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Fitness Blends Top

The Activator: Blueberry Strawberry

Strawberries, coconut water, blueberry juice blend, and gladiator

Original High Protein

Banana, chocolate, lemon or pineapple with whey protein, protein blend, and almonds. Chocolate contains nonfat milk and turbinado.

Coffee High Protein

Vanilla, almond mocha, raspberry mocha, cinnamon latte. Ingredients cold brewed coffee, whey protein, protein blend, almond, turbinado, nonfat milk. Almond mocha and raspberry mocha contain 100% cocoa. Raspberry mocha contains raspberry. Cinnamon latte contains cinnamon.

The Hulk

Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, with butter pecan ice cream, bananas, weight gain blend, nonfat milk, turbinado, super grains, whey protein and vanilla. Strawberry contains strawberry, chocolate contains 100% cocoa.

The Activator: Pine-Apple

Pineapple, apple juice, gladiator, banana, and coconut water.


Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. Your choice of two fruits. gladiator protein. Contact your merchant for fruit selection.

Fitness Bottom Blend

Peanut Power Plus

Chocolate or strawberry, with peanut butter, bananas, turbinado and nonfat milk. Chocolate contains 100% cocoa.Strawberries contain strawberry Gluten free. Contains nuts.

Power Punch Plus

Strawberries, bananas, vanilla, non fat milk, nutrient mix, super grains, whey protein, and turbinado.

Slim Blends Top

Lean 1

Vanilla, chocolate, pineapple mango, or strawberry. with Lean 1 protein. Chocolate and vanilla contain almonds and bananas. Gluten free. Contains nuts. (Pineapple Mango contains pineapples, mango juice blends.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt, non-fat milk, protein blend

Slim Blends Bottom


Protein Blend, Gladiator Protein, Lean1 Protein, Stevia-Based Sweetner, Fiber Blend; Strawberries (in Straw); Bananas (in Choc & Van); Nonfat Milk & 100% Cocoa (in Choc)

Island Impact

Pineapple, mango juice blend, papaya juice blend, protein blend and mango sorbet. Gluten free.


Pineapple, mango juice blend, orange juice.

The Shredder

Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry with Gladiator protein, Diet Down enhancer and protein blend.

Strawberry X-Treme

Strawberries and papaya juice blend.

Angel Food

Strawberries, bananas, nonfat milk, vanilla, and turbinado.

Kids Cups

Lil' Angel

Strawberries, bananas and kids multi-vitamin.

Apple Kiwi Bunga

Kale, apple juice, kiwi juice blend, bananas, electrolyte mix and kids multi-vitamin.


Vanilla frozen yogurt, cocoa,turbinado and kids multi-vitamin enhancer. Gluten free.

Strawberry Bluegurt Blitz

Chobani Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberry juice blend, nonfat milk, protein, electrolyte mix and kids multi-vitamin.

Wellness Blend Top

Blueberry Heaven

Blueberry juice blend, bananas and protein blend.

Immune Builder - Orange

Pineapples, bananas, mango juice blend, orange juice, almond milk and herbal immune enhancer. Gluten free.

Immune Builder - Mixed Berry

Strawberry, raspberry puree, bananas, almond milk, mangosteen juice blend, blueberry juice blend and herbal immune enhancer. Gluten free.

Acai Adventure

Meal replacement . Acai sorbet, apple juice, blueberry juice blend, protein blend and turbinado. Gluten free.

Green Tea Tango

Matcha green tea, choice of fruit, protein blend, vanilla frozen yogurt and turbinado. contact your merchant for fruit selection.

Wellness Blend Bottom

VeggieBleds-Berry Carrot Dream

Carrots, orange juice, apple juice, strawberries, bananas and electrolyte mix.

Mangosteen Madness

Mangosteen juice blend, strawberries, papaya juice blend, kiwi juice blend and turbinado.

Pure Recharge - Mango Strawberry

Mango juice blend, strawberries, Pure Recharge concentrates and electrolyte mix.

Pure Recharge - Strawberry

Protein blend, strawberries, Pure Recharge concentrate, nutrient mix and electrolyte mix.

Raspberry Collider

Raspberry sorbet, raspberry puree, bananas, orange juice and electrolyte mix.

Berry Punch

Strawberries, raspberry sorbet, blueberry juice blend and electrolyte mix.

Veggie Blends-Apple Kiwi Kale

Kale, apple juice, kiwi juice blend, bananas and electrolyte.

Veggie Blends-Carrot Kale Dream

Carrots, kale, bananas, orange juice, apple juice and protein blend.

Take a Break Blends Top

Muscle Punch

Strawberries, bananas, vanilla, non fat milk, wheat germ, whey protein, yeast and turbinado.

Strawberry Kiwi Breeze

Protein blend, strawberries, kiwi juice blend and papaya juice blend. Gluten free.

Caribbean Way

Strawberry, banana, papaya juice blend, turbinado.

Banana Berry Treat

Strawberries, bananas, protein blend, raspberry sorbet and turbinado.

Banana Boat

Bananas, vanilla frozen yogurt, protein blend and turbinado.

Pineapple Surf

Protein blend, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi juice blend, vanilla and turbinado.

Yogurt D-Lite

Protein blend, vanilla frozen yogurt, choice of fruit, non fat milk and turbinado. Contact your merchant for fruit selection.

Take a Break Blends Bottom

Passion Passport

Bananas, passion fruit juice blend, papaya juice blend, mango juice blend and turbinado. Gluten free.

Peach Slice Plus

Peaches, strawberries, papaya juice blend, non fat milk and turbinado. Gluten free.

Lemon Twist Strawberry

Strawberries, lemon juice blend, papaya juice blend and turbinado. Gluten free.

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