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Seafood Chive Pan Cake


Roasted Blackening


Blackening Salad


Stews & Soups

Brisket with Organic Soup

A classic that includes our organic beef broth with thinly sliced pieces of brisket.

Cheek Meat with Organic Soup

Our organic beef broth with one of the most tender cuts of meat.

Organic Knee Cap Soup

Our most popular dish among those who love traditional korean cuisine. Loaded with collagen, which promotes skin and hair health. You might look younger after you try this dish.

Organic Ginseng Ox Tail Soup

Oxtail soup cooked with ginseng roots for a natural boost in energy.

Organic Wild Ginseng Ox Tail Soup

A seasonal dish that features high-quality wild ginseng. Good for a natural boost of energy.

Cold Wild Yam Noodles

A refreshing and light noodle dish served between may and September. Features a red or yellow beet broth along with an edible micro-flower assortment.

Spicy Wild Yam Noodles

Our version of bi bim naengmyeon. Quite spicy, but we can dial down the heat per your request.

Brisket Soup With Wild Yam Noodles

Our popular organic beef soup with brisket and wild yam noodles.

Kimchi Stew

A traditional kimchi stew with tender chunks of cheek meat.

Organic Ginseng Ox Tail Stew

An entirely organic dish with ginseng, oxtail in a beef broth. This particular menu item comes with a heavier helping of meat.

Korean Barbecue & Meats

Spicy Pork Belly

A Korean barbecue mainstay marinated in our own spicy house sauce.

Grilled Ribeye

A classic dish of piping hot ribeye laid on top of a bed of freshly chopped onions.

Grilled Cap of Ribeye

For many, the most sought-after piece of meat on a ribeye cut. Extremely tender and filled with flavor.

Assorted Meat Plate

A large plate featuring some of our best cuts of meat.

Korean Style Prime Rib Tartare

Seasoned raw beef in a delicious house marinade. Feel like taking a trip to the wild side. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Knee Cap Plate

Carefully chosen cuts of knee cap with garlic and a marinated sesame leaf wrap.

Cold Shank Meat With Radish

A refreshing meat dish for a hot day.

Spicy Meat Plate

A combination of kimchi, pork belly, and tofu.

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