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Classic Antipasti


Homemade meatballs with fresh Italian ricotta served with tomato sauce and basil.

Zuppa Del Giorno

Homemade everyday with fresh garden vegetables.


Toasted bread topped with chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and a touch of garlic.


Fried calamari served with our homemade spicy tomato dip.

Crostini Di Sofia

Toasted bread topped with fresh melted Italian mozzarella and prosciutto di parma.


Imported bresaola, arugula, parmigiano, mixed mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil & lemon dressing.

Il Tagliere

3 Italian imported cold cuts from parma. Prosciutto crudo & cotto, salame.

Carpassio & Tartare

Tartare Di Sofia

A selection of the best tuna and salmon marinated in a special sauce, the italian way.

Carpaccio Di Tonno Sashimi

Thin sliced fresh tuna, avocado, arugula served with soy and chive sauce.

Mozzarella & Burrata

Prosciutto E Bufaline

The best prosciutto di parma with imported Italian buffalo mozzarella.

Buffalo Mozzarella, Pomodoro & Basilico

Imported Italian buffalo mozzarella served with sliced tomatoes.

Burrata As You Like It

Imported Italian burrata cheese.


Mista Verde Salad

Garden fresh seasonal salad.

Di Sofia Salad

Our Italian version the classic caesar.

Arugula E Parmigiano Salad

Baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, shaved parmigiano reggiano, fig vinaigrette.

Chicory Salad

Comes with puntarelle dressing anchovies, evoo, garlic, red vinegar and parmigiano reggiano.

Insalata Di Porto Cervo

Lettuce, carrots, hearts palm, avocado, corn our secret sardinian dressing.

Beet Salad

Red and yellow beets, goat cheese and arugula, balsamic.

Goat Cheese & Spinach Salad

Warm Italian goat cheese, baby spinach, honey & roasted pine nuts.

Avocado San Pietro Salad

Avocado & baby shrimps, arugula, grape tomatoes & cannellini beans in a champagne mustard sauce.

Serafina Chicken Salad

Grilled organic chicken breast, romaine & mesclun, sun dried tomatoes, raisin, pine nuts, pesto dressing.

Carciofi E Parmigiano Salad

Fresh sliced artichoke hearts with parmigiano reggiano, lemon extra virgin olive oil.

Arugula E Filetto Salad

A serafina signature, baby arugula salad, sliced seared filet mignon shaved parmigiano reggiano.

Serafina Kale Salad

Green apple, walnuts, chopped brussels sprouts, mustard lemon dressing & topped with parmigiano reggiano.

Avocado & Artichoke Tartare

Sliced artichoke leaves soaked in lemon, mixed with the hearts & avocado.

Mediterranean Octopus

Comes with potatoes, olives, string beans and parsley.


Classic Pastas

Penne Al Pomodoro E Basilico Pasta

Italian peeled tomato sauce fresh basil.

Spaghetti Aglio & Olio Al Pacino

Evoo, red pepper, garlic, parmigiano reggiano.

Penne Stolichnaya Pasta

Vodka sauce, tomato and a touch of cream.

Tagliolini Di Portofino Pasta

Fresh pesto sauce, string beans, pine nuts and potatoes.

Paglia E Fieno Pasta

Homemade fettuccine, light tomato sauce, basil, parmigiano reggiano, touch of cream.

Tagliolini Di Cortina Al Pollo Pasta

Chopped chicken breast, peas, mushrooms, touch cream.

Spaghetti Carbonara Pasta

Pancetta and prosciutto, parmesan and pecorino, eggs and crushed black pepper.

Rigatoni Alla Bolognese Pasta

Comes with the finest homemade meat sauce.

Serafina Gourmet Pastas

Gnocchi Di Mamma Pasta

Homemade gnocchi, fresh cherry tomatoes sauce, parmigiano reggiano and basil.

Spaghetti Cacio & Pepe Pasta

Aged Pecorino Romano, crushed black pepper a touch of extra virgin olive oil.

Farfalle Al Limoncello Pasta

Bow tie pasta, baby shrimp, lemon zest, lemon juice, with a touch of cre.

Tris of Sofia Pasta

Min 2 orders. Ravioli with butter and sage, gnocchi al pesto, paglia and fieno.

Linguine Alle Vongole Pasta

Linguine with clams, cherry tomatoes pine nuts.

Tagliolini Al Tartufo Nero Pasta

Homemade tagliolini with black truffle and a touch of butter.

Spaghetti Al Caviale Pasta

With caviar, as in Rome 1960.

Garganelli Primavera Pasta

Homemade garganelli with a garden fresh vegetable bouquet and a touch of cherry tomato sauce.

Spaghetti All Aragosta Pasta

Comes with lobster in a red spicy tomato sauce.

Ravioli & Risotto Pastas

Ravioli Alla Salvia Pasta

Homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli served with butter and sage.

Ravioli Ai Porcini Pasta

Homemade ravioli filled and sauteed with fresh porcini mushrooms.

Ravioli Degli Innamorati Pasta

Lobster ravioli, homemade and heart shaped in a lobster bisque sauce.

Risotto Porcin Pasta

Fresh porcini mushrooms.

Risotto Veuve Clicquot Pasta

Champagne and black truffles.

