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Tuscan Son

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10700 Santa Monica Blvd #150 (NaN mi)
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Breakfast (served til 3pm)

Tuscan Ranchero

Eggs, mozzarella, and basil braised in tomato sauce with avocado and roasted jalapeno on the side.

Avocado Toast

Toasted ciabatta with crushed avocado, roasted tomatoes and goat cheese.

Breakfast Panino

Eggs over medium, avocado, arugula, slow roasted tomato and Italian ham on brioche bun.

Ham Scramble

Eggs, Italian ham, fontina cheese, sauteed onions and cilantro.

Italian Scramble

Eggs, roasted broccoli, avocado, mozzarella and basil.

Panini Board

Marco Pollo

Grilled chicken breast, arugula, tomato, parmesan and aged balsamic on ciabatta.

Crazee Caprese

Vine ripe tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, green sauce and avocado on ciabatta.

Grilled Tuna

Italian tuna salad, romaine and tomato on multigrain bread.

Orto Pollo

Grilled organic chicken breast, grilled zucchini, avocado, wild arugula and fontina on baguette.

Alex Cotto & Fontina

Italian ham, melted fontina, wild arugula and mushroom sauce on baguette.

Salads From The Field

Toscana Chopped

Romaine hearts, organic grilled chicken, Italian ham, Kalamata olives, garbanzo, heirloom tomato, pecorino cheese and aged balsamic dressing.

Grilled Shrimp Salad

Romaine hearts, roasted green beans, broccoli, corn, avocado, heirloom tomatoes and grilled shrimp with our house dressing.

Roman Cesar

Romaine hearts, shaved parmesan, croutons and house cesar dressing.

L.A. Sun

Arugula, hearts of palm, zucchini, avocado, corn, toasted marcona almonds and aged balsamic.

Pasta Della Casa

Mac’n Cheese

Original Tino’s specialty.

Truffle Mac N’ Cheese

Nonna’s way.

Penne Pomodoro E Mozzarella

Penne with fresh heirloom tomato, basil and Fiordilatte mozzarella.

Lasagne Emiliana

Massimo's lasagna baked with braised beef, béchamel and Parmesan.

Rigatoni Fiorentina

Rigatoni with slooow braised beef Bolognese and organic green peas.

Cavatappi & Shrimp

Cavatappi pasta sautéed with basil pesto, oven roasted tomatoes and shrimp.

Cacio E Pepe

Penne sautéed with cheese and black pepper.

Pablo's Eggplant & Mozzarella

Tuscan eggplant parmigiana, not fried!

Tuscan Soups


Chef Massimo's hearty tuscan vegetable and bread soup.

Soup of the Day

Fresh soup of the day. Please contact merchant for soup of the day selection.

Specialty Plates

Meatball Alessandro

all beef meatballs braised in Massimo's house made tomato sauce.

Pollo Al Balsamico

Rosemary roasted organic chicken breast with aged balsamic.

Grilled Salmon

Sustainable salmon filet with Italian pico de gallo.

Cy's Bistecca

Grilled 10oz beef tender Teres Major steak served with salsa verde.

Hot Sides

Oven Roasted Broccoli

Oven roasted broccoli with garlic, red pepper, and Parmesan

Braised Cauliflower

Cauliflower braised with tomato sauce and oregano


Green beans sauteed with red onion, parsley and fresh tomato


Stew of eggplant, yellow and red pepper, onion and potatoes braised in light tomato sauce

Roasted Potatoes

Rosemary roasted Yukon gold potatoes

Counter Specialty Salads

Grilled Brussel Sprouts

Grilled Brussel sprouts with pickled onion and radishes

Garbanzo Bean Salad

Roasted yellow peppers, eggplant and tomato

Grilled Veggies

Zucchini, broccoli, green beans, peppers and roasted tomatoes.

Italian Tuna

Line caught Italian tuna salad with celery, capers and mayo.

Bakery-baked in house

Snickerdoodle Cookie


Italian Cornetto


Banana Bread


Zucchini Bread



specify with or without nuts

Lemon Bar



home made with almonds

Bread Pudding

Served warm with sauce on the side

Apple Tart

Baked with Washington state organic apples

Peanut Butter Cookie


Apple Carrot Bread



Brewed Coffee

Lavazza brewed coffee







Cold Brew


Hot Chocolate


Hot Tea


Iced Tea-Unsweetened


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