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75-90 min
530 Daniels St (NaN mi)
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7:00 AM-2:00 PM
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Other Goodies

Righteous Chicken Strips

Three of our buttermilk brined fried chicken strips with your choice of one dipping sauce.

Rise Hashpuppies

Our signature jumbo tot recipe with glazed Idaho potatoes and cheddar cheese.

Southern Biscuits

Classic Chicken Biscuit


Deluxe Chicken Biscuit

Served with pickles and cheese.

Southern Chicken Biscuit

Served with pimento cheese and bacon.

Spicy Chickaboom Chicken Biscuit

Served with boom boom sauce, pickled jalapenos and crispy onions.

Bacon, Fried Egg & Cheese

Golden crisp bacon with cage free and American cheese. House specialty.

Fried Green Tomato

Panko crusted green tomatoes, with house made southern pimento cheese. Veggie.

Avocado Toast

Guacamole, tomato, fried egg, boom boom sauce and crispy onions inside a butter toasted biscuit. Veggie.

Sausage & Fried Egg

Country sausage patty and cage free egg.

Country Ham

Salt cured 365 day aged heritage ham.

The Drinks

Counter Culture Coffee

16 ounces.

Coffee Traveler

Serves 10-12.

Honest Tea Iced Tea

Honey green tea.

Fairlife Tea Iced Tea


Simply Orange


Smart Water


La Colombe Iced Coffee


Fairlife Chocolate Milk


Simply Lemonade



Please contact the merchant for soda flavors.


Sprinkles Donuts

Vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles. Just like you remember.

Cronie Donuts

50% croissant, 50% donut, 100% awesome. Served with vanilla pastry cream and raspberry icing.

Maple Bacon Donuts

Sweet maple glaze topped with salty, crispy bacon.

Raspberry Jelly Donuts

The ultimate jelly filled donut, tossed in granulated sugar.

Creme Brulee Donuts

Frenchy flame torched donut with creamy custard filling.

Chocolate Icing Donuts

Because chocolate make everything better.

Sweet Stuff

Apple Fritter

Two pounds of granny smith apples in every batch. House specialty.

Southern Peach Fritter

This sweet fritter will have you feeling just peachy.

Cinnamon Biscuit Roll

Served with pecans and sweet glaze. Two pieces. House specialty.

Blueberry Biscuit

Our fluffy biscuit gets a delightful makeover with fresh blueberries and sweet glaze.

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