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Between Bread


Crispy chicken, avocado, mayo, super slaw.

Free Range Ranch

Crispy chicken, bacon, Greek yogurt ranch, pimento cheese, tangy slaw.

The Outsider

Grilled chicken, super slaw, pickled onion, smashed avocado, mayo.

Backyard BBQ

Crispy chicken, classic slaw, dill pickles, honey chipotle BBQ sauce, mayo.

Banh Mi

Crispy chicken, picked carrots, jalapenos, cilantro, cucumbers, five spice and sriracha mayo.

Sweet Honey Mustard

Crispy chicken, super slaw, pique sauce, avocado, pickled onions, mayo.

Spicy Sriracha Buffalo

Crispy chicken, mayo, dill pickles, slaw, greek yogurt, ranch, sriracha buffalo sauce

Over Greens

Chicken Chop

Crispy chicken, tomatoes, roasted corn, avocado, pepitas, crispy tortillas, cotija cheese, cilantro, green onions chipotle lime dressing.

Asian Chicken

Crispy chicken, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, crispy noodles, sesame seeds, honey lime vinaigrette and a wasabi aioli drizzle

The Mediterranean

Crispy chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, pickled red onion, cabbage, hummus, za'atar chickpeas, tahini dressing.

Green Goddess Cobb

Crispy chicken, crumbled blue cheese, bacon, pickled red onion, avocado, tomatoes, radish, egg, green goddess dressing.

In A Box

Two Tender Box

2 pieces of crispy chicken, fries, super slaw and your choice of housemade sauce.

Three Tender Box

3 pieces of crispy chicken, fries, super slaw and your choice of housemade sauce.

Four Tender Box

4 pieces of crispy chicken, fries, super slaw and your choice of housemade sauce.

In A Tortilla

Pollo Panchito

Crispy chicken, classic slaw, salsa verde, cotija crema, pickled red onions.

California Roll

Crispy chicken, avocado, tangy slaw, sesame seeds, wasabi aioli.

Senor Baja

Crispy chicken, tangy slaw, Green onions, pimento cheese, taco sauce, tangy slaw.

Seoul Mate

Crispy chicken, tangy slaw, kimchi, sweet and spicy seoul sauce, green onions, sesame seeds.

Buffalo Red, White & Blue

Crispy chicken, blue cheese slaw, buffalo sauce, green onions.

For Kids

L'il Chicken Box

Two crispy Chicken tendres, choice of one side and a housemade drink.

Little Cluck

Crispy chicken, mayo on a mini house-baked roll, choice of one side and a housemade drink.

Kids Lemonade


Kid Lowfat Milk


Kid Whole Milk


Kids Seasonal Lemonade


Kid Iced Tea


Kids Seasonal Iced Tea


Chicken & Waffle Sticks

Crispy chicken tenders, waffle sticks, sugar, real maple syrup.

On The Side

French Fries


Super Slaw

Dino kale, cabbage and carrots, sesame seeds.

Crispy Tender


Grilled Tender


Crispy Filet


Grilled Filet


Sandwich Bread


Crispy Tofu Tender


Grilled Tofu Tender


Crispy Tofu Filet


Grilled Tofu Filet



Waffle Sticks

Waffle sticks, sugar, maple syrup.

Starbird Ice Cream Sandwich

Three twins vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two house baked chocolate chip cookies.

To Drink



Iced Tea


Seasonal Fruit Tea




Seasonal Lemonade


Bottled Beverages


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