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The Tang

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120 1st Ave (NaN mi)
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11:30 AM-10:30 PM
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Small Plates

Sliced Beef Shanks

Braised beef shanks in homemade master stock and chill oil.

Fried Turnip Cake

Fried shrimp turnip cake topped with scallions with spicy mayo on the side.

Fried Pork Buns

Braised Pork belly, Pickled cabbage, Spicy Mayonnaise and topped with scallions

Sesame Tofu

Soft tofu bathed in our signature sesame paste topped with black sesame powder, salted mustard, scallions and chill oil.

Garlic Pork Dumplings

Pork and Chives Dumplings mixed with fried Garlic and Chili Oil

Naughty Tofu

House made vinegar sauce mixed with chopped tofu, century egg, long hot pepper, fresh garlic paste and scallions

Shredded Potato Salad

Shredded potato salad mixed with vinegar, chili oil, Sichuan pepper oil and lemon zest topped with mint leafs.

Gold & Silver Mantou

Three fried and three steamed mantous with condensed milk as dipping sauce

Sweet Pumpkin Rice Cake

Deep fried pumpkin rice cake stuffed with sweet red bean paste

Braised Pork Ear Slices in Chili Oil

Master stock braised pork ear mixed with Tang chili oil, sesame oil, garlic and topped with shredded scallion

Scallion Pancake

Cute pan-fried, golden-brown scallion pancake with homemade spicy mayo on the side.

Mouthwatering Chicken Thigh

Yum! Boneless chicken thigh bated in Sichuan Chili and Peppercorn Oil, topped with sesame seeds and scallions.

Minced Braised Pork over Rice

Minced Braised Pork, Shiitake Mushroom, Pickled Radish, Braised Egg, Shanghai Cabbage, topped with Scallion and Sesame Seeds.

Chinese Chive Pockets

2 Chinese Chive Pockets made with chives , dried tofu, and deliciousness



House made sweet bean paste cooked with braised pork belly and dried tofu, topped with sliced cucumber


Dry fried ground pork with sprouts, sesame sauce, minced garlic, crushed peanuts and topped with sliced chicken, scallion, and sesame seeds. Vegetarian options without chicken available!!

Sizzling Noodles

Soy Sauce, House Made Chili Powder topped with pickles cabbages, vinegar and scallions.

Braised Beef Noodles Soup

Braised beef flank cooked with chili bean paste, star anise and Sichuan style spices, topped with Taiwanese lettuce and scallions.


House made sesame paste topped with cucumber slices and salted mustard. (Only served cold)

Pork Belly String Beans Steamed Noodles

Stir Fried string beans with ground pork and topped with two slices of braised pork belly.

Drunk Noodles

Braised beef flank cooked with chili bean paste, star anise and Sichuan style spices, topped with Taiwanese lettuce and scallions.

Oxtail Noodle Soup

Angus oxtail cooked in 6-hr simmered beef bone broth. Topped with goji berries and pea sprouts.


Beef Shank


Pork Belly


Smoked Soft Boiled Egg


Braised Beef Soup



Wang Lao Ji Iced Tea


Apple Soda


Diet Coke


Plum juice


Mexican Coke

Classic glass bottled coke, straight out of China's globalist beginnings.

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