Ravioli Al Tartufo Nero Pasta

Homemade black truffle ravioli and a touch of butter.

Secondi Piatti


Grilled Fresh Atlantic Salmon

Lentils, baby spinach with a champagne mustard sauce.

Filet of Bass Al Pinot Grigio

Wrapped in thinly sliced potatoes on a bed of zucchini and leeks.

Branzino All Forno

Oven baked with white wine and lemon. Served with roasted potatoes and broccoli.

Pan Seared Scallops

With shaved truffles, endive and celery root puree.

Blackened Wild Caught Swordfish

Pan seared with sauteed spinach, pine nuts, raisins and salmoriglio sauce.


Avocado Toast

Avocado, cherry tomatoes, poached egg, sprinkled with crushed red pepper and mixed greens.

Vegetarian Platter

Spaghetti squash with sauteed mixed vegetables, pine nuts and tomato sauce.


Filet Mignon Burger

Gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onions and French fries.

Chicken Breast Paillard

Grilled organic chicken breast served with arugula and tomatoes.

Veal Scaloppine Al Limone

Served with fresh broccoli and rosemary roasted potatoes.

Steak & Fries

Our classic served with French fries.

Filet Mignon Al Pepe Verde

Filet Mignon with green peppercorn sauce French fries.

Costata Alla Fiorentina

(32 oz.) Rib eye, bone in. Rosemary potatoes, mini peppers (for 2 people).


Italian Classica

Alla Burrata Pizza

Imported Italian burrata, San Marzano tomato and basil.

Regina Margherita Pizza

Italian buffalo mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.

Doc Margherita Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, cherry tomatoes.

V.I.P Margherita Pizza

Imported Italian fior di latte mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil.

Marinara Pizza

Tomato, oregano and garlic.

Margherita Pizza

San Marzano tomato, mozzarella & fresh basil and olives.

Napoletana Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, capers and basil.

Al Salame Piccante

Spicy salame with tomato and mozzarella.


Alla Norcina Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and spicy sausage.

4 Stagioni Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, pesto, prosciutto di parma.

Formaggi D’italia Pizza

Fontina, mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, gorgonzola.

Di Serafina

Bianca Pizza

Baby arugula, shaved parmigiano reggiano, fontina and mozzarella.

Goat Cheese Pizza

Goat cheese, mozzarella, arugula, red peppers and roasted eggplant.

Portofino Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, homemade pesto and pine nuts.

Ai Funghi Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms.

Primavera Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella and season garden vegetables.

Alle Erbe Pizza

Tomato, fresh garden herbs, olives, parmigiano reggiano.

Di Fabio Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto di parma, sliced tomatoes.

Il Calzone

Mozzarella, tomato, robiola, basil, topped with prosciutto di parma.

All’ Uovo Pizza

Tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto di parma, sliced tomatoes and one egg.

Gourmet Di Serafina

Ai Porcini Pizza

Italian imported porcini mushrooms, roasted in our wood burning oven.

Tartufo Nero Pizza

Robiola cheese, fontina, truffle cheese, truffle oil and black truffle.

La Dolce Vita

Boiled sliced potatoes, creme fraiche and caviar.

Al Salmone Pizza

Mozzarella, Scottish smoked salmon, wasabi and Thai basil.

Bresaola Pizza

Fontina cheese, mozzarella, Italian imported bresaola and baby arugula .

La Focaccia

Di Serafina

Robiola cheese, buffalo mozzarella, arugula and pancetta.

Di Sofia Pizza

Our own specialty and secret.

Ligure Pizza

Mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, prosciutto di parma and basil.

Leggera Pizza

Mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and fresh basil.

Il Cestino Pizza

Basket of focaccia with herbs.



Fried in olive oil.

Il Cestino

Basket of fresh handmade focaccia with herbs.

Nonna Mash

Our Italian version of the classic mashed potatoes.

Roasted Potatoes

Roasted with rosemary.


Braised lentils.

Spaghetti Squash

Steamed and prepped with a sprinkling of olive oil.

Broccoli, Carrots & Zucchini

Steamed vegetable medley.

Steamed Spinach

With garlic and olive oil.

Garden Fresh Braised Vegetables

Slow cooked seasonal garden fresh veggies,


Gelati e Sorbetti

(2 scoops) Served in an almond shell. Choose from: Ice cream, French vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry or Hazelnut Sorbet, Passion Fruit or Lemon

Chocolate Mousse

Dark Chocolate mousse cake, served with vanilla ice cream

Mini Ricotta Cheese Cake

Cheesecake made with imported Italian ricotta& orange zest

Il Tiramisu

Lady fingers, mascarpone, espresso & coco dusting on top.

The Chocolate Sensation

7 layers of different chocolates made with coco from Ecuador. Chocolate & hazelnut cream & hazelnut crunch , served with vanilla gelato.


Cream puffs filled with chantilly cream & covered in dark chocolate

La torta di Mele Verdi

Green apple tart, served with vanilla ice cream

Torta della Nonna

Pastry cream with a hint of lemon on short pastry, covered with pine nuts, almonds & powdered sugar

Focaccia alla Nutella

Special Nutella sauce&strawberries. Perfect to share!

Affogato al Caffe'

Shot of espresso poured over vanilla gelato

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