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Tender strips of chicken marinated in thai curry, herbs and coconut milk. Grilled and served iwth peanut sauce and cucumber salad. 4 pieces

Egg Rolls

Golden egg rolls stuffed with cabbage, carrots and ground chicken, served with homemade sweet and sour sauce. 2 pieces

Baby Vegetarian Egg Rolls

6 pieces

Spring Roll

Thai crepe, fresh and soft, filled with scrambled egg, cucumber and tofu, topped with sweet and sour sauce and green onion


Steamed crab dumplings served with sweet soy sauce. 7 pieces

Fried Tofu

Tofu served with sweet chili sauce and ground peanuts

Fried Wontons

Seasoned ground chicken wrapped in wonton skins and served with sweet chili sauce. 6 pieces

Fried Shrimp

Battered shrimp, fried and served with sweet chili sauce

Fried Squid

Battered squid, fried and served with sweet chili sauce

Pot Stickers

Thin pastry filled with seasoned ground chicken and vegetables, steamed or fried and served with sweet and sour chili sauce. 7 pieces

Sai Krok E-Sarn

Northeastern thai style sausages, charcoal-broiled with fresh ginger, hot green chili, roasted peanuts and garnish

Mee Grob

Crispy rice vermicelli mixed in sweet and sour sauce, topped with scrambled egg

Crab Rangoon

A mixture of crabmeat, cream cheese and homemade sauce, wrapped in thin crepes and fried until crispy, served with sweet chili sauce

Fish Cakes

Spicy fish cakes blended with thai seasonings, fried and served with spicy sauce, cucumber, crushed peanuts and cilantro. 5 pieces

Suan Tong

Fresh vegetables dipped in a light batter, fried until crispy, and served with homemade sauce

Golden Bag

Thin pastry stuffed with sweet corns, peas and potatoes. 6 pieces

Pork Dumplings

Ground pork, cilantro, salt, sugar, carrot, cabbage. 5 pieces

Chive Dumplings

Rice pancakes stuffed with chives. 3 pieces

Duck Spring Rolls

Duck, cabbage, carrots, onions, bean thread noodles, wrapped in rice paper and fried until crispy. 2 pieces


Potak (Hot & Sour Soup)

Combination seafood in clear broth with lemon grass, basil leaves and hot pepper

Gaitom Kha

Chicken and straw mushrooms cooked in spicy savory broth of coconut milk, lemon grass, galangal root and cilantro

Seaweed Soup

Ground chicken, seaweed, vegetables and egg

Tom Yum w Chicken or Tofu

Hot and sour chicken or tofu in a savory broth with lemon grass, straw mushrooms, citrus leaves, lime juice and thai herbs

Tom Yum w Shrimp

Hot and sour shrimp in a savory broth with lemon grass, straw mushrooms, citrus leaves, lime juice and thai herbs

Wonton Soup

Clear vegetable soup with chicken wontons

Rice Soup

Rice in savory thai broth with minced meat and ginger, garnished with green onion and cilantro

Scholar's Soup

Thin rice noodles in a delicious broth with bean sprouts, ground chicken, celery and green onion, topped with cilantro. Choose hot and sour or plain.

Tofu Soup

Bean curd cakes, green vegetables in a clear broth


Som Tum

Thai salad with shrimp, shredded cabbage, carrots, tomato and peanuts, tossed with lime juice, sugar and salt

Yum Shrimp or Squid

A unique taste of freshly steamed shrimp or squid, mixed with chili powder, onion, shredded cabbage, lime juice, basil leaves and straw mushrooms

Yum Woon Sen (Bean Thread)

Bean thread noodles, ground chicken, green onion and roasted peanuts, seasoned with lime juice, hot pepper and ginger

Yum Nua (Beef Salad)

Charbroiled beef mixed with chili powder, shredded cabbage, thai herbs, lime juice, onions, basil leaves, cilantro

Nam Sod (Chicken or Pork)

Freshly steamed ground chicken or pork flavored with lime juice, fresh ginger, roasted peanuts, dry hot peppers and onions.

Larb (Chicken or Beef)

Ground chicken or beef mixed with toasted rice powder, onions, carrots and cabbage, seasoned with lime juice, chili powder and cilantro

Noodles: Thin Rice Noodle Dishes


Bean sprouts, egg, crushed peanuts, lightly sweet and sour

Pad Mee

Noodles stir fried with bean sprouts, egg and green onion

Noodles: Big & Wide Rice Noodle Dishes

Pad See Ew

Noodles in a sweet soy sauce stir fried with broccoli and egg

Padkimao "Drunken Noodles"

A spicy variation on pad see ew. Stir fried noodles with bean sprouts, basil leaves, onion and egg in our own flavoring

Lad Na

Pan fried noodles with broccoli in a light soy gravy

Noodles: Green Spinach Noodle Dishes

Snailtalay Noodles

Spicy stir fried noodles with seafood. Garnished with assorted vegetables

Snail Noodles

Thin rice noodles, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, assorted vegetables with ground chicken or tofu

Taste Good Noodles

Wheat noodles, tamarind base sauce, assorted vegetables, egg

Noodles: Wun Sen Bean-Thread Noodle Dishes

Pad Wun Sen

Noodles in light soy sauce stir fried with vegetables and eggs

Wun Sen Padthai

A variation on pad thai. Served with bean thread noodles instead of thin rice noodles

