.

R11. Salmon Salmon Roll

Salmon, black tobico, crispy salmon skin, cucumber, scallion, spicy mayo & eel sauce.

Noodle Set - With Salad

N1. Ramen Noodle

Ramen noodle with meat broth, sliced pork, dried bamboo & seaweed.

N2. Tanmen

Chinese noodle with meat broth and vegetables.

N3. Miso Ramen

Chinese noodle with miso flavored meat broth.

N4. Suraa Tanmen

Hot and sour soup noodle.

N5. Sauce Yakisoba

Pan fried noodle with pork and vegetables.

N6. Shanghai Yakisoba

Pan fried noodle with seafood.

N7. Yaki Udon

Pan fried Japanese thick noodle with pork and vegetable.

Sushi Entree


Tuna 2 pcs, salmon 2 pcs, eel 2 pcs, yellowtail 2 pcs, California roll roll.


Tuna 3 pcs, salmon 3 pcs, yellowtall 3 pcs, shrimp 1 pcs, crab stock 1 pcs.

Sushi Sashimi Combination

Sushi-tuna 2 pcs, salmon 2 pcs, yellowtail 2 pcs, shrimp 1 pc, crab stick 1 pc sashimi - tuna 2 pcs, salmon 2 pcs, yellowtail 2 pcs, eel 2 pcs.

Light Sushi Combination

Tuna 2 pcs, salmon 2 pcs, eel 2 pcs, yellowtail 2 pcs.

S5. Roll Combination

California roll, spicy tuna roll, eel cucumber roll.

S6. Open Chirashi

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail and crab stick.

Iron Platter

E2. Pork Cutlet

Ton katsu.

E3. Tuna Teriyaki

Maguro teriyaki.

E4. Fried Chicken

Tori na karaage.

E5. Hamburg

Beef patty cooked with gravy.

E6. Beef Curry with Pork Cutlet

Katsu curry.

E7. Sauteed Mix Vegetables & Pork

Nikuyasai itame.

Lunch Special

2 Choice Platters

Choice of 2 menus with rice, salad and miso soup.

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