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Chana Samosa

Samosa served with garbanzo beans and topped with small diced onions, green chili’s and cilantro.

Vegetable Samosas 2 Pcs

Vegetarian turnovers stuffed with potatoes, peas, mild spices.

Chicken Samosa

Stuffed with chicken and other Indian spices.

Vegetables Pakora

Mix vegetables frilters battered fried with chickpea flour.

Lamb Samosa

Crisp patties stuffed with ground lamb.

Paneer Pakora

Slices of cheese and spices dipped in garbanzo bean flour.

Shrimp Pakora

Shrimp dumpling, battered and fried.

Chef's Sampler

Combination of vegetable or chicken samosas, pakora, paneer pakora, onion bhaji, and alu tikki.

Tandoori Platter

Dry dishes of chicken, lamb, beef.

Tandoori Fisha & Shrimp

Tandoori Oven cooked Fish and shrimp.


Matter Paneer

Paneer - homemade Indian cheese.and green peas.

Saag Paneer

Punjab’s most popular dish. Pureed spinach leaves and cubes of paneer.

Karahi Paneer

Paneer cooked with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Paneer Tikka Masala

Paneer cooked in creamy tomato and onion gravy and tomatoes - dry dish.

Malai Kofta

Freshly grated vegetable dumpling balls cooked in a delicate creamy sauce.

Vegetable Masala

Mixed vegetables sauteed in a tomato and onion gravy - dry dish.

Bengan Bharta

A puree of tandoor baked eggplant cooked with peas and herbs.

Saag Alu

Pureed spinach leaves cooked with potatoes.

Vegetable Korma

Mixed vegetable curry cooked with Indian spices.Cream and nuts.

Mushroom Masala

Mushroom and peas cooked in a tomato and onion gravy.

Bhindi Masala

Fresh cut okra cooked with diced onions and tomatoes in a garlic and ginger paste - dry dish.

Chana Masala

Garbanzo beans cooked in sharp spices.

Alu Gobi

Cauliflower and potatoes - dry dish.

Alu Punjabi

Punjabi style potato curry cooked with roasted cumin seeds, spices and herbs.

Daal Makhani

Black lentils made with butter and spices.

Yellow Daal

Yellow lentils made with Indian spices.

Methi Matar Paneer

Homemade cheese with green peas, fenugreek in a mild creamy sauce.

Chilli Paneer

paneer made with green chilli, onions and bell pepper- dry dish


Chicken Curry

Tender chicken in mild curry sauce.

Butter Chicken

Chicken cooked in a butter sauce and herbs.

Chicken Tikka Masala

House special. Chicken breast cooked in creamy onion and tomato sauce.

Chicken Saag

Chicken in pureed spinach and herbs.

Chicken Korma

Chicken cooked in mild curry sauce with nuts, raisins, and coconut.

Chicken Karahi

Chicken cooked with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Mango Chicken

Chicken cooked with mango pulp, spices and herbs. a sweet and spicy combination.

Chicken Makhni

Chicken chopped and cooked with mild creamy buttery sauce.

Chicken Jalfrezi

Chicken cooked with mix vegetables with spicy sauce.

Chilli Chicken

Chicken sautéed with green chili, gravy and bell pepper - dry dish

Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken cooked in a fiery hot spicy curry with potato.


Lamb Curry

Lamb cooked with special herbs and spices in a mild curry sauce.

Lamb Tikka Masala

Lamb cooked in creamy onion and tomato sauce.

Lamb Saag

Lamb cooked in spinach and herbs.

Lamb Korma

Lamb cooked in mild curry sauce with nuts, raisins and coconut.

Lamb Karahi

Lamb cooked with cut onions, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Lamb Vindaloo

Lamb cooked in a fiery hot spicy curry with potatoes.

Lamb Jalfrezi

Lamb cooked in a medium spicy curry with vegetables.


Beef Curry

Beef cooked with special herbs.

Beef Karahi

Marinated beef cooked with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and spices.

Beef Saag

Beef cooked with fresh spinach.

Beef Korma

Cooked in mild curry sauce with nuts. raisins and coconut

Beef Vindaloo

Beef cooked in a fiery hot spicy curry with potatoes.


Shrimp & Fish Masala

Shrimp or fish cooked in a creamy onion and tomato gravy.

Shrimp & Fish Korma

Shrimp or fish cooked in a mild curry sauce with vegetable, nuts,raisins and coconut.

Shrimp & fish Jalfrezi

Shrimp or fish cooked with vegetables, medium spicy - Dry dish

Shrimp & Fish Saag

Shrimp or fish pureed with spinach and herbs.

Shrimp & Fish Karahi

Shrimp or fish cooked with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Shrimp & Fish Curry

Fish cooked with special herbs and spices in a mild curry sauce.

Rice - Biryani

Plain Basmati Rice


Jeera Rice


Lamb Biryani


Vegetable Biryani


Chicken Biryani


Shrimp Biryani


Kabab- Chef’s Special

Tandoori Chicken Kabab

Chicken marinated in yogurt and Indian spices. Dry.

Chicken Tikka - Dry - Kabab

Tandoori oven cooked boneless chicken breast with onion and bell pepper.

Chicken Seekh Kabab

Sliced chicken marinated in herbs and spices. Cooked in a clay oven.

Reshmi Kabab

Sliced of chicken marinated with yogurt and cooked in a clay oven.

Lamb Seekh Kabab

Sliced lamb marinated in herbs and spices. Cooked in a clay oven.


Assorted Bread

Combination of garlic, onion, and alu naan.

Cheese Naan

Delicious naan stuffed with cheese.

Alu Naan

Freshly baked naan stuffed with potatoes.

Plain Paratha

Whole wheat bread nicely curved and handmade chapati.

Plain Roti

Whole wheat unleavened bread cooked in the tandoor.

Keema Naan

Minced lamb stuffed in naan.

Plain Naan

Leavened bread baked in a tandoor oven.

Garlic Naan

Naan topped with garlic and cilantro.

Onion Naan

Naan stuffed with mashed onion.

Kashmiri Naan

Sweetened soft naan stuffed with nuts, coconut and cherries.


Whole wheat bread filled with mashed potatoes, cauliflower, methi or paneer.



Rice pudding, garnished with almonds and syrup.

Ras Malai - 2 Pc

Milk cheesecake Indian style laced with pistachios and thickened the sweet milk.

Gulab Jamun

Milk dough balls dipped in sugar, nuts, and raisins.


Mango Lassi


Mango Milk Shake


Sweet Lassi & Salt Sweet Lassi


Lassi Pitcher


Indian Tea


Fountain Soda

Coke, diet coke, sprite.

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