Noodles: Bamee Wheat/Egg Noodle Dishes


Steamed noodles with ground chicken, garlic, peppers, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, bean sprouts, cilantro and crushed peanuts

Ginger Noodles

Noodles stir fried with fresh ginger, chili sauce, onion, soy sauce, peapods, carrots and chinese cabbage

Khao Soi

Steamed noodles with yellow curry, onion, cilantro, pickled cabbage, crispy noodles, lime

Singapore Noodles

Thin rice noodles, curry powder, turmeric, green onion, carrots, egg

Spaghetti Basil

Spaghetti, basil, egg, peapods, zucchini, jalapeno, carrots, in a spicy thai sauce

Bird Nest Noodles

Crispy fried egg noodles with your choice of meat and broccoli in light soy gravy

Spicy Garlic Noodles

Wheat noodles, egg, your choice of meat, collard greens, carrots, cauliflower, onions, stir fried in a spicy garlic sauce

Sides & Extras

Steamed Noodles


Small Rice


Large Rice


Cucumber Salad


Peanut Sauce


Red Sauce


Extra Vegetables


Extra Shrimp


Extra Egg




aromatic roasted cashew nuts, stir-fried with carrots, bell peppers, onions and sweet chili paste


Freshly sliced ginger root, stir fried with green onions and oriental black mushrooms


Basil leaves and crushed garlic, stir fried seasoned with hot pepper in a light soy sauce


Garlic and black pepper stir fried with broccoli and served in a light gravy sauce

Green Padped

Stir fried with bamboo shoots, chilies, sweet basil and green curry paste

Red Padped

Crisp peapods, sweet basil, chilies and red curry paste

Sweet & Sour

Red tomatoes, pineapples and shredded cucumber, served in a sweet and sour sauce

Pad Pik King with Eggplant

Ginger chili paste with bamboo shoots, onion and eggplant, features the lemony flavor of fresh kaffir lime leaves

Bangkok Chicken

Breaded chicken with roasted cashew nuts, onions, carrots, peapods and sweet chili paste

Lemon Chicken

Crisp breaded chicken and green onions, served with slices of lemon and pineapple in thick sweet and sour sauce

Stir Fried Chicken w Lemon Grass

Chicken, lemon grass, red onions and green onions, in a mildly spicy sauce

Fried Rice

Fried rice with your choice of meat. Egg, bean sprout, scallion and onion

Oyster Sauce

Your choice of meat stir fried with assorted vegetables, oyster sauce and garlic

Thai Curries

Red Curry

A medium spicy curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, hot pepper and fresh basil leaves

Green Curry

The hottest thai curry, served in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, hot pepper and basil

Pineapple Shrimp Curry

Delicious aromatic red curry served with shrimp, pineapple, peapods, eggplant and basil leaves

Massaman Curry

Curry in coconut milk with potatoes, onions and peanuts

Panang Curry

A mild curry, green peas, fresh basil leaves, hot peppers

Yellow Curry

Traditional thai yellow curry with potatoes

Roast Duck Curry

Roasted duck in red curry sauce with eggplant, bamboo shoots, peapods and basil leaves

Vegetable Lovers

Stir Fried Oriental Vegetables


Eggplant Basil

Japanese eggplant, jalapeno peppers, peapods and zucchini

Rama Broccoli

Sauteed broccoli and tofu topped with creamy peanut sauce

Rama Oriental Vegetable

Oriental vegetables sauteed with tofu and topped with creamy peanut sauce

Broccoli w Oyster Sauce & Tofu


Fred's Gluten

Very hot stir-fried gluten with peapods, bamboo shoots, baby corn and green onion, served with very spicy sauce

Soft Tofu w Greens

Soft tofu stir-fried with green vegetables in a vegetarian style

Spicy Oriental Vegetables

With cashew nuts and oyster sauce


Salmon Panang

Pan fried and topped with savory panang sauce

Tilapia Curry

Deep fried tilapia with peapods, onions, red curry sauce

Tilapia Ginger

Stir fried tilapia with ginger, onion, mushrooms and assorted vegetables. Served with ginger sauce.


Padped Talay

Combination of seafood, shrimp, squid and scallops cooked in a red curry sauce with peapods, onion, basil leaves

Chili Scallops

Fresh sea scallops sauteed with hot peppers, bamboo shoots and onion, served in special gravy

Seafood Vegetables

A combination of seafood: shrimp, squid and scallops stir-fried with fresh vegetables and a rich oyster sauce.

Chao Praya River Shrimp

Shrimp prepared in the style of Thailand's Chao Praya river region. Served with bean thread noodles, ginger and vegetables

Shrimp in Lobster Sauce

Shrimp and crabmeat in special lobster sauce, served with peapods, broccoli, egg, onion


Ice Cream

Red bean, green tea, etc.

Sweet Taro Root w Ginko Nuts


Thai Coconut Custard


Lichee, Rambutan or Logan Fruit


Hot Banana

Banana in coconut milk.


Thai Iced Coffee


Thai Iced Tea


Hot Jasmine Tea








Orange Juice


Bubble Tea Smoothie


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