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1. Goi Cuon Trung Hoa

Chinese vegetable spring rolls.

2. Cha Gio Trung Hoa

Chinese egg roll.

3. Goi Cuon Viet Nam

Vietnamese spring rolls.

4. Cha Gio Viet Nam

Vietnamese summer rolls.

5. Tom Chien Bot

The bol fried shrimp.

6. Ha Cao Chien

Pan fried dumplings.

7. Ha Cao Hap

Shrimp dumplings.

8. Thit Heo Shaomai

Pork shaomai.

Pho Noodle Soup

9. Pho Ga

chicken breast.

10. Pho Tai Gan

Eye round rare steak.

11. Pho Tai Gan

Eye round rare steak and soft tendon.

12. Pho Tai, Chin

Eye round rare steak and beef brisket.

13. Pho Tai, Chin, Nam

Eye round rare steak, beef flank and beef brisket.

14. Pho Tai, Chin, Nam, Gau, Gan

Eye round rare steak, beef flank, fat flank, and soft tendon.

15. Pho Hai San


16. Bun Bo Hue

Thick rice vermicelli with beef hue style.

17. Mi Hoanh Thanh, Heo, Tom, Ga, Tom

Honk kong style wonton noodle soup, pork and shrimp, chicken and shrimp.

18. Mi Bo Kho

Beef stew with thin egg noodle.

Kem Voi Com Trang - Wok

19. Dau Hu Tu Xuyen

Ma po tofu chicken or beef.

20. Ga Ti S


21. Ga Xao Ot Xanh

Kung pao chicken.

22. Tom Rang Muoi

Salt and pepper shrimp.

24. Bo Xao Bong Cai

Beef and broccoli.

25. Bo Xao Voi Nuoc Tieu Den

Pepper steak with black pepper sauce.

26. So Tuoi Song Voi Nuco Sot Dau

Fresh clams with black bean sauce.

Hu Tieu - Noodles

27. Hu Tieu Xao, Bo

Beef chow fun.

28. Bun Xao Kiebu Singapore

Singapore mai fun.

29. Mi Xao Gion Voii Bo Va Rau Xanh

Pan fried noodle with beef and vegetable.

30. Mi Xao Kieu Thai

Pad Thai.

31. Mi Xao Hai San Voi Tom, Muc, So Va Cua

Seafood chow mein with shrimp, squid scallops and crabmeat.

Com Chien - Fried Rice

32. Com Chiên Dyong Chau

Young chow fried rice pork, chicken & shrimp.

33. Com Chien Dac Biet

House fried rice.

34. om Chien Voi Thit Heo, Ga, Bo, Hoac Tom

Pork, chicken, beef.

35. Xo Va Com Chien Tom

Shrimp fried rice.

Rau Va Dau Hu - Vegetables & Tofu

Cai Bo Xoi

Baby bok choy.

Bong Cai


Dau Hu





Ice Tea

Iced Vietnamese coffee, coconut juice, Thai tea.

Hot Tea

Hot coffee.

Bottled Water Aquafina


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