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Seouls Chef Specials

Man - Doo Jeun Gol

Korean dumplings and kimchi in a hot and spicy sauce with noodles.

Agu Jum

Angel fish stew with vegetables in red peppers sauce.

Budae Jigae "Army Base Stew"

Spicy stew with hot dogs, canned ham, kimchi, raman, beef and vegetables.

Hae Mool Jeun Gol

Assorted seafood in a hot and spicy sauce with noodles.

Dak Jim

Chicken with chili peppers, potatoes, clear noodles, leek and carrots, braised in a spicy sauce of garlic, sweet syrup and soy sauce.

Gamjatang "Potato Stew"

A spicy stew with pork spine, vegetables (especially potatoes) and hot peppers.

Sa Kalbi Jim

Steamed short ribs with chef's special sauce.


Spicy braised chicken stew with potato, carrots, and onion.


Modum Jun Sik

Appetizer combo with dumpling (2), fried squids (2) and fried shrimp (2).

Jun Man Doo

Steamed dumplings with beef and vegetable (3).

Yangyum Doo Boo

Tofu with special sauce.

Sewoo Tui Kim

Deep fried shrimp.

Hemul Pa Jun

Seafood pan cake.

Kun Man Doo

Pan fried dumplings with vegetables (5).

Oh Jing A Tui Kim

Deep fried squids.

Sang Sun Jun

Pan fried white fish.



Sutbul Kalbi

The meat is sliced thicker then bulgogi. it is often called "Korean bbq", grilled boneless short ribs marinated in special sauce.


A soup made with whole cornish game hens that are stuffed with ginseng, sweet rice, jujubes, garlic and chestnuts.

Je Yuk Bokum

Sliced pork marinated in a spicy sauce cooked with an assortment of vegetables.

Sanche Bibimbab

Rice topped with vegetables, beef and eggs, and served with a chili pepper paste.

Hwe Dop Bab

Raw fish mixed with vegetables on a bed of rice served with hot sauce on the side.

Shrimp Fried Rice


Vegetable Fried Rice


Yuk Gae Jang

Spicy beef stew with vegetables served in hot bowl.

Mandoo Guk

Soup with korean dumplings.

Duk Guk

Traditional rice cake soup.


Thinly sliced beef marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar, black peppers and vegetables.

Dak Gui

Sliced chicken grilled in house sauce.

Dolsat Bibimbab

Rice topped with vegetables, beef and eggs, and served with a chili pepper paste in a heated stone bowl, in which a raw egg is cooked against the sides of the bowl.

Chang A

Eel cooked in a sweet brown sauce on top of a bed of rice.

Oh Jing A Bokum

Pan fried squid and vegetables with spicy sauce.

Kimchi Fried Rice


Kalbi Tang

Beef ribs boiled in soup served with rice.

Kimchi Chiagae

Spicy stew made with kimchi pork and tofu served in a hot bowl.

Duk Mandoo Guk

Soup with korean dumplings and rice cake.

Soon Tofu Chigae

soft tofu with your choice of seafood, beef, or pork put together into a special spicy stew and boiled in a hot bowl.

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