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Spicy Pork Buns

Our Signature spicy marinated pork in a soft milk bun with lettuce, house sauce and house brined pickles.

Fried Isaw

Deep fried pork ruffles served w/ soy sauce vinegar.

Seasoned Frites

Crispy fries dusted with parmesan cheese and served with spicy ketchup.

Ugly Wings

Deep fried chicken wings with the choice of asian garlic or classic buffalo sauce.

Fried Spring Rolls

Ground pork, shrimp and spices with a sweet chilli sauce.

Ugly Dumplings

Thin and crispy pastry dough with fresh herb infused cheese and tomatoes with a side of chimichurri.


Ugly Grilled Apple

Organic salad mixed with candied walnuts, goat cheese and grilled apples with soy honey balsamic reduction.

Ugly Spicy Garden Salad

Fresh Mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumber, cherry peppers, chimichurri, balsamic, sambal reduction.


Ugly Grilled Chicken

Fire grilled tender chicken with a Korean fusion marinade served with salad and rice.

Roasted Pork Belly

low cooked pork belly rubbed with aged miso, served with braised red cabbage topped with a chili-denjang puree and steamed rice.

Sizzling Spicy Chicken Adobo

Boneless Chicken cooked in garlic, Asian vinegar and soy sauce served on a hot sizzling plate with garlic rice.

Spicy Pork Bulgogi

Thinly sliced pork belly marinated with red chili bean paste, over rice and salad in a bowl.

Adobo Ribs

Traditional Filipino Adobo Ribs cooked in Asian vinegar and soy sauce and garlic served w/ scrambled egg, fresh tomatoes, fish sauce and garlic rice.

Filipino Specialties

Ugly Duckling

Balut "Fear Fa ctor Experience".

Sizzling Sisig

Spicy minced pork belly, liver, cheek sautéed in onion and soy sauce served on a sizzling plate with egg on top.


Sweet pork sausage served with eggs & garlic rice.


Thinly slice steak & eggs served with garlic rice.


Sweet cured ham served with eggs & garlic rice.


Thinly sliced beef marinated in asian soy sauce served with garlic rice.

Beef Pares

Slowly braised beef stew in a sweet star anise sauce served with garlic rice.


Sautéed taro leaves cooked in coconut milk, with chili flakes and shrimp paste.

Lechon Kawali

Deep fried crispy pork belly served with white rice and liver sauce.

Kalderetang Kambing

Goat meat stew in tomato sauce.

Crispy Pata

Deep Fried pork hock and knuckles (2-3 person).


Boneless smoked milk fish served with eggs & garlic rice.


Rice congee with boneless chicken in a ginger base topped with hard boiled egg and saffron.

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