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Izakaya - Starters

Marinated Seaweed Salad


Smoked Squid Salad

Smoked Squid, bamboo shoots in a sesame vinaigrette.

Salmon Tartare

Salmon, red caviar, scallions, crispy nori.

Tuna Tartare ​

Tuna, black caviar, scallions, yuzu den miso.

Yellowtail Tartare

Yellowtail, lemon, chili, ginger tartare, sesame rice cracker.

Seared Yellowtail Sashimi

Seared yellowtail, red pickled plum, osingko with sesame ponzu sauce.

Stuffed Shiitake Mushroom

Stuffed shiitake mushroom, shrimp, scallions, sesame, scallion ponzu dressing.

Pan Fry Crab Dumplings ​

Pan fry crab dumplings, sesame, scallion, ponzu dressing.

Steamed Pork & Mushroom Shumai

Steamed pork & mushroom dumplings, sesame, scallions, ponzu dressing.

Pork Gyoza ​

Pan fry pork dumplings, sesame, scallion, ponzu dressing.

Sashimi Pizza

Toasted pita topped with edamame hummus, choice of tuna, salmon or yellowtail, sweet peppers, fish roe, onions, scallions, and drizzled with wasabi aioli & eel sauce.

Stir Fry Edamame

Edamame stir fried in sesame oil, kosher salt.

Miso Soup

Soybean base with tofu, dry seaweed & scallions.

Tataki - Appetizers

Salmon Tataki

Seared salmon, scallions, radish sprout, sesame seeds, wasabi yuzu dressing.

Blue Fin Tuna Tataki ​

Seared blue fin tuna, spice blend togarashi, wasabi, japanese mayonnaise, salsa.

Seared Wagyu Tataki

Seared wagyu striploin, black truffle dressing, cucumber, pickled radish.

Tuna & Salmon Tataki Salad

Choice of tuna or salmon flame seared, mesclun salad, ponzu vinaigrette.

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