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Maple Bacon Sweet Potato Biscuit

Our most popular pastry and meal unto itself.


Our mainstay turnovers are ham and pepper jack and spinach feta. The sign in the bakery reads “ham & pepper jack turner.” the typo is here to stay and we have a little chuckle every time someone reads it back to us. Ahh the little things.

Puff Pastry

Almost always on the docket is the apricot almond puff pastry, but we occasionally have a nutella bear claw show up.

Baked Samosa

We love Samosas! Our version is baked, not fried, with a mix of peas, potatoes, curry and other spices, formed in a puff pastry pocket and always vegan.


Our scones are a perfect mix of sweet and savory flavors, with a daily rotation of two of our combinations. Usual suspects include Apple Sage Goat Cheese, Sun Dried Tomato Basil Feta, Fig Rosemary, Apricot Almond, and Cranberry Walnut.


Flavors rotate daily. A mainstay is the Black & Blueberry (AKA “The Bruiser”) and there is always a vegan option.

Tea Bread Slice

Available daily is a selection of sweet tea breads. Flavors in regular rotation include morning glory, orange almond poppy seed, banana chocolate chip bread (vegan), and zucchini(gf).

Tea Bread Loaf

Any of our flavors as a whole uncut loaf.

Sweet Roll

Nearly everyday we have orange sweet rolls (vegan) and pecan sticky buns.

Fresh Baked Bread

Sun-dried Tomato & Caramelized Onion Focaccia


Honey Wheat Sandwich Loaf


Rosemary Garlic Artisan Boule

A handcrafted white bread loaf featuring fresh garlic and rosemary perfect with any meal or sliced for sandwiches.

Hot Dishes

Huevos Rancheros

Baked eggs with refried beans, salsa ranchero, tortilla, cheddar and cilantro crema. Naturally gluten free.


Everyday we have a fresh made soup, with a rotating cast of awesome flavors including tomato basil artichoke, white bean spinach, black bean chili, seasonal mixed vegetable, lentil, coconut carrot ginger, and sweet potato corn roasted red pepper. Come by to see the daily special, which is always naturally vegan & gluten free.

Eggs Sardou

Marinated artichokes, spinach, bechamel, parmesan, and mozerella with two eggs cracked on top and baked to sunny side up perfection. Naturally gluten free.

Biscuits N’ Gravy

Our take on the southern classic, with a vegan and gluten free twist, featuring mushroom gravy and a fluffy gluten free biscuit.

Quiche by the Slice

A quick remedy to breakfast hunger, it truly is some of the best quiche you will ever eat. Typically we have a sausage roasted red pepper and a tomato basil florentine, and sometimes there is a broccoli mushroom in the mix.

Whole Quiche

You can get any of our sliced flavors as a whole quiche. We don’t mind if you pretend you made it during your next breakfast gathering.

Desserts Menu

Daily Desserts

Keylime Pie

The perfect amount of sweet and tang, with a graham cracker crust. The perfect size to share with a friend… or not.


Every week we feature a different cheesecake flavor. Pictured here is a nutella cheesecake with a fresh strawberry on top. Boom.

Vegan & Gluten Free Tart by the Slice

Made fresh with seasonal flavors and always vegan and gluten free. Come in and be pleasantly surprised with what they’ve whipped up this week.

Cookies & Bars

Ginger Molasses Cookie

A perfect mix of sweet molasses and a spicy kick of ginger and totally vegan to boot.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Who can say no to this perfect classic. Nobody so come on in and get one.


Packed with coconut, white chocolate, and seasonal citrus zest. For those that are nutty for coconut and aiming for something that is naturally gluten free.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie

A vegan and gluten free take on the classic. A fan favorite.

Vegan & Gluten Free Coffee Cake

Featuring a rotating cast of seasonal flavors and totally worth every bite.

Chai Spice Blondie

The name really says it all. It’s not always around but when it shows up, it always disappears quick.


We have two varieties of brownies usually on tap for you chocolate fans, either a vegan walnut brownie or a gluten free cream cheese swirl brownie.

Oatmeal Streusel Bar

Who needs cliff when you have one of these tasty bars? Made with a rotating cast of seasonal fruit preserves and always vegan.

Magic Bar

Chocolate chips, coconut, pecans, graham cracker, and held together with magic caramel. It’s also magically vegan.

Vegan Peanut Butter Bar

For fans of peanut butter cups that don’t want that pesky dairy. Super tasty and we never have any leftover.

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