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Shrimp Cocktail


Fried Oysters




Fried Scallops


Chicken Yakitori


Fried Shrimp


Green Mussels with Roe


Seafood Zousui Porridge


Soft Shell Crab


Agedashi Tofu


Shrimp Tempura




Vegetable Tempura


Salmon Kama


Fried Calamari




Miso soup with pork and vegetables.


Miso soup, nameko mushroom.

Miso Soup


House Clear Soup



House Ginger Salad


Baby Octopus Salad


Seaweed Salad


Ebi su Salad


Ika Salad


Tako su Salad



Teriyaki Beef

Broiled New York cut with teriyaki sauce.

Sauce Salmon

Broiled salmon lightly salted or with teriyaki sauce.

Teriyaki Chicken

Broiled chicken filet with teriyaki sauce.


Broiled mackerel.

Tempura Shrimp & Vegetables


Teriyaki Shrimp

Broiled shrimp with teriyaki sauce.


Deep fried breaded pork cutlet with katsu sauce.

Filet Mignon

Tenderloin steak with teriyaki sauce.

Chicken Katsu

Deep fried breaded chicken filet with katsu sauce.


Broiled freshwater eel served with special sauce and served on top of rice.

Combination Dinners 

Sashimi & Tempura


Sushi & Tempura


Teriyaki Chicken & Tempura


Seafood Bento Box

Sashimi, gyoza, salmon, shrimp tempura.

Teriyaki Beef & Tempura


Hot Pots


Sliced beef and assorted vegetables in a soy sauce and sweet rice wine broth.


Sliced beef and assorted vegetables in broth with sesame and vinegar for dipping.

Rice Bowl


Simmered chicken egg and vegetables over rice.


Shrimp and vegetable tempura over rice.


Deep fried breaded pork cutlet, egg and vegetables over rice.

Dinner for Children

Chicken Nuggets




Thin buckwheat noodles in hot dashi broth.


Thick wheat flour noodles in hot dashi broth.

Niku Soba

Thin buckwheat noodles and sliced beef in hot dashi broth.

Niku Udon

Thick wheat flour noodles and sliced beef in hot dashi broth.

Tempura Soba

Thin buckwheat noodles and tempura in hot dashi broth.

Tempura Udon

Thick wheat flour noodles and tempura in hot dashi broth.

Sushi Menu

Spicy California Roll

Spicy crab, cucumber and avocado inside, mango on top.

Mount Fuji Roll

Salmon, tuna, cucumber, avocado & crab inside masago & tobiko on top.

Calamari Roll

Tempura calamari, avocado and cucumber inside.

Rainbow Roll

5 kind fish on top of California roll.

Chicago Roll

Tempura shrimp, crab, avocado and cucumber inside.

Bahama Mama

Shrimp tempura, tempura flakes, avocado and asparagus.

Yasai Roll

Tempura sweet potato inside.

All-In Roll

Soft shell crab, masago, egg, crab, avocado, cucumber & lettuce inside.

Igloo Roll

Tempura salmon and cucumber inside salmon and crab on top.

Sunday Morning Roll

Fresh salmon and cream cheese inside and deep fried.

Big Roll

Deep fried crab, avocado, tamago, cream cheese and black mushroom.

Sunrise Roll

Crab, shrimp, cucumber, avocado and masago in soybean paper.

Boston Roll

Fresh salmon, avocado and cucumber inside masago on top.

Thai Roll

Tempura shrimp and cucumber inside spicy crab on top.

Bermuda Roll

Fresh tuna, salmon, yellowtail and cucumber inside masago on top.

Tiger Roll

Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside spicy tuna on top.

Crystal Roll

Radish, spicy crab, avocado, fried shrimp in rice paper.

Volcano Roll

Shrimp and cream cheese inside crab, scallop, masago, green mussel on top.

Derby Roll

Tempura lobster, avocado & masago inside spicy crab on top.

Kentucky Roll

Fresh salmon, tuna and spicy crab inside wrapped with cucumber.

Dragon Roll Slices Avocado

On top of eel roll.

Dragon Roll Spicy Tuna

On top of dragon roll.

Fusion Maki

Deep fried spicy tuna, crab and avocado inside.

Resistance Roll

Avocado and crab inside and deep fried.

Koko Roll

Spicy tuna and asparagus inside fresh tuna on top.

Diamond Roll

Sweet potato, shrimp tempura & lettuce inside.

Shogun Lobster Special Roll

Lobster, cucumber and masago inside tamago, crab & crunch mango on top.

Sunset Roll

Slices lemon and fresh salmon on top of California roll.

Louisville Roll

5 kind of spicy fish, crab and avocado inside and deep fried.

Big Mouth Roll

Fried soft shell crab, spicy crab and cucumber inside.

Mexican Roll

Shrimp tempura, jalapeño, avocado and cucumber inside.

Haru Roll

5 kind spicy fish & tempura flake inside avocado & spicy crab on top.

Kinky Eel Roll

Eel, salmon skin, cucumber and avocado inside.

Manhattan Roll

Eel and avocado on top of fried shrimp roll.

Playboy Roll

Tempura shrimp, cucumber inside tuna, avocado and tempura flake on top.

Fancy Roll

Fried shrimp, crab and cream cheese inside masago on top.

Drunken Lobster

Shrimp, lobster, crab, masago, onion, cucumber and asparagus.

Tuna Delight

Spicy tuna, asparagus and tempura flak inside tuna, white tuna and bonito on top.

Solomon Roll

Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside eel, salmon, masago & crunch on top.


Tempura Ice Cream


Green Tea Ice Cream


Pineapple Boat


Red Bean Ice Cream


Vanilla Ice Cream


Kentucky Silk Pie


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