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Soups & Starters

Classic Welsh Leek & Potato


Corn Chowder

With or without bacon.

Mama Carrie’s Beef & Bean Chili


Laverbread & Bacon

Flash-fried Welsh breadsticks made of laver, oats & lemon with thick-cut rashers.


Variation of a Welsh classic with ale-infused cheese blend melted atop a crusty baguette & served with three house toppings on the side.

Welsh Meatballs

Lamb meatballs w/ house tzatziki on a bed of mash.

Salads Fully Loaded

Hearty House Avocado Salad

Leeks, carrots, tomato, red peppers, corn, pickled onions, avocado, lettuce & house-made lemon dressing.

Byrgyr Salad

Organic Plymouth beef patty cooked to desired temp with choice of cheese on our hearty house avocado salad. Please contact merchant for cheese selection.

Sandwiches & Byrgyrs

Crispy Cod & Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich

Battered gulf shrimp and Atlantic cod with tom’s cajun remoulade, l/t and pickle.

Smoked Chicken Sandwich

Smoked chicken, roasted peppers, pineapple, avocado and chipotle crema.

Muffuletta Sandwich

Baked mortadella, salami, capicola, smoked mozzarella and provolone on ciabattini, with house made spicy relish.

Reuben Sandwich

House braised corned beef, yorktown kraut, Swiss with house sauce.

Habanero Joe Sandwich

Achiote and habanero marinated pulled pork with hose pickled red onions on a toasted brioche bun with tom’s habanero sauce on the side.

Pork Belly, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich

Pork belly, romaine, tomato and chipotle creme fraiche on toast.

Avocado, Bacon & Welsh Cheddar Toastie Sandwich

Welsh cheese blend, thick cut rashers and avocado on pancare toast with tomato.

Mac & Cheese Byrgyr

1/3 lb. Beef patty, mac and cheese buns, cheddar bechamel, tomato.

The Road Warrior Byrgyr

Two 1/3 lb. Beef patties, sesame potato, pork belly, pineapple, l and t, shrimp and red mustard.

St. David’s Byrgyr

1/3 lb. Beef patty, brioche bun dipped , corned beef, portobello, cheddar and pickles.

Aloha Byrgyr

1/3 lb. Beef patty, pineapple, pork belly, pepper jack, jalapenos, gochi, king’s sweet bun.

Pepper Bomb Byrgyr

1/3 lb, beef patty, pretzel bun , peppercorn sauce , ghost pepper monterey jack.

The Mumbles Byrgyr

1/3 lb. Beef patty, white muffin, caramelized onions, bacon, Swiss and horseradish.

Avocado Boyo Byrgyr

1/3 lb. Beef patty, sesame potato roll, avocado, chevre and chipotle creme fraiche.

Sage Derby Byrgyr

1/3 lb. Beef patty, sage derby cheese, bacon, tomato, sesame potato.


1/3 lb, beef patty, pretzel bun , sauerkraut, brie, german mustard.

All-American Byrgyr

1/3 lb. Beef patty, sesame potato, American cheese, pickle, lettuce and tomato.

Swiss Patty Melt Byrgyr

1/3 lb. Beef patty, Swiss, portabella, caramelized onions on toasted whit pancare.

Muffuletta Byrgyr

1/3 lb. Beef patty, white muffin, mortadella, provolone, tomato and muffuletta relish.

Kimchi Korean Byrgyr

1/3 lb, beef patty, sesame potato, welsh cheddar, house kimchi, fried egg, gochi, lettuce.

Cajun Byrgyr

1/3 lb. Beef patty seasoned with cayenne, brie, pickle, l and t, remoulade on brioche.

Boring Byrgyr

Plain patty and sesame bun, build it.

For Hungry Giants

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Our famous welsh cheese blend melted with rotini, tossed with lobster meat and shallots, topped with garlic panko breadcrumbs.

Fish & Chips

giant fresh Atlantic cod, beer battered & served w/ wasabi-spiced organic mashed peas, daily made caper herb mayo & our premium Excalibur fries.

Snowdonia Chicken

Pan seared house-smoked chicken breast and thigh served with brussels sprouts and pan sauce.

Bangers & Mash

locally-sourced Yorktown bangers or vegetarian hand-mixed leek and cheddar Glamorgan sausages on house mashed w/ Yorkshire pud & homemade gravy.

Shepherd's Pie

Savory lamb or lentil and mushroom vegetarian topped with mashed potatoes and welsh cheese blend.

Steak Frites Poivre

Sliced hanger steak cooked to temp w/ house peppercorn sauce over our premium Excalibur fries.

Mac & Cheese

Without lobster. Our Welsh four cheese blend mixed into fresh rotini, with maine lobster claw meat & garlic panko.

Other Comforts

Welsh Gaggers

Welsh take on an RI classic. four all-beef mini dogs, chili, mustard & celery salt.

Big Bowl 'O Fries


Snowdonia Tots

Tater tots, bacon. leeks, welsh cheddar & chipotle crema.

Hummus Fries

hummus fries with lemon, fried thyme & house-made tzatziki.

Rarebit Dogs

Two tempura battered all-beef dogs, rarebit, spicy bacon, leeks & red mustard.


Brussels Sprouts


Creamy Leeks & Bacon


Corn on the Cob


Horseradish Mashed



Sticky Toffee Bread Pudding


Bourbon Brownie


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