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Lunch Menu


Savory Pastry Puffs

Assorted flavors of bite-sized crispy pastries.

Hummus with Grilled Pita

Lemony chickpea, tahini and garlic dip served with grilled flatbread and cucumber slices. This dish is vegan.

Sesame Shrimp

Sesame encrusted shrimp, grilled and served with cucumbers and a sesame dipping sauce. This dish is gluten-free.

Caponata with Crostini

Sweet and sour tomato-based eggplant spread served with crostini.

Feta & Red Pepper Bruschetta

Savory mixture of feta cheese, roasted peppers, scallions and kalamata olives piled onto crusty bread and baked.

Artichoke Dip with Crostini

Rich and creamy artichoke heart and parmesan spread, baked until bubbly and served with crostini.

Baked Brie

Small round of brie cheese topped with apricot preserves and baked until warm and creamy. Topped with our signature maple pecans and served with toasted bread wedges and fresh apple slices.

Fruit & Cheese Platter

Assortment of cheeses, fresh fruits, crackers, nuts and dried fruits.

Antipasto Platter

Fresh mozzarella, provolone, olives, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts and prosciutto on a bed of baby greens, dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and served with bread.

Quinoa Baby Cakes

Quinoa & rice based vegetable cake. Served over greens with basil aioli and lemon parmesan dipping sauce. This dish is gluten-free.

Middle Eastern Sharing Platter

Sweet baked naan bread served with four dips - red pepper tapenade, homemade hummus, basil pesto, & spicy garlic dipping oil.


Tomato Basil Soup - Monday


Roasted Veggie - Tuesday


Three Bean - Wednesday


Puree of Vegetable - Thursday


Lentil Soup - Friday


Chicken & Rice Soup - Saturday



Salmon Salad

Mixed baby greens dressed with balsamic vinaigrette, topped with pan seared salmon, goat cheese, maple pecans and fresh tomatoes. This dish is gluten-free.

House Salad

Mixed baby greens dressed with raspberry vinaigrette and topped with caramelized walnuts.

Apple Maple Pecan Salad

Mixed baby greens dressed with maple dressing, topped with an intriguing combination of diced fresh apple, sliced red onions, and toasted maple pecans. This dish is gluten-free.

Tuscan Salad

Mixed baby greens dressed with red wine vinaigrette and topped with kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, red onions, and cucumbers. This dish is gluten-free.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Mixed baby greens dressed with balsamic vinaigrette, topped with sliced grilled chicken, red onions, and parmesan cheese.

Grape-Goat Cheese Salad

Mixed baby greens dressed with a creamy green goddess dressing, and topped with fresh grapes, toasted hazelnuts, and goat cheese. This dish is gluten-free.

Orange-Gorgonzola Salad

Baby salad greens topped with sliced red onions, orange segments, crumbled gorgonzola cheese and caramelized walnuts. Dressed with a house-made orange-herb vinaigrette. This dish is gluten-free.

Israeli Couscous Salad

Pearl-shaped pasta, tossed with a lemon vinaigrette, fresh dill, red onions and cucumbers. Served with your choice of grilled shrimp or chicken on a bed of baby greens.

Pear & Cranberry Salad

Mixed greens topped with juicy d'anjou pears, dried cranberries, creamy goat cheese, red onions and maple pecans. Served with a sweet cranberry vinaigrette. This dish is gluten-free.


Tuna Sandwich

Served on a soft roll.

Mediterranean Wrap

Caponata, fresh mozzarella, and spinach in a whole wheat wrap, grilled until warm.

Egg Salad Sandwich

Served on a soft roll.

Italian Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken wrap, layered with prosciutto, provolone cheese and a house-made tapenade, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, capers, and garlic.

Hummus Wrap

House-made lemony chickpea spread, feta, kalamata olives, cucumbers and fresh peppers on a whole wheat wrap.

Cheddar BLT Sandwich

Cheddar cheese, crisp bacon, romaine and sliced tomato served on flatbread.

Turkey & Brie BLT Sandwich

Thinly sliced turkey, crisp bacon, brie cheese, romaine and tomato served on flatbread.

Ham & Swiss Melt

Pan-fried ham and melted Swiss cheese on crusty bread, dressed with Dijon mustard.

Sloppy Joe Sandwich

Ground beef and veggies simmered in a smoky sweet tomato sauce, served on a soft roll.

Roasted Turkey Sandwich

Roasted turkey, romaine lettuce, cranberry relish, and mayo, served on whole grain bread.

