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Rooster's Kitchen

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11:00 AM-9:00 PM
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11:00 AM-9:00 PM
11:00 AM-9:00 PM
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11:00 AM-11:00 PM
11:00 AM-9:00 PM


Hoosier Bacon Popcorn

Indiana popcorn with butter, rosemary salt, and house-cured bacon bits.

Pork Rinds

Fresh pork rinds tossed in Rooster's BBQ rub.

House Cheddar Spread

Cheddar spread with almonds and Amelia's crostini.

White Bean Hummus

White bean puree, with charred carrots, zucchini, and Amelia's crostini.

Nacho Rinds

Fresh pork rinds served with our house-made jalapeno cheese sauce

BBQ Belly Bites

Roasted pork belly tossed in Rooster's signature BBQ sauce


Black Friday Salad

Served with roasted turkey, dried cranberries, carrots, almonds, celery, and diced tomato. Served with creamy thyme and sage dressing.

Rooster Cobb Salad

Roasted turkey, tomato, hard boiled egg, avocado, house bacon bits, blue cheese, and house 1000 dressing.

Big Shoulders

Blue cheese, red onion, giardiniera, charred carrots, diced tomato, brisket, and house 1000 dressing.

Lettuce Be Friends (vegan)

Charred carrots, grilled zucchini, radishes, cucumber, diced tomatoes, red onions, and balsamic vinaigrette


Damn Good Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Served on Amelia's city loaf with Havarti, cheddar, and Gouda cheese.

Mamma's Brisket Sandwich

Slow braized brisket on a French roll with caramelized onions and giardiniera on the side.

Brisket Melt Sandwich

Chopped brisket, havarti, cheddar, house 1000, and caramelized onions on Amelia's city loaf.

Wilbur Sandwich

Slow roasted pork and caramelized onions on a French roll with cheddar.

Lucy Sandwich

Roasted pork, havarti, and house-cured pork loin with mustard and pickes on a French roll.

Canadian Tuxedo Sandwich

House cured Canadian bacon and a fried egg served on a brioche bun with maple aioli.

The Daddy-O Sandwich

Brioche bun with cream cheese, havarti, radishes, cucumber, shaved red onion, and tomato.

Bubbee's Turkey Sandwich

Herb roasted turkey breast on a brioche bun with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and red onion.

Turkey Bacon Thyme Sandwich

Herb roasted turkey breast on whole wheat with havarti, bacon, tomato, and thyme dressing.

Dad Bod

Griddled city loaf, BBQ pork belly, Havarti cheese, pickled red onions

Buddha Bowls

Avocado Buddha Bowl

Avocado and turmeric wild rice with charred carrots, grilled zucchini, arugula salad, and pickled radishes.

Omnivore Buddha Bowl

Your choice of protein with turmeric wild rice, charred carrots, grilled zucchini, arugula salad, and pickled radishes.

Mac N Cheese

Mac N Cheese



Herb Roasted Turkey Neanderthal

Meat with two sides.

Braised Brisket Neanderthal



Disposable Silverware

As an effort to reduce our consumption of single use plastics, we will only be providing disposable silverware when requested.

Green Salad Side

Tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.

Charred Carrots Side

Tossed in roasted garlic oil and kosher salt.

Baby Red Potatoes Side

Tossed in rosemary-scented kosher salt.

Buttered Green Beans Side

Green beans sauteed in brown butter and kosher salt.

Mac N Cheese Side


Giardiniera Side

Spicy condiment blend of peppers, and other pickled vegetables.


Circle City Peach Blossom Growler

32 oz growler of circle city Kombucha's peach blossom. Comes with a brand new growler jub.

Circle City Flavored Growler

32 oz growler of this weeks featured kombucha flavor.

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