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11:00 AM-9:00 PM
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11:00 AM-9:00 PM
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11:00 AM-9:00 PM
11:00 AM-9:00 PM
11:00 AM-9:00 PM

Small Plates

Tomato Soup

Tomato, fennel, italian herbs, coconut milk.

Old Town Grilled Cheese

Cashew gruyere spread, creamy basil avocado sauce, and American cheese on Old Town sourdough,

Purple Taquitos

Purple potatoes, chipotle sour cream, fermented curtido, almond feta, cilantro 3.

Burnt Brussels Sprouts

Lime, dijon, cayenne and fried garlic.

Charred Broccolini

Ancho oil, pickled peanuts.

BBQ Jack Sliders

Whole wheat slider buns, shredded bbq jackfruit, Seabirds slaw, caramelized onion and dill pickles 2.

Natural Cut Fries

House seasoning salt, served with ketchup and Seabirds sauce.


Roasted Squash & Fall Fruits

Almond cheese, dried cherries, Korean chili flakes, toasted hazelnuts, balsamic glaze.

Golden Beet Salad

Roasted local beets, grapefruit segments, candied walnuts, parmesan flakes, kenter canyon mixed greens, avocado tarragon dressing.

Warm Cauliflower Salad

Shaved brussels sprouts, grilled tofu, arugula, hazelnuts, chiles, gremolata, fried dates, tahini.


Kimchi Taco

Grilled Korean style jackfruit, house-made kimchi, spicy aji yolk crema, green onion, cilantro, black sesame, peanuts.

Beer Battered Avo Taco

fried avocado, Seabirds sauce, cabbage, red onion, lime.

Grilled Mushroom Taco

Caramelized onion, ancho oil, fermented curtido, cilantro, almond feta.


Locals Bowl

Brown rice, black beans, black kale, fermented curtido, ancho salsa, fresh cilantro, tortilla strips, chipotle sour cream.

Beets Me Burger

House-made shiitake, beet and chia patty, almond butter, grilled onions, arugula, dill pickles, herb mayo, served with our natural cut fries

Ranchero Tamales

Stuffed with ranchero jackfruit, topped with red chile sauce, fermented cauliflower, frog hollow plums, hatch chiles, served with rice and beans.

Bibimbap Bowl

Brown rice, gomasio, steamed kale, korean jackfruit, fermented cauliflower, fried kimchi, crushed peanut, gochujang, aji yolk crema, green onion.

Butternut Enchiladas

Butternut squash, black bean and maitake mushroom enchiladas, roasted pasilla pepper sauce, almond feta, Seabirds sauce, and cilantro, served with arugula salad.

Stuffed Shells

Four pasta shells filled with a creamy artichoke mix, topped with tempeh ragu, house made almond cheese and chili oil, served with di Ciccio broccoli.

Irish Stew

A big bowl of hearty vegetable and lentil stew served with garlic croutons.



A churro waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and chopped walnuts.

Chocolate Cake

A warm dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

Cha Cha Float

Cha Cha's seasonal kombucha with vanilla ice cream.

Peach Blueberry Caramel Crumble

Brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, oat and walnut crumble, house-made caramel and scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Gluten-free almond cake, cashew marscapone, house-made Kahlua.

Carrot Cake

Warm spices, walnuts, and cream cheese frosting.

Seasonal Scones

Ask for the flavor.

Banana Breads

So moist it melts in your mouth great cold or warm with ice cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream

4 oz. scoop.




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