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See's Candies Chocolate Shop in San Diego delivery




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See's Candies Chocolate Shop


20-30 min
555 Broadway (NaN mi)
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Assorted Chocolate Boxes

1 Assorted Chocolate Box

If you’re looking for a mix of nutty, chewy, crunchy and soft centers, look no further! This assortment contains a selection of our customers’ favorites*: butterscotch square, caramel, cocoanut, dark almond, dark butterchew, dark chocolate butter, dark nougat, dark patties, maple walnut, marzipan, mayfair, milk almond, milk beverly, milk bordeaux™, milk california brittle, milk molasses chips, mini peanut square, mocha, normandie, rum nougat, scotchmallow®, vanilla nut cream, walnut square.

1 Nuts & Chews Assorted Chocolate Box

Satisfyingly crunchy and chewy. Featuring california-grown walnuts, almonds, rich caramel and more enrobed in layers of milk and dark chocolate, this assortment includes*: almond square, caramel, dark almond, dark butterchew, dark nougat, dark patties, milk almond, milk butterchew, milk chocolate butter caramel, mini peanut square, peanut nougat, peanut square, rum nougat, scotchmallow®, walnut square.

1 Soft Center Assorted Chocolate Box

Rich, creamy, favorites enrobed in our original milk and dark chocolate, this assortment includes*: blueberry truffle, butterscotch square, cocoanut, dark bordeaux™, dark buttercream, dark chocolate butter, lemon truffle, light chocolate truffle, milk bordeaux™, milk chocolate butter, marzipan, mocha, orange cream, pineapple truffle, raspberry cream, strawberry cream.

1 Centennial Assortment Chocolate Box

Nostalgic flavors join new favorites in this commemorative selection marking see’s 100th year. Enjoy our special “s” milk centennial medallions wrapped in gold, along with timeless milk and dark molasses chips and modern discoveries like raspberry truffle. This assortment* includes: dark scotchmallow®, dark almond nougat, raspberry truffle, milk california brittle®, dark & milk molasses chips, milk centennial medallions, milk butterscotch square, butterscotch & chocolate lollypops, milk vanilla buttercream.

1 Dark Assorted Chocolate Box

A taste of cacao in every bite. Each of these candies* is coated by a waterfall of see's aged dark chocolate: blueberry truffle, dark almond, dark bordeaux™, dark butterchew, dark buttercream, dark california brittle, dark chocolate butter, dark molasses chips, dark nougat, dark patties, lemon truffle, maple walnut, marzipan, mini peanut square, normandie, peanut square, pineapple truffle, raspberry cream, scotchmallow®, walnut square.

1 Milk Assorted Chocolate Box

Pure milk chocolate goodness. Each of these candies* is generously coated in our classic, irresistible milk chocolate: butterscotch square, caramel, chelsea, chocolate butter caramel, cocoanut, divinity, mayfair, milk almond, milk beverly, milk bordeaux™, milk butterchew, milk california brittle, milk chocolate butter, milk molasses chips, mocha, rum nougat, vanilla nut cream.

1/2 Silver Assortment Chocolate Box

This gleaming silver gift box holds a half-pound assortment of see's favorite chocolates including*: butterscotch square, caramel, chelsea, dark almond, dark chocolate butter, dark butterchew, dark molasses chips, milk bordeaux™, milk California brittle, milk cocoanut, vanilla nut cream, walnut square.

Assorted Lollypops

30-Assorted Lollypops

Made with dairy-fresh butter, heavy cream and flavored with real vanilla, colombian coffee, chocolate and butterscotch - in see's long-lasting, classic square shape. Flavor-rich down to the last lick. Approximately 30 per box.

12-Assorted Lollypops

This gourmet candy-on-a-stick is great for picnics, sack lunches or an anytime snack. Made with dairy-fresh butter, heavy cream and flavored with real vanilla, Colombian coffee, chocolate and butterscotch. Approximately 12 per box.

Peanut Brittle

1.5 Peanut Brittle

Buttery, crunchy, nutty goodness in every bite. Made with Mary See's original recipe, featuring the highest quality ingredients.

Other Candies

1 Toffee-Ettes

So good you won't want to share. Little nuggets of rich danish butter toffee and roasted almonds smothered in see's creamy milk chocolate...topped off with even more crunchy almonds.

1/2 Assorted Peppermints

The best chocolate peppermints ever. That's really what the reviews say. with creamy mint centers smothered in our aged milk or dark chocolate, it's easy to understand why.

Peppermint Twists

Great as a hostess gift or a perfect ending to a holiday meal, these individually-wrapped peppermints arrive fresh and have a unique, airy texture that will melt in your mouth!

1/2 Assorted Molasses Chips

Irresistibly stacked in your favor. Crispy honeycombed wafers flavored with real molasses on the inside, drenched in layers of see's milk or dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Foil Balls

Unwrap the smiles together. Made from See's famous aged milk chocolate, these solid chocolate balls are a tasty anytime snack. Approximately 30 pieces per bag.

Salted Nuts

Hand-sorted and roasted to perfection. Only the highest-grade almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, and macadamias make it into this tasty premium nut assortment.

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