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Four pieces of skewered chicken served with peanut sauce.

Spring Rolls

Four deep-fried spring rolls filled with ground chicken, cabbage, cairots and clear thin noodles; served with plum sauce.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Four deep-fried spring rolls filled with bean noodles, cabbage and carrots; served with plum sauce.

Tod Mon Pla

Golden fried fish patties with red curry paste, green beans and special herbs; sewed with cucumber sauce.

Goong Salong

Shrimp wrapped with crispy noodles, golden fried; served with sweet and sour sauce.

Swaddee Shrimp

Shrimp wrapped in rice paper, deep-fried and served with plum sauce.


Gang Jued

Clear broth with chinese cabbage, ground pork, clear noodles and scallions.

Poh Tak

Large tasty soup with shrimp, scallops, fish, mussels and squid; seasoned with spicy sauce, lemon grass and basil.

Tom Yum

Spicy broth with mushrooms; seasoned lemon grass, lime juice and chili.

Tom Kar

Vividly flavored coconut soup; seasoned with lime juice and fresh chili


Swaddee Chef Salad

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion; topped with peanut sauce.

Som Tom

Shredded green papaya mixed with peanuts, tomatoes and lime juice

Salad Gai

Grilled sliced chicken on a bed of evergreen served with creamy thai dressing.


Minced pork, fresh ginger, red onions, cashews, chilies and limejuice.

House Specialties

Pae Sa

Steamed whole fish flavored with plum sauce; topped with ginger, parsley and steamed vegetables.

Pla Kratiam

Golden brown whole fish topped with a roasted garlic.

Pla Sam Ros

Golden fried whole fish with a combination of three flavored sauce, garlic and chili.

Pla Choo Chee

Golden fried whole fish topped with tasty choo chee curry; simmered in coconut cream.

Larb Pla

Deep fried whole red snapper topped with green apple, red onion, lime juice and fresh mint leaves.

Hoa Mok

Scallops squid shrimp and mussels' served in a banana leaf bowl, covered in a tasty curry coconut sauce.


Scallop Lad Prik

Scallops roasted with fresh chili, garlic and a special thai herb sauce.

Scallop Kratiam Prik Tai

Scallops sauteed in roasted garlic and pepper sauce.

Pad Pra Mouk

Stir fried shrimp, scallops, fish, mussels and squid; seasoned with spicy sauces, lemon grass and basil.

Pla Goong

Tender shrimp with lime juice, chili, onions, scallions and spicy sauce.

Yum Calamari

Tender and tasty blanched squid, boldly flavored with lime, chili, onions and splashes of a spicy sauce; served on a bed of lettuce.

Yum Ta Lay

Shrimp, squid and scallops; seasoned with special chili sauce, onions and scallions.

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