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Seafood Tapas

Setas Rellenas

Mushrooms with crab meat stuffing.


Sardines, grilled or fried.


Grilled tender baby squid.


Basque style crab meat in puff pastry.

Mejillones Diablo

Mussels in spicy tomato sauce with peppers & onions.

Almejas Casino

Baked clams stuffed with bacon & peppers.


Fried calamari with cucumber dipping sauce.



Vieiras con Tocino

Broiled scallops wrapped in bacon.

Pulpo a la Gallega

Steamed sliced octopus & potatoes with sea salt, paprika, & olive oil.

Pulpo a la Parrilla

Grilled octopus served with a chopped salad of tomato, onion, jalapeño, avocado, zucchini, chickpeas & pesto.

Tosta Mediterranea

Toasted bread layered with olive paste, lettuce, tomatoes, tartar sauce, avocado, dill & thinly sliced house cured salmon.

Vegetarian Tapas

Patatas Brava

Cubed potatoes with spicy paprika.

Esparragos a la Plancha

Asparagus grilled with garlic.

Tortilla Espanola

Spanish potato-onion omelet.

Croquetas de Yuca

Yucca croquettes with your choice of: Codfish, Spinach, or Cheese.

Vegetales Salteados

Sauteed asparagus & spinach topped with melted mozzarella & goat cheese.

Berenjena al Horno

Baked eggplant topped with goat cheese & tomato sauce.

Jalapenos Rellenos

Breaded jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese.


Grilled Portobello topped with spinach, leeks & piquillo peppers.

Provolone Aromatico

Grilled cheese toast with herbs & olive oil.

Meat Tapas

Empanadas Argentinas

Savory turnovers, stuffed & baked Choose beef, spicy sausage or chicken.

Pan con Tomate y Jamon

Grilled bread topped with garlic- tomato spread & Serrano ham.

Datiles con Tocino

Dates wrapped in bacon.

Chorizitos al Vino Tinto

Spicy mini sausages in red wine with onions & peppers.

Chorizo Salteado

Chorizo sausage sauteed with onions.

Puerquitos Salteados

Sauteed pork cubes marinated in olive oil & spices.

Callos a la Madrilena

Tripe Madrid style with chickpeas.


Beef meatballs in chipotle sauce.

Filete de Mignon

Grilled filet mignon medallion.

Chuletillas de Cordero

Grilled baby lamb chops.

Soups & Salads

Sopa de Mariscos

Fish broth, chock full of mussels, clams, calamari, & shrimp, scented with saffron.

Sopa de Frijoles Negras

Black bean soup.

Sopa de Ajo

Garlic soup.

House Salad

Romaine, tomatoes, onions, carrots, & peppers.

Ensalada de Remolacha

Beet salad, garnished with almonds & goat cheese croutons.

Ensalada Sangria

Greens, avocado, egg, tomato, peppers, apples & walnuts.

Platos Principales - Main Dishes

Meat Dishes

Churrasco con Cebolla

Skirt steak with sauteed onions.

Bistec a la Parrilla

Grilled Angus beef sirloin.

Filete Sangria

Grilled filet mignon topped with bacon & mozzarella cheese in a brandy sauce.

Chuletas de Cordero

Lamb chops seasoned with herbs.

Chuletas de Cerdo

Grilled pork chops with peppers, onions, in a white wine & lemon sauce.

Chicken Dishes

Pollo Andaluz

Grilled chicken breast in a date sauce, served over risotto- style rice with mushrooms.

Milanesa de Pollo

Argentinean- style breaded chicken breast seasoned with parsley & garlic.

Pollo Tamarindo

Boneless chicken breast in tamarind sauce with almonds & plantains.

Seafood Dishes

Gambas al Ajillo

Shrimp sauteed in olive oil, garlic, & Spanish paprika.

Gambas a la Plancha

Grilled shrimp with olive oil & garlic.

Salmon a la Parrilla

Filet of salmon broiled with olive oil & garlic.

Sole Limon

Filet of sole with a light egg batter in lemon sauce


Seafood stew - clams, mussels, shrimp, & calamari prepared with choice of sauce: Diablo & Ajillo.

Ravioli de Langosta

Lobster ravioli in pink sauce.


Quinoa Sangria

Mixed vegetables sauteed with quinoa & almonds, seasoned with olive oil, cumin & oregano .

Paella & Rice Dishes

Paella de Mariscos

Saffron rice with clams, mussels, shrimp, & calamari.

Paella Valenciana

Saffron rice with clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, chicken, & chorizo.

Arroz Negro

Calamari and shrimp sautéed with rice in olive oil & garlic, blackened with squid.

Arroz con Pollo

Pieces of chicken mixed with saffron rice & chorizo.

Arroz Criollo

Shrimp & Spanish sausage sautéed with rice in light tomato sauce, served with plantains & avocado.

Prix - Fixe Menu

Prix-Fixe Lunch

Soup or salad, main course, dessert. Please contact merchant for soup and salad selection.

Prix-Fixe Dinner

Appetizer, main course & dessert.

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