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1842 W Washington Blvd (NaN mi)
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100% Vegan Entrees

Savory Mediterranean Bowl

We are traveling to the coastal beaches of Greece with this delicious Vegan Mediterranean Bowl made with nutritious ancient grains, fresh cucumber and seasoned and roasted chickpeas. Plus, our house-made vegan tzatziki dressing made with fresh dill and mint is sure to make your meal-time feel like a relaxing vacation off-the-coast. Vegan, Organic, GF

Penne with Arugula and Roasted Vegetables with Zesty Lemon Gremolata!

GF penne with asparagus and other lusty vegetables - roasted yellow squash, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and fresh arugula. And with a housemande lemon-herb dressing and our house tomato sauce for topping; you’re in for the best tasting meatless & cheeseless pasta dish EVER! [For an optimum experience, we recommend reheating.] Vegan, Organic, GF

Vegan Poke Bowl

This bowl is not easily forgotten. With all the vibrant flair of poke, you won’t miss any sealife. Instead, we marinate tofu for 24hrs in our housemade teriyaki and then roast to perfection. Garnished abundantly with cucumber, roasted bok choy, carrots, pineapple, pickled cabbage, edamame, radish sprouts and spinach, our poke is topped with vegan furikake and toasted sesame seeds. Served with our signature lemon ginger sesame dressing, and ZERO msg and preservatives, you’re body will instead benefit from healthy sources of protein, calcium, and iron. Vegan, Organic, GF

Non-Vegan Entrees

Sweet Mango Pork

This sultry dish is loaded with all the right temptation. Juicy, marinated pork is bathed in our tangy orange marmalade glaze and offers the perfect balance with sweetness of red bell pepper and mango cubes. Served alongside our wild rice - you'll wish you had another for tomorrow. Taste the tropical, exciting flavors of Thailand in this bright and colorful meal. MSG-Free, GF

Chicken Salad & Avocado Wrap!

A big, luscious lavash wrap, stuffed with tangy chicken salad awaits your embrace. Your tastebuds will rejoice when they experience the texture and bright flavors of crisp romaine, grapes, pickled purple cabbage, cranberries, carrots and of course, tasty lean chicken protein in a healthy lavash wrap. And when there’s avocado involved... it’s true love.


Vegan Mac & “Cheese”

Hungry and looking for the perfect comfort dish? This creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese is just the answer! With raw cashews, yellow potatoes, carrots, garlic, nutritional yeast, and subtly vibrant spices, you’ll be yearning for another container soon after. And with all these natural and (very) nutritional, dairy-free ingredients, there’s no guilt in saying ‘yes.’ Enough for two servings. Vegan

Kale Salad with Housemade Balsamic Dressing

Organic kale salad loaded with shredded cabbage, carrots, roasted butternut squash, garbanzo beans, toasted flax seeds, pickled onion, cranberries, cashews, and a sassy herbed balsamic dressing. A satisfying way to find your sexy and fortify the rest of the day with healthy vitamins and minerals. Vegan, GF

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