Roast Beef Melt Sandwich

Pan-fried roast beef, caramelized onions, and cheddar cheese, drizzled with creamy parmesan-peppercorn dressing and served on crusty rye bread.

Chicken Baguette with Pesto

Sliced grilled chicken served on a baguette with your choice of sun-dried tomato or basil pesto; Topped with provolone cheese and baked until toasty.

BBQ Chicken Wrap

Grilled wrap featuring grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, crisp bacon and a tangy BBQ sauce.

Salmon Burger

Soy glazed wild-caught Alaskan Salmon served on a croissant with ginger aioli, romaine, and shredded English cucumbers. Served with your choice of a side salad or a bowl of today’s soup.

Cranberry Chicken Salad Wrap

Oven baked chicken breast, with dried cranberries, caramelized walnuts, red onion, celery, and mayo, served on an herbed wrap. Served with your choice of a side salad or a bowl of today’s soup.



House-made, loaded with a variety of beans and veggies and topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream. Served with maple corn bread.

Chick Pea Burger

Indian-spiced baked chickpea burger served in a pita with house-made mango chutney and a side salad.

Red Bean Burger

Mild meat-free burger topped with chipotle dressing, fresh lettuce, tomato, and guacamole, served on fresh corn tortillas with a side salad. This dish is gluten-free.

Quinoa Sweet Potato Cake

Smoked gouda cheese, aromatic vegetables, and sweet potato cubes compliment the high-protein grain, quinoa, served with a side salad and homemade cranberry-pineapple relish. This dish is gluten-free.

Tomato & Cheese Galette

Rustic cornmeal crust topped with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella and baked pizza-style. Served with soup or house salad.

Israeli Couscous Salad

Pearl-shaped pasta tossed with a lemon vinaigrette, fresh dill, red onions, and cucumbers. Served with your choice of grilled shrimp or chicken on a bed of baby greens.

Super Salad

Superfood slaw carrots, kohlrabi, cabbage, broccoli, romaine & kale, topped with fresh avocado, almonds, fried tortilla strips and sustainable wild-caught beer-battered Alaskan cod. Served with green goddess dressing.

Rustic Pizza

Sweet, roasted heirloom tomatoes top this house made pizza, which has fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, and a balsamic reduction drizzle.

Dinner Menu


Crab Cake in Chipolte

Deconstructed crab cake, sautéed and served in a romaine boat with a chipotle aioli.

Bacon Onion Jam Tartlet

Caramelized bacon jam with creamy brie, apples, and pears.

Gorgonzola Flatbread

With cranberry relish, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with walnuts.

Porcini & Truffle Cappellacci

Little hats, round Italian pasta stuffed with porcini mushrooms and truffles. Served with a creamy pumpkin sauce.

Risotto Cake

Mozzarella stuffed risotto cake coated in crunchy panko, baked and served with a creamy basil & parmesan sauce.


Baked Four Cheese Farfalle

Bow-tie pasta served in a creamy light tomato sauce with fontina, mozzarella, pecorino romano & gorgonzola cheeses.

Scallops & Garlic Onion Rice

Seared succulent scallops served over a garlic and onion basmati rice. Served with a side of fresh grilled asparagus.

Sausage Pasta

Rigatoni served with sautéed sweet Italian sausage and Mama’s homemade marinara sauce tossed with parmesan and fresh basil.

Pumpkin Ravioli

Ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, immersed in a sweet amaretto and cream sauce, finished with sage and toasted almonds, served with seared asparagus.

Pappardelle Pasta

A broad, flat noodle, freshly rolled & cut, served with peas, ham and a rich & creamy gorgonzola sauce.

Roasted Herbed Chicken

Half a chicken, slow roasted on the bone with aromatic herbs. Served with grilled polenta & a stewed heirloom tomato and butternut squash sauce.

Fall Risotto

A creamy parmesan risotto with white wine and roasted butternut squash, garnished with crispy kale.



Almond Horns




Homestyle Cookies


Fancy Butter Cookies

Per lb.


Per lb.

Fine Desserts

Petite Gateau


Peanut Butter Mousse Tart


Three Cheese Cheesecake


Carrot Cake


NY Style Cheesecake


Maple Pumpkin Custard Cup


Chocolate Covered Cream Puff


Cream Puff


Apple Galette


Lemon Bar


Large Tart

Choose from chocolate truffle and raspberry almond.

Large Carrot Pecan Tart


Chocolate Custard Cup


Chocolate Truffle Tart


Cranberry Pear Galette


Lemon Tart


Apple Crisp


Raspberry Almond Tart


Honey Cheesecake


French Toast Bread Pudding


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