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Pollo a la Brasa

1/4 Chicken with Two Sides

All natural, hormone free chicken, marinated for 24 hours in our Peruvian spicemix, and cooked over charcoal in a hand built oven made in Lima, Peru.

1/2 Chicken with Two Sides

All natural, hormone free chicken, marinated for 24 hours in our Peruvian spicemix, and cooked over charcoal in a hand built oven made in Lima, Peru.

Whole Chicken with Three Sides

Farm raised, all natural chicken, marinated in our Peruvian spices and cooked to golden perfection in our hand built, eco-friendly rotisserie oven.


Viva Salad

Kale Romaine Mix, Avocado, Cucumbers, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Queso Fresco, House Balsamic.

Quinoa Stuffed Avocado

Organic quinoa, rocoto mayo, balsamic, and red pepper.

Amazon Caesar

Kale romaine mix, hearts of palm, tomatoes, shavedparmesan cheese, croutons, huacatay caesar dressing.

Limena Chopped Salad

Kale romaine mix, solterito (peruvian corn, edamame,queso fresco), jalapeño bacon, crispy chickpeas, ajiamarillo ranch dressing.

Andina Power Food

Kale romaine mix, organic quinoa, seasonal fruit,edamame,toasted almonds, red peppers, lime passionfruit vinaigrette.

Serrana Cobb Salad

Kale Romaine Mix, Avocado, Golden Raisins, Peruvian Corn, Toasted Almonds, Tomatoes, Queso Fresco, White Balsamic Vinaigrette

In the Mix

Classic Saltado

Sirloin, onions, tomato, french fries, rice, and Peruvian soy sauce.

Arroz Chaufa

Fried rice, red peppers, green onions, egg, ginger, red onion Peruvian soy sauce, and ginger.

Yummy Yuca

Crispy yuca, huancaina sauce (Traditional creamy queso fresco sauce).

Tacu Bowl

Organic canary beans, cilantro infused rice, salsa criolla (lime marinated onions and tomatoes).

Sopa de Pollo

Pulled rotisserie chicken, homemade chicken broth, cilantro infused rice, green onions, red onions, red peppers, cilantro.

Sandwiches & Wraps

Wow Lomito

Sirloin, tomato, onions, and rocoto mayo.

The Great

Pulled rotisserie chicken, lettuce, tomato, onions, and rocoto mayo.

Naked Peruvian

Organic red quinoa, avocado, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and rocoto mayo.

Inca Wrap

Cilantro infused or jasmine rice, canary beans, salsa criolla (lime marinated onions and tomatoes), avocado.

Healthy Kids

Kids Chaufa

Jasmine rice, pulled rotisserie chicken, eggs, soy sauce.

Kids Pulled Chicken

Pulled rotisserie chicken.

Kids Rotisserie Chicken

1/4 rotisserie chicken.


Inca-Kola Can

Peruvian golden soda.

Sparkling Water


Bottled Water


Drink Bar


Inca Kola 2LTR Bottle


Fountain Drink


Maracuya Glass

Peruvian Passion Fruit Punch

Chica Morada

Peruvian purple corn, cinnamon, cloves, pineapple, apples, and oranges

Herbal Lemondae

Lemons, limes, rosemary, and mint

Sweet Things


2 Short bread cookies filled with dulce de leche and topped with powdered sugar.

Tres Leches

White sponge cake soaked in three milks.


Carmel filled, coated in cinnamon and sugar.


1/2 Quinoa Avocado


Chicken Soup


Cilantro Rice


French Fries


Fresh Fruit


Fried Plantains


Fried Yuca


Green Beans


House Salad


Organic Canary Beans


Organic Quinoa


Peruvian Corn Salad


Sliced Avocado


Sweet Potato Fries


White Rice


Sauce 12oz Bottles


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