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Lunch & Dinner


China Chop Salad

Chicken, orange, cranberry, shredded carrot, almond, watermelon radish, carrot miso ginger vinaigrette.

Wedge Salad

Smoked bacon, chicken, goat cheese, red onion, grape tomato, crouton, balsamic reduction, atomic vinaigrette.

Italian Chop Salad

Spicy Calabria salami, smoked provolone, aged parmesan, sweet peppers, red onion, champagne vinaigrette.

Summer Salad

Grapefruit, orange, peruvian pepper, red onion, watermelon radish, balsamic vinaigrette.

Cran Apple Salad

Granny smith apple, cranberry, crispy quinoa, red onion, crushed almond, balsamic vinaigrette.

California Salad

Bourbon grilled flank steak, mixed greens, red onion, peruvian pepper, watermelon radish, chimichurri, balsamic vinaigrette.

Signature Sandwiches

Summer Zephyr Sandwich

Fresh mozzarella, marinated tomato, pickled onion, arugula, pesto, balsamic reduction.

Yogi Sandwich

Chicken, avocado, pesto, marinated tomato, cucumber, arugula.

Meddock Melee Sandwich

Turkey, pepper jack, tomato, sprouts, cherry pepper, avocado, adobo buttermilk.

The Perfect Burger

Signature angus patty, pepper jack, LPO, marinated tomato, comeback sauce, on freshly baked poppy seed hard roll.

Seasonal Sandwiches

Baller Sandwich

Fennel marinara, arugula, aged parmesan, sweet peppers, smoked provolone, extra virgin olive oil.

The Grinder Sandwich

Spicy Calabria salami, smoked provolone, sweet peppers, iceberg, red onion, champagne vinaigrette, aged parmesan.

Pastrami Po Boy Sandwich

Swiss, comeback slaw, deli mustard.

Farmer's Market Sandwich

Avocado, tomato, pickled onion, cucumber, carrot, sprouts, cream cheese, balsamic vinaigrette.

Chef's Selection

El Guapo

Smoked ham, spicy Calabria salami, Swiss, deli mustard, sweet peppers, pickled onion, dill pickle, pressed.

Veggie Banh Mi

Sweet chile brussels sprouts, pickled onion, jalapeno, cucumber, sriracha aioli, cilantro.

The Beef

Bourbon grilled flank steak, mint chimichurri, marinated tomato, sweet peppers, red onion, iceberg, avocado, cream cheese.


Baja Potato Salad

Sweet mustard sauce, pickled jalapeno, onion.

Bomb Pasta Salad

Farfalle, roasted peppers, champagne vin, basil, red onion.

Shaka Spuds

Rosemary, habanero salt.

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